Vital Group: One of the Most Eminent Industrial Chemicals Manufacturer in India

The chemical industry plays a pivotal role in the growth of the economy. It is involved in the manufacturing and optimization of all the raw materials and precursors used to make commercial products for society. Also, its materials have a broad range of applications in invaluable applied sciences. The industry can be considered as the backbone of operations in most industries of the country.
Vital Group is a sought-after multiproduct organization that deals with the manufacturing of specialty chemicals and phosphorus derivatives. A brainchild of Mr. Vipul Bhatt, the company is regarded as one of India’s leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of industrial chemicals.

Vital Group: A Multi-Product Industrial Chemicals Company

Established in 1993, Vital Group is a diversified organization that is involved in the manufacturing, distribution, export, and import of chemicals. The company supplies phosphorus-based and specialty chemicals used in a broad range of industries, such as pharmaceutical industries, water treatment chemicals, agrochemical industries, pigments, paints, lubricant industries, textiles, and plastic industries.
The company has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with a manufacturing plant situated in the PCPIR region of Dahej Industrial Estate, Gujarat.
Over the years, the company has ensured quality practice by working under the highest acceptable EHS standard in the chemical industry. Thanks to the persistent efforts and unmatched expertise of its team, Vital Group has emerged as a distinguished leader in its industry.

Vital Group’s Customer-Centric Approach

A truly successful company always values its customers above anything else. Vital Group owes most of its success to its customers. “We consider the customer as our business partners and always feel that our growth remains in their growth.” Said Mr. Vipul Bhatt.
The brand believes in building a professional as well as emotional connection with its clients. It is this   customer-centric approach that has compelled certain clients to be in association with the company for over 25 years.

What Distinguishes Vital Group From its Competitors

To stand out in the market, a company must have a strong USP. For Vital Group, the USP is its hardcore customer-oriented approach. It is based on the following guiding principles:
Sustainability: Sustainability plays a key factor in all of the company’s routine operations. The company believes in functioning in an environmentally, socially, and financially appropriate manner. For this reason, it dedicates all of its efforts towards creating a sustainable future.
Reliability:  The highly experienced team at Vital Group is dedicated to providing utmost support to its customer, every step of the way. It thrives for a cent percent clientele satisfaction.
Assurance: The company’s claim of total assurance goes way beyond product quality. 100% of the company’s manufacturing sites abide by the BVQI ISO 900:2015 & 14001:2015 standards.
“We believe in synergic growth between two associations and this has motivated us to work every year harder for the last 27 years. We have managed to retain most of the customers for years along with gaining the confidence of new customers every year. We are proud to serve some of the leading corporates in their respective sectors and we look forward to a long-term association-ship.” Stated Mr. Vipul Bhatt, Founder & CEO of Vital Group.
The company’s customer-service policy is highly accommodative. It ensures that flexible product, delivery, and financial aspects are offered to cater to the unique requirements of the customers.

Surmounting Challenges And Hindrances

Every successful company has had to deal with its fair share of struggles the initial days. Vital Group, much in the same way, had to face grim days upon starting out in the industry.
With no influential business background and financial backup, Mr. Vipul Bhatt  found it quite challenging to sustain the business in the initial days. In addition to that, the company also struggled with finding the appropriate opportunities and convincing customers. “With an aim, dedication, and sincere efforts, the group has emerged into one of the country’s leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of phosphorus derivatives, organophosphates, and industrial chemicals.” Stated Mr. Vipul Bhatt

The Company’s Future Aspirations

Being a rapidly growing company, Vital Group has numerous projects in the pipeline. Firstly, the company is striving to better support its customers by doling out new and innovative products. “By our long-term vision, we are regularly investing in our infrastructure to provide the highest quality products, create a value chain with new downstream/upstream products.” said Mr. Vipul Bhatt
In addition to the above, the company is planning to add downstream product portfolios that will make the company’s operations more sustainable. To ensure this, the company will convert all its production facilities to PLC/ DCS-SCADA. The company will also be creating a Value Chain to help serve its customers more effectively.
Last but not the least, the company intends to see the growth of all its stakeholders and business partners, as it is their contribution which has brought out the best in the company.

Mr. Vipul Bhatt’s Message for Budding Entrepreneurs 

An aspiring entrepreneur always seeks advice from his/her superiors. With Vital Group, Mr. Vipul Bhatt has been a part of the industry for 26 glorious years. Here’s what the seasoned CEO has to say to aspiring entrepreneurs. “Just place one foot – a place for another will be right there. Don’t give up, keep doing things. Take Risks. Believe in yourself.”

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