In Spotlight Rajpath Infracon Pvt. Ltd: Building The Nation, Beaming With Pride


Rajpath Infracon Pvt. Ltd.

“We are nurturing the dream of positioning India on a pedestal where the world acknowledges and idolizes its extraordinary growth”

Rajpath Infracon’s Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Jagdish Kadam graduated with a BE Civil Engineering degree from the prestigious COEP Technological University in 1986. Being brought up in a strong patriotic atmosphere, he had a clear perception of his ultimate aim. He pursued civil engineering in the first place to serve the country by strengthening its infrastructural developments. With this vision, Mr. Jagdish Kadam started Raj Promoters & Civil Engineers Pvt. Ltd., and then Raj Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. was born.

The organization was significantly performing well in real estate development, but Jagdish Kadam realized it was too mundane a segment to challenge his aspirations. Soon he wrapped up the construction segment and decided to concentrate on his heart’s true desire.

He then started his journey with Rajpath Infracon Pvt. Ltd. and proceeded to take on several challenging projects, bringing them to successful completion. Rajpath Infracon Pvt. Ltd. worked on projects of state and national highways, bridges, huge canals, barrages, and dams and finished each one of them with absolute perfection, thereby meeting the highest quality specifications.

Achieving exemplary standards of excellence in these projects brought oodles of recognition and appreciation to Mr. Jagdish Kadam and Rajpath Infracon from dignitary governmental organizations like the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH), the Public Works Department, the Government of Maharashtra (PWD), Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation Ltd. (MKVDC), Godawari Marathwada Irrigation Development Corporation (GMIDC), Konkan Irrigation Development Corporation (KIDC), Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC), and the Karnataka State Public Works Department, to name a few. Since then, the journey has been continually growing by leaps and bounds!

Leading with Perseverance Amidst Barriers

The fight for sustenance was prominent for Rajpath Infracon. The business faced challenges that impacted its growth and profitability. Typical challenges included funding, revenue generation struggles, a lack of access to supportive infrastructure, and fierce competition from established players. Since most of the assignments were government or PWD contracts, it required a significant amount of time investment to understand and adhere to the required documentation and compliance standards.

The regulatory environment and tax structures also posed hurdles in the initial years. Rajpath Infracon began taking up projects in irrigation, canals, and small dams and gradually penetrated the road construction sector. Every project meant investing in plant and machinery, building site teams, organizing capable design, planning, and execution, and having a monitoring mechanism in place.

The company’s ecosystem evolved dynamically as time passed. The team began to flourish. The vision to take Rajpath Infracon to new heights escalated, and soon the business converted into a small organization of passionate, committed, and seasoned project engineers.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Rajpath Infracon suffered the negativity that came because of losing some team members to the pandemic and the stagnant status of a few projects. But this adversity was converted into an opportunity with the invincible team spirit.

With a proactive spirit in action, Rajpath Infracon smashed the shackles of hopelessness and marched on to make their 1st World Record for the longest paved road of 42.369 km in a mere 24 hours in the Satara district of Maharashtra. With the right mindset and strategies, Rajpath Infracon succeeded in overcoming all challenges and not just survived but thrived in the post-pandemic era.

Fostering Indelible Standards of Collaboration

Mr. Jagdish Kadam elaborates, “The commitment we exhibit to our customers has been unfailing and paramount. But at the same time, we have also shared our success with our vendors, without whom many success stories would not have been possible. We believe in the power of partnership, be it with our customers or vendors, and these are not just words; we have demonstrated it time and again!

When we made our 1st world record at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we came forward to openly share the credit of this success with our customers, PWD of the Satara district, Maharashtra State, and thanked them for their invaluable and stoic support.

Similarly, when we pegged the Guinness World Record in June 2022, we acknowledged the support of all our vendors, well-wishers, and bankers by getting original Guinness World Record certificates in their names! We publicly felicitated them all. We decided to etch the names of the 728 workers who made this stupendous feat possible on a Guinness World Records Monument (that is under erection at the Akola junction on NH53) as a permanent testimony to their service to the nation.”

