Comfort Design: Bridging the Gap Between Engineering Academics and Industrial Requirements


Comfort Design

Engineering students, even after having a thorough knowledge of the rigorous academic curriculum, aren’t able to secure the industry employment opportunities that justify their potential and hard work. It is also evident that many of these brilliant minds either change their domains or settle down for less-lucrative jobs, which isn’t the solution.
Real technical and field knowledge can only be imparted through skill training that propels them to implement their academic knowledge in real industry projects. Having addressed this concern, Prime Insights is elated to bring before its readers the story of one such eminent certified training center that is on a mission to empower graduates and engineering students with quality skill training.
Comfort Design is determined to provide every technical degree aspirant or student with opportunities to grow by working on real-time projects. Currently, the company is working in the following domains: industrial and corporate training, and MEP design consultant. The founding members as well as the trainers have worked in various MNCs like Tata Steel, Midea, Clivet, and Reliance Industries, amongst others. The center is an amalgam of alumni from top technical institutions in India, such as Jamia Milia Islamia, NIT, AMU, and IIT Delhi.
Comfort Design offers training in HVAC Design, Electrical Design, Plumbing and Fire Fighting Design, MEP Revit, Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Civil Site Training, Quantity Surveying, AutoCAD, Ms Project/Prime Vera, and Stadd Pro/E Tab. These trainings are specifically curated to increase technical skills as per the latest technological trends.
Prime Insights invited the dignitary leadership panel of Comfort Design, Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed, Founder, and Md. Irfan Alam, Co-founder, to share some insights from their entrepreneurial journey. The conversation we had with these leaders was extremely fulfilling. It was inspiring to witness these young entrepreneurs contributing fervently to the “Skill India” notion with a profound sense of commitment towards the growth of the nation.

The Inception Story

The founders quickly realized that the training given at many of the engineering colleges wasn’t enough and lacked quality. Hence, after both dignitaries quit their high-paying engineering jobs, they started Comfort Design in May 2018 with the serene goal of sharing the practical industry knowledge they have learned over the years with the students.

The Challenges

During the initial years of building Comfort Design, the challenges that Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed and Mr. Irfan Alam faced were that there were already established players in the market that were providing traditional training to the engineering students. The market was predominantly captured by these players. What was even more concerning being that these traditional trainings didn’t come close to the industry requirements and were not relevant as per the changing technological trends. The duo was in constant search for ways in which they could create a rock-solid standardization of the training where only quality-driven knowledge was given to the students. The cohesive efforts of the team continued to bore fruit and overcame these challenges by positioning Comfort Design as a trusted training institute for the students.

The Work Culture

The work culture at Comfort Design is quite friendly and healthy. The employees are treated as integral parts of the family. They are given multiple opportunities to present their ideas with complete freedom and work towards the common goal of taking the organization to new heights of success.

Comfort DesignMarketing Strategies

Comfort Design has garnered immense growth purely because of word-of-mouth marketing. Students who’re placed in their dream roles become ambassadors naturally and propagate positive feedback to their acquaintances, motivating them to join Comfort Design as well. It is only in 2022-2023 that Comfort Design has started investing in building a robust digital presence across prominent social media channels to connect with the target audience.

The Roadmap Ahead

Comfort Design wants to ensure that every engineering student gets trained during the academic session. There should be no room for taking up any other paid course after engineering just to get placements. For this, the team at Comfort Design will be coming up with a comprehensive online platform where students can connect and learn together. To make this dream expand even more, they will be collaborating with many engineering colleges and universities across Delhi, the NCR, and other states.
Comfort Design is excited about what the future brings. In 2024, the team will be expanding its presence to Greater Noida and the Middle East by opening new centres. They are also working diligently to create more and more brand awareness in the coming years.

Founder’s message for the Engineering Students

“Engineering students need to upgrade themselves with today’s evolving times, as only theoretical knowledge won’t make them future-ready. Gaining a good amount of practical knowledge beforehand will help you enjoy the theoretical knowledge even more. So our strategic suggestion would be to grab internship opportunities and projects during the engineering days themselves. Collaborate with your classmates, work in teams, and solve problems. Invest time in honing your soft skills, as they are equally crucial for professional success. We would also sincerely suggest all the students stay connected with us through our social media handles, as Comfort Design is about to launch its learning platform that would provide the aforementioned along with trainings and courses that will carve you out as the best talents of the country.”

Wrapping up with Valuable Advices

Towards the end of the conversation, we thanked Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed and Mr. Irfan Alam for sharing a few words of enlightenment for our readers. Here is what the luminaries said:

“Leadership or entrepreneurship has placed us in a position where we can create young leaders for tomorrow. Within our organization, we motivate our employees to take authority and fulfill their responsibilities with the utmost sincerity, which in turn makes them more confident about their skills. Because, single-handedly, we can’t excel at everything, so delegating the opportunities is crucial.
For those who are very passionate about learning, no boundary can stop them from doing so. This is what Comfort Design keeps at its core. A testament to this is that even if any student, trained at any other institute, comes to us for placement assistance and job opportunities, we welcome them with an open heart. Moreover, if they succeed in proving the mettle of their skills, we even hire them merrily. Through Comfort Design, we have chosen the path to make our country rise higher at the global level. So our message to all the readers and inspiring entrepreneurs reading this is to stay focused, determined, and committed to the path you’ve chosen. Great things take time to show results, so don’t doubt yourself and keep going.”

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