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Krimson Kraft Lifestyle

“Leaders and entrepreneurs have to participate relentlessly in the entrepreneurial world, as they are the torchbearers of innovation. Their personalities inspire the younger generation to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.”

Life should be filled with meaningful experiences, irrespective of how big or small they are. However, each one of us works passionately in our respective fields to experience those exciting things sitting on our bucket lists. Traveling is one such activity that gives you the liberty to live life your way. Whether it is a vacation or work meetings lined up in an array, people always require scrutinized travel and concierge services that handle all their expectations.
At Krimson Kraft Lifestyle, sparkling life experiences are created through its luxury concierge, travel, and special events services. Curated especially by a rock-solid team of industry experts, their services are 100% customizable. The team has the expertise to turn every occasion into an experience and every need into a lifestyle choice. Be it vacations, corporate meetings, warming get-togethers, or simply managing your lifestyle in the best possible manner, Krimson Kraft Lifestyle comes with their unflinching support.

The company’s target audience is quite niche, including high-net-worth individuals and highly occupied personalities. In addition to it, Krimson Kraft Lifestyle also provides lifestyle management services for Indian clients and families traveling to international countries for short holidays, long vacations, or business trips. The list of clients includes royalty from the Middle East, dignitaries from the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Britain, Australia, and the USA.

In an exclusive conversation with Mr. Siddhartth Jain, Managing Partner at Krimson Kraft Lifestyle, our editorial team delved deeper into his entrepreneurial journey. He founded the company in 2014 and since then the company has flourished to new heights under his leadership standards. During the conversation, we also got to know about the driving force behind the company’s inception, its work culture, CSR initiatives, and a lot more. Compiling all those insights, we have weaved this narrative for the enticing edition of “The Leader Behind an Admirable Company 2023-2024.”.

Krimson Kraft LifestyleDelivering Unparalleled Value to the Clients

Krimson Kraft Lifestyle is a lifestyle management company offering concierge, travel, and event management services to dignitaries who value their time and demand quality services. Be it traveling, hosting an event, or simply enjoying their relaxation times, everything comes under one roof. From chartering planes, boats, and even private islands for a holiday to organizing gifts from across the world, Krimson provides services that make the lives of its clients easy and comfortable.

What is Lifestyle Management? This segment is particularly for those who want to save their time, enhance productivity, get exclusive access to events, and relish personalized experiences in their daily lives. For discerning individuals, time is very important, and they can’t be involved in mundane tasks. Here is where Krimson Kraft Lifestyle takes the charge so that clients can focus on what is important.
During the initial years of business, Krimson Kraft Lifestyle only endorsed corporate events and MICE. The team soon realized that people heading eminent enterprises demanded personalized concierge and lifestyle management services. That is how Krimson Kraft Lifestyle diversified its expertise.

“Travel is something that is both very appealing, especially to international destinations, and also very strenuous. As a responsible company, we understand this for our employees and also for our clients. Therefore, we regularly monitor the travel days and lengths of each employee. We keep them on a rotation for travel to keep them fresh and happy. Our industry involves ardent customer support 24×7. Hence, our employees are always on call. They complete the backend work from the comfort of their home when not in the office as well”, says the Managing Partner Mr. Siddhartth Jain.

The Service Portfolio

Krimson Kraft’s team of experts provides top-notch concierge services, ranging from simple tasks like sending flowers to complex ones like buying a holiday home. They offer 24-hour worldwide assistance, retail and home management support, entertainment and leisure support, worldwide shopping assistance, luxury sourcing, and ticket and invite securing for events like concerts, sporting events, and high-profile exhibitions. Their services aim to help individuals manage their time and commitments better.

The team also simplifies the planning and organization of luxury travel trips. This creates an unforgettable travel experience for their clients. They tailor each trip to peculiar needs and interests, using exclusive, luxurious properties and services. Krimson’s luxury travel services include customized travel plans, private charter bookings, accommodation in hotels, resorts, private villas, chalets, and/or private islands, and ground transportation for both essential and exotic. They are globally networked with the most exclusive and luxurious suppliers.

Last but not least, Krimson’s event management team specializes in organizing and executing private and corporate events, managing celebrities and their entertainment, planning destination weddings, managing venue selection and bookings, budgeting and negotiation with third-party service providers, sightseeing and activity planning based on audience segmentation, end-to-end communication and collaterals, and planning and coordination of travel arrangements. With their expertise and resources, they ensure every event and occasion is rare and memorable.

Perseverance in the Veins

Adapting to changes is an essential quality for businesses to have, especially during this competitive time. With growth comes change, and Krimson Kraft is no stranger to change. Its ability to adapt to any scenario, be completely transparent in its conversations, and uphold authentic behaviour with suppliers and clients has helped them stay ahead of the change. Krimson Kraft’s workforce has always worked on the demand and not the supply aspects of the business. Consistent research and development efforts have given them a touch of differentiation. Their target industry is all about innovation and thinking forward. The teams at Krimson Kraft have to constantly keep themselves updated on new destinations, services, and experiences available across the globe. There are times when they have created concepts from scratch according to the expectations of the clients.

Bonding with the Employees

When we asked Siddhartth about how Krimson Kraft Lifestyle manages to empower its employees and what initiatives they have taken to foster a healthy corporate culture, he explained,

“Manpower is our key ingredient. Keeping them content inside and out is very critical to us. Our team is a close-knit family. We share each other’s sorrows and joys; we stand by our teammates during rough times, and they stand by us during ours. All throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, our teams were working from home. Even when they were requested to work extensively for our clients, they were available for us whenever required and possible. Many of our employees do work from home to keep their work-life balance. This in turn helps them be content and loyal to the organization.”

Formidable Future Plans

Krimson Kraft Lifestyle is constantly growing with its work values and the support of its esteemed clientele. They are excited about collaborating with more clients in the future and expanding to markets globally very soon, where the company will be providing travel and lifestyle services. This journey of global expansion will begin in United Kingdom and then gradually expand to other western countries.

CSR Initiatives

Krimson Kraft Lifestyle provides regular support to various charities. The company donates a fixed percentage of its profits to local charities in the countries and cities where they work, for the empowerment of the local people.

Krimson Kraft LifestyleThe Parting Words

It was an exhilarating opportunity for Prime Insights to have Siddhartth on board for this wonderful conversation. We expressed gratitude to the dignitary and asked him to quote a few words for our global readership panel. Here is what he said:

“Explore your life with an open heart. Instead of gathering materialistic things, gather memories and lessons. You have to appreciate yourself for every small achievement you’ve made, as it will push you further to excel with flying colors. For the young entrepreneurs who are working on their dream to step into the world of entrepreneurship, view each challenge as a chance to learn and grow.

Your path is a plain canvas, and it is you who can paint it with colors of passion and perseverance. The more you learn from your setbacks, the more resilient you’ll emerge each time. So, embrace each day with courage, and let your journey be adorned with simplicity and elegance. With your journeys paving the way as a source of motivation for others, prioritize your well-being as well. I wish that your business ventures would become stories of resilience. Success isn’t just a finish line; it’s a celebration of a life well lived.”

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