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Rosemary Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

“At Rosemary Interactive, we are committed to being an “Impact First Organization,” where our endeavors are driven by the mission to empower communities, promote entrepreneurship, and foster skill development across the globe.”

Knowing that India as a country upholds a prowess in creativity, technology, and innovation like no other, we have the power to change the momentum of any industry whatsoever. Believing in the same is a visionary leader who wants to demonstrate to the entire world that Indian companies are not only capable of delivering high-quality digital and online services but also of pioneering ground-breaking solutions that redefine industry standards.
We are honored to introduce our readers to Mr. Prakash Arya, the Founder Director & CEO of Rosemary Interactive Private Limited, who is an entrepreneur, mentor, lecturer, and author. Since the early days of his professional career, Mr. Prakash Arya has been inquisitive about the marketing and communication domain, especially in the digital ecosystem. He was in constant search for opportunities for innovation and improvement in the digital domain to rectify prominent gaps in the market. This passion, coupled with various realizations, motivated him to start Rosemary Interactive Private Limited.

The conversation we had with Mr. Prakash Arya has been closely knitted into the narrative, which you’re about to dive into!’

Prime Insights: To begin with, can you please give us a quick overview of your services and offerings?

At Rosemary Interactive Private Limited, we excel at creating high-impact online presences and comprehensive marketing strategies, which help brands connect with their audience on stronger grounds of integrity. Beyond marketing as well, we specialize in digital video production, offering services such as film production, video ads, montages, and promos to convey a brand’s story in a captivating manner.

Apart from this, we have a solid understanding of how brands need to be built in today’s competitive era. Businesses today need to strategically leverage digital PR, customer relationship management (CRM), and online reputation management (ORM) to enhance brand visibility and credibility. And our team has years of rich experience aligning their strategies in the right direction for meeting our clients’ digital goals.

Prime Insights: How did you get the impetus to begin your journey as an entrepreneur?

The turning point came when I interacted with multiple communication agencies during my corporate job. Numerous times I was given the responsibility to onboard a mid-sized but highly creative agency within a limited budget. Either leading agencies were too costly or smaller companies lacked creativity, credibility, and passion. This moment served as a catalyst, sparking the idea of starting my digital creative agency. I was driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact in the marketing and communication domains through a smart mix of technology and creative storytelling.

I firmly believe in the power of communication, and starting this company was not just a career move but a personal commitment to driving positive change in the digital marketing and communication domains. This passion, coupled with my experience and insights, led me to take the leap and establish Rosemary Interactive Private Limited.

Prime Insights: What were the initial challenges faced by your business?

When I first started Rosemary Interactive Private Limited, I encountered several challenges typical of a new venture entering the market. One of the initial hurdles was establishing credibility and building trust with potential customers. Being a new player in the industry, we had to work hard to prove the value and reliability of our products and services. This involved extensive market research, strategic planning, and refining our value proposition to resonate with our target audience.
Another challenge we faced was navigating the competitive landscape. That was the time when digital marketing was emerging in India, and people were very skeptical about it. Financial constraints and talent acquisition were also significant challenges in the early stages. Despite all these challenges, we approached each obstacle as an opportunity to learn and grow!

Prime Insights: We see you have started a similar service company in the United States of America. What was the purpose or business objective you had for this?

It was in 2021 that our U.S. business started. The decision to expand our services in the United States of America was driven by our vision to enhance India’s image as a leading IT superpower and challenge stereotypes associated with Indian IT professionals and workforce capabilities. We achieved this feat during the COVID-19 pandemic, when companies all around the world were struggling to sustain themselves.

“Our agenda behind this move was to challenge the prevailing stereotype that Indian IT startups are cheap and only capable of delivering average results.”

Our focus was to be at the forefront of changing these archaic perceptions and showcasing the exceptional talent of our workforce. By positioning ourselves in the United States, we aimed to leverage the opportunities and resources available there to fuel our growth and expansion aspirations. Ultimately, we succeeded, and we are working meticulously to position ourselves as an Indian-origin multinational digital creative agency that is synonymous with innovation, quality, and excellence on a global scale.

Prime Insights: What are the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote Rosemary’s services?

One of the most effective marketing initiatives is the introduction of our Independent Business Associate (IBA) Program. This program has been instrumental in expanding our reach in the digital landscape.

