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Aero Plast

“Quality is a process control mechanism, and if one maintains it efficiently, it can automatically lead to cost reduction.”

Founded in 1978, Aero Plast is an eminent torchbearer in the packaging industry, providing end-to-end solutions to consumers. Aero Plast is recognized as the fastest-growing company that caters to the market with its “low cost, sustainable business practices, and supreme quality” theory. Located in northern India, Aero Plast possesses a world-class manufacturing facility.
The company ardently believes that “automation is the key to a secure future, keeping its manpower at the core of its practices,” thereby promoting the ideology of empowering employees with stronger skills, preparing them for market turbulence, and fostering a sense of serene dedication towards the company’s growth.
In a conversation with Mr. Ajay Goyal (CEO), Mrs. Abha Goyal (Managing Director), Mr. Abhas Goyal (CMO), and Mr. Abhay Goyal (CTO), we got the opportunity to explore the company’s corporate ethos and work environment. The dignitary leadership panel of Aero Plast walked us through the enriching 46-year-old legacy of the promoters, which we have meticulously put into words for our readers!
Mr. Ajay Goyal’s entrepreneurial lineage is managed by his wife, Abha Goyal, and two sons, Abhay Goyal and Abhas Goyal. They are the company’s next-generation promoters, with Abhay holding a Master’s degree in Polymer Science from the University of Sheffield and Abhas having an M.Sc. in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from Manchester Business School. The family aims to expand APL across various domains and markets, with a vision for a holistic brand that not only generates profits but also preserves the environment.

Question 1: To begin with, can you give us a brief overview of the company’s work environment?

Aero Plast is the outcome of the determination and hard work put forth by every single person who has contributed to the company.

Question 2: What are the qualities you look for in individuals who are a part of your team?

Any employee joining us on this journey must understand the company’s values and goals. We want them to put their best foot forward in contributing positively to the company’s objectives. The company believes that the employee must be honest, punctual, a lifelong learner, stay positive in every challenge and have the capability to meet deadlines. We are grateful for the team as all our employees are unequivocally dedicated to refining and fine-tuning the product features and designs as per market requirements.

Question 3: Can you give us a brief overview of the services offered?

Today, APL’s product range encompasses a wide array of offerings, including laminated flexible films and pouches tailored for the food and pharmaceutical sectors, PE films catering to milk, laminated films for paneer, khoya, peda, SMP, and shrink film. The company also provides shopping and SOS paper bags explicitly designed for e-commerce, courier industries, and universities. We also provide e-commerce sector to introduce their private labels in the FMCG sector.
APL has served various clients via its unmatched packaging solutions since its inception. By the end of 2019, with the continuous support of its vendors and renowned clients such as Uniqlo, Amazon, Khadims, Mother Dairy, and Rajdhani, APL achieved phenomenal revenue growth of 81%. Now, APL has a major lead in the e-commerce market, which includes Flipkart, Big Basket, Blinkit, Zepto, etc. The company has served more than 16 states in India by providing packaging material for their supplies under the government’s free food distribution schemes.

Question 4: What are your thoughts on the imperativeness of research and development?

Research and development have been a significant part of our manufacturing processes, as we always strive to develop avant-garde services for our clients. We believe that through R&D, Aero Plast is what it is today! A significant milestone in our research and development journey is that we’ve applied for two patents on sustainable packaging. We are eager to push boundaries and create packaging solutions that redefine standards.
A significant milestone in our R&D journey, the company has recently applied two patents in sustainable packaging, showcasing our commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

Question 5: Are there some new strategic plans in the pipeline?

With the tagline “Complete Packaging Solution,” APL is rigorously working to expand its industrial horizons in the future, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir. We are establishing three manufacturing units in the Kathua Region with an investment of INR 500 crores to capitalize on emerging opportunities and contribute to the local economy. By establishing a presence in Jammu and Kashmir, we aim to leverage the region’s potential while laying unshakeable grounds for sustainable development and creating employment opportunities.
The team’s dedication and expertise will be instrumental in ensuring the success of this venture. This initiative underscored our commitment to quality, innovation, and community engagement in the Jammu and Kashmir region. The company maintains regular growth of INR 80–100 crores each financial year. Upto 2027–28, our target is to cross the revenue milestone of INR 1000 crore in sales. By 2026–27, the company is projected to be listed on the stock exchange. Aero Plast Group’s Foundation Day is 28.02.1978, so on 28.02.2028 when the group will celebrate its 50th Jubilee, we should achieve these two major milestones.

Aero PlastA Token of Immeasurable Respect for Mr. Ajay Goyal’s Entrepreneurial Vagabond

Despite having profound monetary well-being, Mr. Ajay Goyal is a man with humble roots. From a humanitarian perspective, he has contributed significantly over these years. He is a firm believer in the notion that all efforts to better mankind must start at home. He has made it his credo to always support his family, relatives, and the workforce at Aero Plast.
Mr. Ajay Goyal has succeeded in accomplishing this by establishing resident factory premises for the employees. Being aware of the fact that migrant labourers live in extremely poor conditions, he has ensured that through Aero Plast, he will provide 1000 such labourers with a respectable and good lifestyle with proper hygiene, accommodation, and other facilities. At present, a total of 450+ people are employed by the company. Mr. Ajay Goyal has an “either update or be outdated” philosophy of business and life in general.

Law Binding Company

Group believes that everyone should comply all Govt. Rules with zero tolerance. We always want to first company to adopt new guideline. Recently Govt. introduced EPR compliance to handle plastic pollution issue. We not only registered ourselves but also made 100% compliance as per guidelines and timeline. We also comply CSR Responsibility. No case is pending against us in any Court of Law any Govt. department.

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