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For our brand new editorial release, “The Most Influential Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2024,” Mrs. Jaya Sengupta, Co-Founder and Trustee of AAJ Global Foundation School, Bishnupur, joined us for a detailed conversation and walked us through how AAJ Global Foundation School has been delivering global education standards for the children of today’s era.
Mrs. Sengupta says that the institution’s dream is to create a global school and make global citizens from the hinterlands of India. On behalf of the entire management, she expresses her sincere gratitude to the people of Bishnupur, who have embraced them with love and support. It is because of their continual faith and support that AAJ Global Foundation School has gained popularity and admission traction in a very short period of time.

AAJ Global Foundation SchoolPrime Insights: Could you please shed some light on why you chose global education and why not just any other Indian school?

We were fortunate to experience American and Indian education systems for our son, Jijo Sengupta’s, academic journey spanning India and the US.
Mr. Jijo Sengupta, who is also the Co-founder and Trustee at AAJ Global Foundation School, believes that “AGFS is all about innovation and education. Our school is at the forefront of technological advancements, providing students with an immersive and dynamic learning environment. Beyond traditional education, AGFS embraces global learning initiatives, connecting with platforms and cultures worldwide through state-of-the-art labs, classrooms, and online platforms. Modern-day children should be better equipped to navigate the world’s complexities, approach problem-solving creatively, and contribute meaningfully to their communities. Our school is not just about excelling academically but, most importantly, about excelling at being a great human being.”

AAJ Global Foundation SchoolPrime Insights: What are some of the key elements that distinguish your school from others?

Our chairman, Mr. Aparup Sengupta, always says that the three pillars of a great institution are structure, teachers, and culture. One can see evidence of our incessant effort in all three areas. True to his vision of “Believe, Behave, and Become,” we strive hard to follow these nuggets of wisdom in building a fascinating school for our country.

AAJ Global Foundation SchoolPrime Insights: But why did you choose Bishnupur specifically?

Sometimes, there are no specific answers in life. Possibly, a divine connection drew us to this beautiful town, and I can say without hesitation that Bishnupur maintains a rich legacy and heritage of India’s culture, craft, and architecture. We believe in sharing our fortunes with people with humble beginnings. Starting with a heartfelt contribution to our charitable society in 2016, the people of Bishnupur have propelled our journey by bringing their wholehearted support for this noble beginning.

AAJ Global Foundation SchoolPrime Insights: What are the mantras that you’ve always kept at the core of your endeavors while embracing the leadership role at AAJ Global?

Whatever we do, we do it with compassion, care, and missionary zeal for our customers. Here, the parents, our students, and the community are all our customers, experiencing what global education means. We are building this school with authenticity and sincerity. Entrepreneurship is about engagement with passion, purpose, and an unending pursuit of excellence.

AAJ Global Foundation SchoolPrime Insights: We extend our sincere gratitude for your participation and the esteemed opportunity to host you. As we conclude today’s discussion, we request that you kindly impart some insightful words to our readers.

It’s all about exposure, expertise, and experience. Nation-building starts in schools. We are lucky to have a great team led by our principal, Mr. Kalyaneswar Chakraborty, a group of highly talented faculties and dedicated administrative staff who believe in our dream of making life purposeful. Since our inception, each team member has been working dedicatedly to unlock the infinite potential of our young dreamers and navigate them towards their aspirations. In conclusion, it was a delightful experience to bring a snapshot of AAJ Global Foundation School’s legacy to the readers. We welcome you to become a part of your child’s transformational journey into a thought leader and a kind and responsible global citizen.

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