SoliTeck DigiSolutions Pvt. Ltd: On the Way to Become the Trusted Technology Partner for Enterprises and Start-Ups

India’s 20 Rising Startups to Watch in 2023–24

SoliTeck DigiSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Digital India, launched by the Indian government in 2015, has transformed the way we are habituated to technology and the information landscape. With this noble agenda, we are now proceeding towards becoming a knowledge-driven economy. This digital inclusivity has also opened up opportunities for online education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship, amongst others. Our people, even from the remotest areas, are eager to incorporate technology in some way or another, and this is nothing less than a prideful moment for our country. The dynamics have been changed to this extent!!
Presented before is the brand story of SoliTeck DigiSolutions Private Limited, an organization that equips small business owners with the right tools to expand their revenue. The company heartily supports the “Digital India” initiative and is committed to bringing transparency and opportunities to its citizens. For the same reason, the team at SoliTeck keeps updating themselves to provide quality services at the lowest cost possible.
Founded in 2022 by the dignitary panel of leaders, Mr. Sanjay Shirsat (Director), Mr. Vishal Kamble (Founder & CEO), and Mr. Rajeev Jadhav (CFO), SoliTeck DigiSolutions has worked on exploring new business possibilities in industries like telecom, travel, tourism, banking, education, e-commerce, insurance, loans, utilities, and recruitment.
For its fresh edition, “India’s 20 Rising Startups to Watch in 2023–24,” the editorial team of Prime Insights Magazine is elated to feature SoliTteck DigiSolutions Private Limited here. The journey that began in 2022 has unfolded many new chapters of opulence, which we are about to share in the following paragraphs.

From Inception to 2024

  • SoliTeck started building its in-house tech team in 2022, and by December 2022, they were diligently working with 10 clients.
  • By the end of May 2023, the team was working on the development of its in-house fintech products and services.
  • By July 2023, the development of products for the travel and tourism industries was in full swing.
  • By the end of December 2023, SoliTeck was catering to over 100 clients and had crossed the benchmark of an annual turnover of 50 crores.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities for Learning

Whether it was moving along with rapid technological advancements, making space in the competitive IT landscape, managing finances, or retaining the right talent for team building, the list of challenges is profound for a startup, and it was nothing different for SoliTeck.
Aligning with the rapid technological advancements demanded continuous research and development. Market saturation required crafting a unique value proposition, effective branding, and strategic marketing to differentiate from established players. Talent acquisition and retention were also essential, with a skilled workforce adapting to rapid changes. Regulatory compliance was a complex task, requiring a proactive approach to legal and compliance matters.
Likewise, stepping up each stair of the ladder, SoliTeck DigiSolutions navigated through these challenges. However, having embarked on the journey in 2022, SoliTeck was fortunate enough to not have faced the immediate operational challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Ensuring Employee Safety and Well-Being

SoliTeck has implemented flexible work arrangements so that employees can focus on balancing professional and personal responsibilities. This includes adjusting working hours, remote setup support, and community initiatives. As the pandemic has taught everyone about the importance of mental health, every organization is actively introducing wellness programs and virtual counseling services for its employees. The same ideology has been adopted at SoliTeck. By navigating these challenging times with agility and empathy, SoliTeck is not only sustaining operations but is also setting itself up as an inspiration for young startups to emerge as compassionate service providers for people.

The Plans Ahead

As SoliTeck moves ahead in its journey, its upcoming strategic approaches are anchored in innovation, adaptability, and a customer-centric mindset. Here’s an outline of their key strategies for scaling in 2024 and beyond:

  • Market Analysis and Target Segmentation
  • Product and Service Expansion
  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
  • Global Market Penetration
  • Digital marketing and branding
  • Scalable Infrastructure and Operations
  • Talent acquisition and development
  • Customer-Centric Focus
  • Continuous innovation and agility
  • Metrics and KPIs

Furthermore, here are the tech trends that the team will be working on aggressively in the coming years:

  • Integration of Emerging Technologies
  • Automation for efficiency
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Cloud-Native Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity and Ethical Tech Practices
  • Agile Development and DevOps
  • Human-AI Collaboration
  • Innovation, ecosystems, and collaborations

SoliTeck promises to exhibit a continual commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company aims for sustainable growth and leadership in the dynamic technology-development sector in 2024 and beyond. SoliTeck envisions positioning itself as a trailblazer, pushing the boundaries of technological advancements, and making a lasting impact on societies.
With over 10,000 clients and a turnover of 1,000 CRM clubs, SoliTeck is confident in its ability to shape a future where it stands as a beacon of technological leadership and positive impact.

Words for the Young Talents of the Country

As charming as the entrepreneurial auras of Mr. Sanjay Shirsat, Mr. Vishal Kamble, and Mr. Rajeev Jadhav are, their common passion for making India more and more technologically advanced is remarkable. We want our readers to also imbibe valuable knowledge from their professionalism, so we have requested that the leaders share a few words of enlightenment.

Here is what they quote:

“For those who are or have already stepped into the vibrant realm of business, here are a few pieces of advice I would like to share with you all. The journey of entrepreneurship will be nothing less than a thrilling adventure, and it will come with setbacks and difficult times. It is during these times that your capability of becoming an entrepreneur will be truly tested. The whole difference is all about the execution of your strategy. There is always an abundance of ideas, but execution strategy separates you from the rest. So showcase a potent mix of passion, resilience, and strategic acumen.
Cultivate a growth mindset where challenges are seen as opportunities. Never compromise on your ethics and values, because success is not always about how big the numbers are; it is about the impact you have on other people’s lives. The business world eagerly awaits your unique contributions, and armed with the right mindset, you have the power to create a lasting impact. Your journey begins now; make it extraordinary!

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