In addition to this, Mrs. Mohana Kadam, Director at Rajpath Infracon Pvt. Ltd., touches upon the ideology that the company implements to empower the local population and provide them with opportunities for growth and prosperity.

“Our numerous initiatives have always involved the locals and taken steps towards conserving their livelihood and the natural resources of the area. This is not a passing fancy but a serious commitment that has been demonstrated time and again. Our customers as well as our vendors recognize this and appreciate the service that goes beyond contractual assurances. This has built not just our brand on a firm foundation but also imprinted our values in the hearts of our associates. This is evident from the repeat assignments that have come our way from most of our customers.”

Marketing Initiatives Driven by CSR Activities

Rajpath Infracon mostly undertakes state and central government projects allocated by the PWDs or NHAI (National Highway Authorities of India). These assignments are awarded on a tender basis. The credentials of the company do matter to qualify to bid, but in such projects, conventional marketing stints do not contribute towards sales.

Instead of marketing programs, Rajpath Infracon has chosen to promote its initiatives through diverse CSR activities. Here is a brief overview of Rajpath Infracon’s enlightening CSR initiatives that double up the purpose of marketing.

  • The company proudly sponsors the tuition fees and living expenses of 10 deserving and meritorious engineering students from rural backgrounds until they complete their course. The company also extends them the opportunity to work with Rajpath Infracon as a part of their project work to gain experience and exposure.
  • The company has also built hostels and arranged other facilities for rural students who travel to towns for secondary education.
  • They sponsor deserving sportsmen and women as well as state-level championship events, giving aspiring sportsmen a platform to display their talent and aim for national-level competitions.
  • Organizing medical health check camps for women, providing financial assistance for women entrepreneurs who want to stand on their feet, and providing opportunities to promote their businesses.
  • Taking on the responsibility of developing the infrastructure of villages, like the construction of roads, streets, and canals for water supply for irrigation, rest houses, libraries for senior citizens, and such other works.
  • Regular plantation drives to replenish the green cover, geotag, and nurture the saplings till they stabilize in the ground are done at each and every project site and beyond.
  • Rajpath Infracon has constructed 34 huge farm ponds in the Amravati district that have helped farmers overcome the harsh famine situations, saved the water tables from sinking further, and revived the flora and fauna of the region.

USPS of the Work Culture

  • Being a firm believer in offering a safe working environment and equal opportunities to women, Rajpath Infracon has maintained unflinching standards of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • The ISO certifications ensure that the company’s management systems are in place and customers can put their trust in them without a figment of doubt.
  • The six-sigma initiatives have helped the team create higher standards of management of organizational systems, work, data, and inventories.

Fervid Plans for the Future

Rajpath Infracon is gearing to lead the industry with excellence. Along with road construction, the team shall also look into expansion into other infrastructural sectors over a period of time. The near aim is to diversify into dredging activities as well as agro-based industries in the future. This will also involve establishing a research center that will engage proactive minds to innovate and develop sustainable solutions for the industry.

A Memento of Enlightenment

As we reached the culmination of the interaction with Mr. Jagdish Kadam and Mrs. Mohana Kadam, we expressed our sincere gratitude to the dignitaries for collaborating with us and sharing insights from their entrepreneurial stints with our global readership panel. We also requested that they share a few words of enlightenment for our readers.

“We have always harboured this earnest dream to reach out to the aspiring youth of India and encourage them to seek or make opportunities to grow. We want to reach out to this segment of our youth and show them that the infrastructure sector is full of opportunities; it has rich prospects to break barriers and offers great careers. We have put our nation on the global map now and sought the attention of the world. We have demonstrated that Indian entrepreneurs are capable of delivering world-class products and standards!

India is no longer a nation to feel hopeless about; instead, it is the shining star of the global constellation and welcomes collaborative opportunities. Our time has come. Our future is in our domains and in our country, which is on its path to becoming the 3rd largest economy in the world. It is for us to grab our opportunity and make our own path in the future.”


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