Diamond Exports: An Eminent Leader Exemplifying Phenomenality and Sustainability in the Home Decor Industry


Diamond Exports

Diamond Exports is an Indian multinational corporation that is engaged in the designing, development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of exquisite hand-made rugs and home textiles. Established in 2016 as a subsidiary of the Diamond Group, Diamond Exports is India’s largest in-house manufacturer of handmade rugs and carpets. Headquartered in Agra, the inception of the company drives its inspiration from the late 1975s which we will be reading further in the read.
For its enticing edition, “Entrepreneur of the Year 2023”, Prime Insights invited the enthusiastic entrepreneur Mr. Anuj Jain, who is currently serving as the General Partner at Diamond Exports, for an interactive interview. He holds more than 12 years of experience in various verticals of carpet manufacturing industry and associated exports. During the interview, the dignitary shared many important perspectives about the entire journey of Diamond Exports. He also shared facts about the proactiveness of Diamond Exports towards adopting technology and fostering value addition to people’s lives.

The Chronicles of Inception

In 1975, when then Prime Minister of India, the Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, called for an uncalled emergency, the country’s economy came crashing down with a major unbalance in stock market and commodity trading. As a consequence of this, the basic textile producers and numerous other masses of the population sank into a dearth of unemployment. During those days, Mr. Kailash Chand Jain, the fourth and youngest son of the 5-century-old artisan family, was persuaded into the hand-made carpet industry with a vision to support and promote the unprivileged carpet weavers.
Mr. Kailash Chand Jain initially explored the scope of hand-knotted carpets in the domestic market. The legacy of his family in curating archaic and magnetic designs in the form of art has passed through many generations. Mr. Kailash Chand amalgamated those beautiful designs with carpets and rugs, and created a surreal story of excellence, where passion and vision empower each other.
The rugs and carpets he created had such fine detailing that each one of them depicted a legendary story itself. It was in 1977 that Mr. Kailash Chand finally accumulated the required resources and systematic management systems to lay the foundation of the Diamond Group in Agra.

Diamond Exports

The Vision and Mission

Diamond Exports offers an array of unique experiences for someone who loves eco-conscious luxury by providing the best handmade and sustainable carpets. The company’s ideology is driven by implementing sustainable methods and fostering growth with the support of the finest technology. Earlier, people were working with traditional norms and needed a boost to upgrade their functionalities. What was started and promoted by colonial rule in the 1800s has been followed since then. Artisans are still following the traditional business model. With Mr. Kailash Chand Jain’s vision, India has seen a progressive evolution in its traditional carpet industry.

Diamond ExportsMaintaining the Benchmarks of Quality

The quality control procedures are followed rigorously at Diamond Exports. The company follows strategies like AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) plans, FMEAs (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis), CTQs (Critical to Quality), Fishbones Diagrams, Viva Analysis, and all other systems that are needed to ensure top-notch quality of the products and to detect the potential reasons behind the failures. Elucidating upon the same, Mr. Anuj Jain says,
“These quality control measures are involved and implemented at every step of the process. So, there are a lot of automatic, I would say, control factors that monitor and control the product standard to cross-check whether all the articles are made in the right direction because every handmade rug or carpet is uniquely delicate on its own.
So we cannot afford a lot of waste over here, and every process needs to be comprehensive in the first place. Adding to that, all our products are as per European and American standards. All our products have gone through rigorous testing and are passed according to the flammability standards of the United States as well as the European Union.
In addition to the above, they are absolutely free from any chemical that has been banned in the industry. We have established ardent communication channels across our supply chain. Furthermore, Diamond Exports has in-house testing labs to check all the incoming material as well as the random finished goods. In these labs, our team ensures that every consignment meets the client’s expectations and quality standards. It is all controlled in a very easily flown manner via automation and technology.”


ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
ISO 9001:2015 Quality System
ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Indelible Work Culture

Diamond Exports promotes the hard work and talent of the weavers in a controlled and facilitated environment. Through the company’s business operations, the weavers are educated about technological advancements other than the basics. Not only are they earning good wages, but they are also developing themselves holistically.
“At Diamond Exports, we have an inclusive work culture. No discrimination based on religion, gender, or caste is made, and equality, whether personal or professional, is unquestionable. The culture is agile without any regressive hierarchical differentiation. Everyone is fulfilling their responsibilities and is free to express themselves through their ideas. We have built a family-like environment and corporate brotherhood across all the departments of the company. Define goals, and KPIs to drive growth and defy any political tones or interventions.”

Diamond Exports

Words from the Dynamo’s Desk

Having worked with global furniture giants, Mr. Anuj Jain has successfully developed an entire automated process flow with a complete supply chain for the in-house carpet manufacturing industry. He has also authored a book, ‘The Evolution of Hand-Knotted Carpets’, which exhibits his astute business acumen to revolutionize the industry. It was a mandate for us to request the dignitary to share a few words of intellect with our readers. Here is what he quotes and concludes:
“So, to all budding entrepreneurs, starting your business venture is a brave call that opens up a world of possibilities. As you take your first steps, I would like to share a little bit of advice with all of you. These are the few points I want you to learn while embracing your journey.
The foremost thing is to be passionate about what you are doing and what you want to do. Second, embrace the failures. If you don’t fail, you won’t learn. If you don’t learn, you won’t perform. Failure always enhances your potential, and these learning experiences will help you grow your business.
Building a resilient team for your business is another imperative area to focus on. You need to surround yourself with talented individuals who share your vision and complement your skills. A cohesive and motivated team is the backbone of a successful enterprise.
Trust is hard to earn but very easy to lose. Honesty and integrity will establish a very positive reputation that will benefit you in the long run. Build meaningful relationships within your industry and beyond it. Indeed, entrepreneurship requires dedication and patience, so be very committed to your vision and keep pushing forward. Celebrate your success, no matter how small it is, and use steps and setbacks as stepping stones to even greater achievements. I wish immense luck to all the readers!”






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