Shizen Energy India Pvt. Ltd: An Eminent Battery Manufacturer Fulfilling the Growing Demands for Reliable Energy Storage


Shizen Energy India Pvt. Ltd.

“Exhibiting sheer perseverance in actions, we are making in India, making for India, and growing with India.”

With our country achieving advancements in renewable energy and electric mobility, lithium battery technology has a bright future. Lithium batteries are lightweight, compact, fast-charging, and durable. These batteries reduce replacements, helping sustainability. Rising demand for clean energy solutions is enabling lithium battery technology to fuel innovation, sustainability, and economic progress in India.
The Prime Insights editorial team invited Shizen Energy India CEO Indra Kumar Bagri to address the matter. Shizen Energy India is proactively solving the energy storage problem. The company was founded in 2019 to serve EV, MHE, and ESS markets. Shizen provides sustainable alternatives and contributes to environmental well-being to meet the growing need for sophisticated battery solutions in various industries. Over 200 customers and 20,000 battery packs have been made by Shizen since its founding.
Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Chandigarh are their current locations. The crew remembered the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges as the company turned four. With a Top 10 Battery Manufacturer ranking, Shizen Energy India has built a strong industry reputation.
This narrative beautifully incorporates our conversational observations. We are thrilled to showcase this remarkable story as “Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.”

Supporting India’s Electric Mobility Revolution

Shizen Energy India was founded to promote India’s electric revolution. The team capitalised on the idea that electric mobility will become popular and demand will rise in the future years. Shizen Energy India sought to apply its knowledge of China’s electric transition to India. The objective was to adapt Chinese ideas for the Indian market rather than reinventing the wheel.

Why Shizen?

  1. High-density lithium battery packs with excellent performance are the company’s speciality.
  2. Shizen, an ISO 9001:2015-certified corporation, evaluates its products for safety.
  3. The solutions are fully customisable for client integration.
  4. With a distribution network and unique collaborations with global battery companies, they can bring international-quality products to India.
  5. PAN-India Shizen provides 24/7 customer support.
  6. In the shadow of industry leaders, Shizen is rising rapidly.

A Multifaceted Business Strategy

Shizen Energy India is entering new markets to grow. Shizen opened a 2 GWh production facility to address rising lithium battery demand and expand globally. Shizen is also negotiating battery exports with overseas businessmen. This will demonstrate India’s global potential. Shizen will advance India’s lithium battery leadership.
Shizen prides itself on serving clients from various industries. Shizen works with OEMs nationally to integrate its battery packs into their vehicles and inverters. Their collaborative approach lets them provide end-customers customised solutions. Shizen has deliberately teamed with leading Chinese battery manufacturers to offer a variety of unique solutions and boost its competitive position.

Research and Development Are Vital

Shizen thinks R&D is the foundation of their growth strategy. Shizen’s 3-Phase UPS Lithium Battery Packs (ESS-384V230AH) and Tow Truck Lithium Battery Packs (TT-80V500AH) demonstrate its dedication to R&D innovation.

Progressive Workplace Culture

The leadership panel at Shizen Energy India understands that empowering employees is crucial to an organization’s success in today’s competitive business environment. People are Shizen’s soul and propel the firm forward. Each team member goes above and beyond to help Shizen power India’s battery demand. Organisations thrive when they support and care for their employees. Thus, as the company grows, the leadership panel strives to help the Shizen family.

Honourable Mentions

These awards demonstrate Shizen’s excellence and forward-thinking.

  1. Being a “Top 10 Battery Manufacturers” by Industry Outlook Magazine.
  2. Ranking among Industry Outlook Magazine’s “Top 10 Energy Storage Solution Providers”.
  3. Being named “Company of the Year 2023” by Business Connect Magazine.

Leading with CSR Serenity

CSR at Shizen Energy India promotes clean energy environmental responsibility. Their batteries support green energy systems, and sustainable manufacturing uses clean materials and energy-saving technologies. This dual commitment highlights Shizen’s position in sustainable energy solutions.

The Future Outlook

In the future, Shizen Energy India will innovate technology integration and provide consumers with battery analytics. Shizen Energy India is adopting automation and SaaS to tackle client concerns. This will improve production and interdepartmental efficiency and innovation. They stay committed, and the company will prosper in the future.
After a lively discussion, Mr. Indra Kumar Bagri offered valuable advise for budding entrepreneurs in India.
“India’s future lies in young entrepreneurs’ innovative ideas and bold initiatives. Every path requires enthusiasm and tenacity. Take advantage of opportunities, learn from obstacles, and stay focused. Together, we can boost India’s worldwide profile and show the world that it nurtures the best talent.”

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