The IBA Program is designed to provide anyone with the opportunity to join and learn about our services at a nominal cost, while also offering the potential to earn substantial referral or sales commissions. Through this program, participants not only gain valuable insights into our services but also receive training and support to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. This combination of education and financial incentives not only attracts individuals to our offerings but also encourages them to actively engage with and promote our services within their networks.

Prime Insights: What are the mantras that you’ve implemented as a leader to build a trustworthy image for Rosemary Interactive in the market?

It is evident that in today’s era, consumers are no longer infatuated by flashy advertising or catchy slogans. Instead, they seek authenticity, transparency, and meaningful connections with brands. This shift has prompted brands to prioritize ethical practices, social responsibility, and genuine engagement with their audience. This is what we have kept at the core of our actions. We are ISO 10002:2018 certified for Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management and ISO 9001:2015 certified organization for Quality Management Systems from the Deutsche Accreditation Board, Germany.

A testament to the above is that Rosemary Interactive Private Limited takes sheer pride in saying that customers are its brand ambassadors. A whopping 70% of business comes from referrals and recommendations from satisfied clients. In summary, while skepticism remains prevalent, there’s also a growing appreciation for brands that prioritize trustworthiness and ethical conduct.

Prime Insights: What are the different business verticals in which Rosemary Interactive is active now or planning to enter in the coming days?

As we expand our horizons, we are actively involved in various business verticals and have ambitious plans for the future.

Sooner, we will be venturing into the EdTech space with the launch of “Rosemary eAcademy.” Under this brand, we will propagate more awareness about entrepreneurship through well-structured and interactive courses. From being pocket-friendly and transformative to being easily accessible to everyone, through these courses, we manifest becoming the guiding guru for the younger generation who wish to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

In addition to entrepreneurship courses, Rosemary eAcademy will offer multiple industry-led skill development programs tailored for mid- and senior-level management professionals, students across all age groups, and MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises). These online courses will equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their respective industries and contribute meaningfully to their organizations.

Prime Insights: How has regular participation in corporate training programs, industry-led seminars, enriching workshops, and panel discussions enriched your personal and professional growth?

Being regularly involved in corporate training programs, industry-led seminars, workshops, and panel discussions has taught me to manage commitments effectively. Through these, the exposure to invaluable opportunities to expand my knowledge, skills, and expertise across various domains, is massive.

Engaging with industry experts, thought leaders, and peers exposes me to new ideas, best practices, and emerging trends, enriching my understanding of complex business challenges and solutions. Moreover, speaking at seminars, leading workshops, and participating in panel discussions hone my ability to articulate ideas effectively, engage diverse audiences, and facilitate meaningful discussions.

Prime Insights: In addition to the aforementioned, we also know that you’ve written enlightening books for the younger generation. Please tell us about these.

Despite my hectic schedule and numerous responsibilities, I’ve always been passionate about sharing knowledge and insights with others. Writing books has been a fulfilling outlet for me to contribute to the literary world and connect with readers on a deeper level.

My first book, “Invest in Digital: Turning Crisis into Opportunities,” explores the transformative power of digital technologies in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Following the success of my debut book, I penned “Keep Investing in You,” a motivational guide aimed at inspiring readers to invest in their personal and professional growth continuously. This book has struck a chord with individuals seeking to unlock their full potential and achieve success in all aspects of life.

Most recently, I released “Studentpreneur,” a book that empowers young minds to harness their entrepreneurial spirit and pursue their dreams while still in school or college. The overwhelming response from readers has been incredibly motivating. Not only have my books been well-received, but they have also helped me establish my brand and authority in my domain of knowledge.

Prime Insights: Accept our sincere gratitude for sparing your valuable time and sharing your journey with us. Before wrapping up, we request that you share some enlightening pieces of advice for our global readership panel.

Starting a business is an exhilarating journey filled with highs and lows, successes and setbacks. Along the way, you will inevitably encounter obstacles, make mistakes, and face moments of doubt. It’s crucial to recognize that failure is not. It’s how you respond to failure that ultimately defines your success. Stay resilient, stay focused, and never lose sight of your vision. I wish you the best for your upcoming chapters of growth and opulence!

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