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ZeroMiles Technologies Services Pvt. Ltd.

ZeroMiles is a company nurtured by NASSCOM and was established in 2016 with a vision to provide comprehensive audio-visual solutions, cloud-centric collaboration, and communication solutions. Established by a team of experts with decades of experience in designing, engineering, deploying, integrating, and maintaining AV, collaboration, and UC solutions, ZeroMiles boasts a dynamic array of solutions and services curated by leveraging the world’s best technologies.
They specialize in creating collaboration spaces that are simple, user-friendly, and effective, focusing on business rather than technology. Their designs are designed with minimal hardware footprint, affordability, reliability, and user friendliness, ensuring that meetings can focus on the business. ZeroMiles is passionate about offering the most suitable solution for every unique business requirement. The company works by understanding every component of a brand and then tailoring solutions accordingly. With its design philosophy, “Less is More,” the company caters to more than 1000 customers across India, the Middle East, Singapore, and the UK.
Prime Insights delved into an interactive interaction with the core proponent of the company, Mr. Arun Kumar Vutha, to learn much more about his company and what motivated him to start his own business venture.

The Ambitious Fuel Behind the Company’s Inception

What motivated the establishment of ZeroMiles was to exactly tap into those gaps in the AV industry where approaches were either redundant or out-of-tune with the latest needs of enterprises. The traditional solution providers were providing hardware-intensive, OEM-driven rigid solutions, which came nowhere close to the solutions backed by cloud technology, AI, and machine learning.
ZeroMiles found a space for itself to venture into the AV industry and promised to curate simple solutions without compromising on functionality. The new approach completely revolutionized conventional design practices. Till now, this approach has continued to minimize hardware footprints, lower maintenance costs, and bring simplicity to board and meeting rooms. The team ensures that the best services are synchronized with maximum protection for existing investments.
ZeroMiles has the industry’s deepest expertise in integrating the complete range of premise-based solutions with cloud-based services, enabling people to connect with each other at any time, any place, and from any device. ZeroMiles services come with unmatched flexibility in scaling up or down in terms of the number of users, features, or functionalities in response to changing business needs.

Embarking on the Entrepreneurial Road

The beginning chapters of the journey weren’t an easy call because it demanded a significant amount of patience to make people aware of the concept and secure their trust with proofs. While pitching to the potential clients, Mr. Arun Kumar Vutha and his team represented the agenda that showcasing new approaches is more effective and less expensive while pitching to the clients. Organizations that had huge legacy infrastructure had the highest level of inertia and took time to realize that discarding a part of their infrastructure would save money even in the short term.

The Differentiating Factors

What makes ZeroMiles stand out is their unmatched flexibility to blend traditional, premise-based solutions with cloud-based technologies. Their in-house labs rigorously test every solution in a local environment before offering it to end users. The company’s technologies enable easy collaboration sessions that anyone can join from anywhere, on any device, offering unparalleled interoperability.
These unified communications solutions are adept at providing customer-centric enterprise voice solutions for all business requirements. With deep expertise across various technology platforms, the team understands and offers the right collaboration solution for varied business scenarios. ZeroMiles also provides video collaboration solutions for all scenarios, leveraging the world’s best technologies to simplify enterprise video communication between organizations, meeting rooms, people, and locations.

Upholding a Steadfast Commitment to the Customer’s Trust

ZeroMiles is at the forefront of the revolution of moving customer experience management to the cloud, helping organizations migrate smoothly without disrupting customer relationships. Their cloud solutions include the latest self-service, routing, and agent tools, workforce engagement features, analytics, quality management, and legal compliance tools. Their solution portfolio includes an accurate and intuitive voice interface in Indian languages, revolutionizing automatic speech recognition (ASR) for applications like voice search or speech transcription.

The Marketing Initiatives

The strong in-house marketing team is thoroughly involved in expanding the brand’s presence by using all traditional and modern methods, including SEO, social media branding, and inside sales. In addition, customers are the biggest ambassadors of the brand, showcasing their positive experiences with ZeroMiles. The trust and quality speak for the brand, and many inbound business leads are generated by past customers.

Plans to Paint a Larger Picture of Excellence

Even during the pandemic, businesses with the support of cloud technology have experienced significant growth and success. The company is an ardent believer in harnessing the potential of cloud technology, as the future of cloud technology is vividly massive. The team is working on its new launches in line, such as the ZeroWire UVRS Smart Station, which enables organizations to operate seamlessly in a multi-cloud collaboration environment. They are also planning to introduce ZaaS (ZeroMiles as a Service), a flexible, adaptable service offering unified communication and video conferencing solutions built on a customer-specific platform.
They are further planning to expand their presence to at least 100 locations in India and Asia within the next three years. This expansion will be complemented by the launch of numerous products and services in the near future. The trust they have garnered over these years will be their source of motivation to keep forging new paths of success.

The Concluding Words

Prime Insights is grateful for Mr. Arun Kumar Vutha’s consistent support in bringing his valuable story to our readers. Mr. Arun Kumar Vutha has always stood committed to his fundamental values and work ethics. His philosophy of never losing sight of the basics has pushed him to navigate topsy-turvy paths. More than that, his vision of extensively exploring cloud services helped them survive the COVID years. We are absolutely magnetized by his vision, mission, and leadership qualities. Having said that, it was a natural mandate for us to end this narrative with meaningful pieces of advice. Here is what he quotes:

“Never lose sight of the basics. Hype and hoopla are transient phenomena. What will create a lasting legacy remains the same since humans started doing business: earn trust! With this single guiding mantra, the rest of the operations will fall into place.”


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