Thai Green Power Solution Company Ltd: Building a Sustainable Future by Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Traditional Energy Sources


Thai Green Power Solution Company Ltd.

“We have always envisioned a world where renewable energy not only meets the rising demand of human existence but also revolutionizes the way energy is harnessed and utilized.”

Thai Green Power Solution (TGPS), a global business enterprise, was conceptualized in 2017 as a forward-thinking brand synonymous with sustainability and innovation. Specializing in renewable energy solutions, TGPS operates on a global scale, fostering collaborations in India, Sri Lanka, the USA, and Kuwait. The brand’s commitment to a greener future has resulted in the successful completion of its cutting-edge Smart Green Blockchain Platform “Frequency Chain”, both of which are designed exclusively for the renewable energy industry.
TGPS offers a range of services, including solar energy solutions, electric vehicle integration, charging ports and stations. The star of their service portfolio is the innovative Frequency Chain Blockchain platform tailored for the renewable energy industry.

The Journey from 2017 to 2024

  • The company was founded under the visionary leadership of its Founder and Chairman – Managing Director, Mr. Murugesan Kandaswamy, who founded the parent company, Thai Green Power Solution Company Limited, based in Thailand.
  • In 2017, Mr. Murugesan Kandaswamy started working extensively on Blockchain Technology, envisioning a blockchain project that would be uniquely tailored to the global renewable energy industry.
  • In 2018, he further conceptualized various projects involving solar initiatives, electric vehicle technologies, and charging port infrastructure. These forward-thinking projects aim to integrate blockchain technology into diverse facets of the renewable energy landscape.
  • The pivotal phase for TGPS came in 2019 and 2020, when the company was officially registered in Thailand. This was another significant milestone coming its way, which also solidified its presence as a key player in the blockchain and renewable energy sectors. During this period, the team also initiated collaborations on a global scale, establishing partnerships that would contribute to its growth and development.
  • In 2021, Mrs. Ponsana David embraced the position of the company’s CEO, bringing a new era to TGPS. Under Mrs. Ponsana David’s leadership, all the projects conceptualized by Mr. Murugesan Kandaswamy were successfully rolled out in the market.
  • This marked the realization of MK’s vision, with Mrs. Ponsana David steering the projects to fruition. She poured in her immense guidance for endorsing important collaborations on a global scale, thereby making TGPS a catalyst for positive change in the renewable energy sector.
  • Following Mrs. Ponsana David’s appointment, Frequency Chain intensified its efforts to develop a blockchain exclusively for the global renewable energy industry. The team also laid the groundwork for the launch of electric vehicles by 2024 and is aiming for the release of the “Alpha version of Frequency Chain” by April 2024.

The Initial Occlusions and Strategies Implemented to Overcome Them

In the early days, TGPS encountered a strong skepticism about renewable energy. To prove its agenda, it was also a challenging task to navigate the complex regulatory compliances. Overcoming these hurdles required a strategic approach, resilience, and a clear vision. TGPS’s ability to innovate and ardent teamwork defied all these challenges and cleared its path to success.
TGPS established trust through transparency, reliability, and a consistent commitment to sustainability. By delivering services as promised, adhering to ethical business practices, and securing channels of open communication, TGPS built trust among its customers, creating lasting relationships.
TGPS’s key differentiators lie in its holistic approach to the renewable energy sector. The integration of solar projects, electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and the dedicated blockchain platform, Frequency Chain, sets TGPS apart. This comprehensive business model positions TGPS as a leader in sustainable solutions.
Over these years, TGPS has observed an evolution in consumer trust by consistently delivering on its sustainability commitments, ensuring transparency in operations, and actively engaging with the community. Building trust remains an ongoing process, and TGPS adapts to evolving consumer expectations.
Continuing further, Mr. Murugesan Kandaswamy says, “Our success stems from an unshakeable dedication towards technological innovation and environmental stewardship. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering impactful solutions, we have earned the laurels of customer trust. TGPS values its customers as long-term partners in the journey towards sustainability. Customer satisfaction, feedback, and ongoing relationships are integral to assessing the brand’s impact and refining its offerings. For us, customers’ trust is a paramount cornerstone, and the brand regularly draws meaningful insights from our customer satisfaction surveys. This ongoing evaluation helps TGPS gauge the level of trust consumers have in the brand.”

Thai Green Power SolutionCoveting a Bright Future

We asked Mrs. Ponsana David about the expansion plans of TGPS aligned for the future, to which she explained,
“Our team is actively exploring new avenues for growth and sustainability. While specific details are proprietary, we can assure our clients that TGPS is keeping its best foot forward in refurbishing its services through innovation and a tech-driven mindset. Our upcoming developments will be centered around the expansion of the “Electric Vehicle and Charging Port” infrastructure. As we discussed at the beginning of the conversation, we are working on the ground-breaking technology “Alpha Version of Frequency Chain – FreCx” exclusively for the renewable energy industry. This smart, green blockchain will contribute to the sustainability of the industry. We also manifest to mark our presence across the globe, along with increasing renewable energy capacity and further integrating electric vehicle solutions.”

The Green Carpet Foundation: Creating a Harmonious Balance Between People and Earth

Green Carpet Foundation is the CSR arm of TGPS that stands on the pillar of enriching lives. The foundation creates sustainable financial stability through solutions, that solely promote environmental conservation and carbon control. By providing employment opportunities to women and quality education to children, regardless of their background, the Green Carpet Foundation is surely empowering communities across the globe. With a vision to transition towards a carbon-neutral economy where renewable energy resources take center stage and reduce dependency on non-renewable sources of energy, their actions are commendably inspiring.

Finishing Up with Some Endearing Words

TGPS aims to evoke thoughts of sustainability, innovation, and reliability as these notions are inevitable for our secure futures. Knowing that our generation is inclined towards making sustainable choices on a larger scale, they associate with only those brands that stand true to their commitment to green energy solutions. Keeping that at its core, TGPS is advancing technology and sustainability in tandem with market demands. TGPS encourages young entrepreneurs to embrace innovation, pursue their passions, and actively engage in sustainability initiatives. The brand emphasizes the role of technology in shaping a sustainable future and invites young entrepreneurs to contribute to positive change.

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