SIEC: An Emerging Face in the Sustainability Sector Offering a Complete Spectrum of Environmental Consulting Services for Businesses


SIEC – Sustainable Integrated Environmental Consultants

“Our inspiration stems from the need to ensure that awareness about sustainable solutions reaches the right audience.”

Sustainability has become inevitable, and undoubtedly, its significance will grow exponentially in the coming years. It needs to be incorporated into every industry, whether on a small or large scale! Here is when the important role of a partner who has an adept understanding of developing a greener way of doing things takes center stage.
Sustainable Integrated Environmental Consultants (SIEC) is one such confidant that never leaves a chance to make a positive impact on the environment. Whether it’s helping with environmental management, sustainability practices, or using smart technology, the team at SIEC sticks around to make sure clients’ environmental goals are in line with the latest standards.
As we sat down for a hearty conversation with SIEC’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Amit Gandhe, we delved deeper into the journey of his brainchild. We also had swift overviews of the company’s values and strategies for the future, which we have compiled in this draft for our readers.

Prime Insights: What prompted the conceptualization of the company, and what specific market opportunities or gaps did you identify and address?

The decision to start our company was not just a spur-of-the-moment choice; it was a long-term plan that I had envisioned for years. After spending the past 17 years overseas, primarily in Singapore and Australia, I was particularly engaged in smart city and environmental projects. There, I recognized a significant potential in the market for the introduction of sustainable practices. Throughout my involvement in various projects, I noticed a common challenge: the technologies and innovations developed were not effectively reaching the end users. This often led to projects remaining at the concept level without proper implementation.
The realization struck me that, to truly make a difference, it was essential to bridge the gap between innovative concepts and practical implementation. By prioritizing sustainability and offering innovative solutions, we aim to not only address environmental challenges but also contribute to the successful implementation of impactful projects. Our goal is to create a company that not only envisions a sustainable future but actively works towards making it a reality.

Prime Insights: What were the prominent challenges that came your way during the initial years?

Having not previously worked in India, my comprehension of administrative processes, regulations, and taxation was entirely unfamiliar to me. This inevitably led to some delays in getting started. However, as the saying goes, “If you do that, then only you can say that you are in business.” I’m pleased with how this process has educated me and allowed me sufficient time to organize and establish a well-structured company.
Navigating the complex landscape of sustainability and translating these concepts for stakeholders was a tough challenge. At times, we found that sustainability seemed distant from ground reality. However, we are proud to announce that we have successfully overcome this challenge by adopting a simplified communication strategy. We now wholeheartedly embrace these critical aspects in both our operational practices and communication efforts. From starting the company, getting funding, and building a great team, we’ve learned a lot.

Prime Insights: Can you quickly walk us through the company’s service portfolio?

SIEC provides an extensive range of services within the environmental sector. Our offerings encompass:

Environmental Management Systems (EMS): Assisting clients in implementing and maintaining effective environmental management systems, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and aligning with sustainability goals.

Water and Wastewater Projects: SIEC delivers comprehensive solutions for water and wastewater management, covering the design, implementation, and management of projects to promote sustainable and efficient use of water resources.

Sustainability Integration: SIEC’s experts work with clients to integrate sustainability principles into their operations, offering advice on sustainable practices, assessing environmental impacts, and developing strategies to minimize ecological footprints.

Smart Utilities: SIEC specializes in the development and implementation of smart utility systems. We provide technologies and solutions that enhance the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of utilities such as energy, water, and waste management.

Digitalization Support: We offer support for the digitalization of various industries within the environmental sector. Our services include helping clients adopt and implement digital technologies to streamline processes, enhance data management, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Prime Insights: How has the company succeeded in creating a sustainable image for itself in the industry?

SIEC’s trust-building strategy relies on technical expertise, staying continuously updated, and maintaining seamless communication with clients. This approach ensures that we deliver accurate, relevant solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.
At SIEC, each solution reflects an innovative approach, emphasizing heightened sustainability. For example, all our solutions incorporate cutting-edge technology, a reduced footprint, and energy-efficient smart plants equipped with IoT-enabled control and monitoring systems. This integration ensures not only environmental responsibility but also the optimization of operations for a more efficient and eco-friendly management process.
Even when it comes to our team, we have maven environmental consultants bringing to the table their extensive experiences. With their expertise, SIEC has been able to complete projects across various sectors, including energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, and natural resource management.

Prime Insights: What are the specific marketing strategies that the company has leveraged?

Currently, SIEC’s most effective marketing initiatives have centered around leveraging social media platforms, primarily LinkedIn, and email campaigns. These channels have proven successful in reaching and engaging with the target audience, allowing us to showcase our initiatives, offerings, and services.
Shortly, we are planning to implement more comprehensive marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and effectively promote our initiatives, offerings, and services. This will include targeted advertising, content marketing, partnerships with industry influencers, participation in trade shows and events, etc.

Prime Insights: What are the new categories that the company plans to roll out this year?

This year, we have taken a significant step forward by introducing a new category within our portfolio known as “SIEC Innotech.” This category has been strategically developed to provide dedicated support to industries and the evolving landscape of smart cities in their pursuit of achieving digitization goals.
SIEC Innotech is tailored to leverage SIEC’s innovative IoT (Internet of Things) design philosophies and cutting-edge software solutions. By integrating these advanced technologies, we aim to empower industries and smart cities with efficient, interconnected systems that enhance overall functionality and contribute to the broader objectives of digitization.

Prime Insights: Could you please highlight the plans connected with the brand?

As a recently established company, only a year into our journey, SIEC has ambitious plans for the upcoming years. Our primary focus is on growth, with a strategic emphasis on integrating sustainability with smart features. We aim to develop our Innotech division to spearhead innovation in sustainable technologies.
Looking ahead, SIEC plans to expand its global footprint by establishing offices overseas, particularly in the Southeast Asia and Middle East regions. While venturing into international markets, our commitment is to ensure that our India office is fortified to meet the escalating demand for innovative and sustainable projects.
In addition to geographical expansion, SIEC envisions broadening its scope by introducing new verticals under the brand. These verticals will center around the implementation and coaching of sustainability and environmental practices, further solidifying our position.

Prime Insights: On behalf of SIEC, what are the valuable pieces of advice that you would like to give young entrepreneurs?

To all the young entrepreneurs out there, my advice is simple: go for your dreams without holding back, no matter how big or small. Invest in yourself, learn, and gain experience, and success will come. Don’t be afraid to be different; that’s where innovation happens.
Focus on mastering communication skills and staying updated on the latest trends. Keep things straightforward. Be excellent at what you do, but make it easy to understand.
Remember, patience and perseverance are the keys to overcoming challenges along the way. The journey might have challenges, but stick to your passion, keep learning, and enjoy the ride.


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