Anabond: Upholding a Four-Decade Legacy in Manufacturing Adhesives and Sealants for Every Industry



“We have an unflinching vision to move our nation forward and defend our potential to become the global leaders of the future.”

Anaerobic bonding – a culmination of these two worlds resulted in the birth of Anabond. With a humble vision to redefine the chemical industry of India, a visionary leader started his journey exactly four decades ago, in 1979. Anabond was born under the vision of Mr. J. Vijayakumar, and the story behind its inception is nothing short of exceptional. Mr. J. Vijayakumar, an enterprising scientist from southern India, began his journey by making indigenous adhesive products that were affordable and high on quality standards. The brand holds remarkable expertise in manufacturing anaerobic, silicone, polymer, epoxy, polyurethane, and related chemical technologies. One amazing fact to highlight here is that Anabond was the “first to manufacture anaerobic adhesives in the country.”
With years of commitment and dedication to empowering emerging India, Anabond has positioned itself as a trusted partner in providing critical bonding and sealing solutions to businesses across the country. The brand achieved further growth by installing its first manufacturing unit and office in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.
With an army of 16 branches, 8 manufacturing units, a PAN-India network of 350+ dealers, and an extensive portfolio of 1500+ products, Anabond also boasts ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IATF 16949:2016 certifications. Anabond R&D centre is recognised by the Ministry of science and technology. Anabond is a brand known for its expertise in the development and manufacturing of adhesives and sealants catering to various segments.
Well, that was only a crisp introduction to the brand, but the real charisma of this narrative lies in further exploring the brand’s vision and plans for the future. Prime Insights got the opportunity to have on board Anabond’s Joint Managing Director, Mr. Abraham Mathew S, for an enlightening interview, where he answered all of our questions regarding the brand’s journey so far. Compiling all the insights gained from the interview, we have crafted this narrative for the enticing edition of “Most Trusted Brand of the Year 2024.”

The Meteoric Inception

The organization started off in a kitchen-sized lab with a sharp focus on solving problems relating to the performance of adhesives and sealants. The motivating force behind the inception of Anabond can be traced back to a commitment to strong research and development practices and a dedication to producing high-quality products. Anabond aimed to contribute to society by reducing dependence on imports through the manufacturing of anaerobic adhesives.
As the first brand to venture into the production of anaerobic adhesives, Anabond played a pioneering role in offering innovative solutions and fostering self-sufficiency in this specific industrial sector. By focusing on research, quality, and domestic production, Anabond sought to make a positive impact on the industrial landscape and contribute to the economic growth of the community it served.

Enduring Challenges with Grit

The initial challenges faced by the business centered around the market acceptance of the Indian-made product. Anabond encountered hurdles primarily due to the perception that domestically manufactured goods were not performing up to expectations. The lack of corporate support fueled the difficulties as the brand struggled to establish credibility in a market already saturated with international products.

Factors that Give Clients a Sense of Complete Authenticity

Anabond caters to eminent organizations such as ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization), and BrahMos Aerospace which in themselves speak so much about the brand. Being entrusted with providing solutions for critical applications in space and defense underlines Anabond’s capability, precision, and adherence to stringent standards. The R&D team is led by a group of eminent scientists working relentlessly to escalate the quality of existing products and innovate new ones.
Furthermore, the brand’s approach to customizing products for B2B (business-to-business) customers according to their specific needs is a key element in building trust. This bespoke approach demonstrates a sound understanding of the diverse requirements of clients. Partners with ISRO and DRDO for the past four decades.

The Differentiators in Detail

  • Technical Service Provider: Anabond serves as a technical service provider, offering expertise and support to its clients. This service may include technical assistance, guidance, and problem-solving to ensure that clients can effectively use and integrate the products into their specific applications.
  • Collaborated Product Development: The brand engages in strategic product development, indicating a collaborative approach to innovation. This involves working closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and developing tailored solutions that address specific challenges or needs. This collaborative effort ensures that the final products align closely with the client’s objectives.
  • Application-Wise Product Customization: Anabond provides application-wise product customization services. This involves tailoring products to suit the specific applications or industries of the clients. By understanding the nuances of different applications, the brand can modify its products to enhance performance, efficiency, and compatibility with the intended use.
  • Long-Term Performance Track Record: Demonstrating a consistent, positive track record over time contributes to Anabond’s credibility.

The True Value of a Customer

Anabond evaluates the value of a customer not solely based on the size of the business transaction but by considering the customer’s overall experience in detail. The team is curious about recognizing what factors the customers liked the most and what areas need improvement as per their feedback. For Anabond, the performance of its products has been the star attraction for its customers. Customer referrals have brought them repeated business numbers. They are also investing in digital and mainstream mediums to create awareness about our brand in India.

CSR Responsibilities

As a responsible organization, Anabond has been actively involved in CSR activities since its inception. Anabond Foundation, a registered Trust, has been formed to improve the quality of life for underprivileged youth in nearby Anabond factories. Through this collaboration, these students and young minds are offered scholarships, educational support, medical care for society’s poor people and comprehensive educational infrastructure. The story behind this is also very inspiring. The founder, Mr. J. Vijayakumar, who found encouragement and support from Fr. Francis Guezou a french missionary, during his formative years in the Yelagiri Hills, When Anabond became profitable, the founder returned to Fr. Francis Guezou and contributed his part in changing the lives of others.

Admirable Milestones

Anabond has proved its mettle by establishing its in-house “Fuel Cell and Advanced Materials Research Laboratory.” This establishment showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation, particularly in sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, they are also focusing on developing sustainable products, aligning with the growing trend towards environmentally friendly practices.

Wrapping the Narrative

To conclude the article with some valuable advice, we requested that Mr. Abraham Mathew S quote advice for our global readership panel. Here is what he has to share:

“As young leaders of tomorrow, you have to exhibit a commitment to sustainable development and ethical business practices. Our cohesive efforts will have a positive impact on society while enduring success. Additionally, the importance of staying at the forefront of advancements is inevitable. Together, these principles form a powerful framework for positive change and driving success in both the corporate and social spheres.”

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