Mr. Manu Khetan: A HR Technocrat Acknowledged for Providing SAP Success Factors Advisory and Implementation Services.


Rolling Arrays

When passion blends with innovation and surpasses the odds, the outcome is worth admiring. We found that these words truly hold the essence of today’s entrepreneurial story. From the domain of HR Technology Consulting, an emerging leader across the globe has fascinated us beyond the bars of our imagination. A Harvard Business alumni, Mr. Manu Khetan- CEO and Founder of Rolling Arrays is a seasoned player with more than 18 years of expertise in working with HR centric-processes, functions, and software. He started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2009 with his brand Rolling Arrays which holds a futuristic aspiration of automating HR Consulting services. Cherishing the opportunity to have a virtual interaction with the dignitary leader, our team had a bunch of questions created out of curiosity about his inspiring entrepreneurial journey so far. Left awestruck by the excellence of his words, we had no choice but to merrily feature his exemplary story under the segment “The Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch Globally 2023” on this platform.

Beginning the Legacy

Giving a little know-how about the company, Rolling Arrays is known for its indomitable SAP Success Factors Advisory and Implementation Services along with associated HR- Tech add-on software related to expense management and document management. The team leverages the established expertise of success factors and HR technology to provide these two softwares. The two lines of services provided at Rolling Arrays are Professional Service Business and Product Business.
Mr. Khetan started working in SAP before and until 2008 when he was handling a short-term, HR technology assignment for the largest oil company in Malaysia. He returned to Singapore in 2008 for handling another project, this time with Singapore Airlines. There he realized that the HR Technology Consulting space has a giant scope in Singapore. Born in a family with a business background he always had the conviction to start something of his own and 2009 was his year to fulfill that dream with SAP and HR tech. In 2014 the company was expanded to countries like Malaysia, UAE, Hong Kong, and India. The company recently celebrated its 10 years of association with SAP as one of its premium partners in Singapore.

Mr. Manu Khetan’s Mantras to Lead a Successful Entrepreneurial Journey

Mr. Khetan believes that as long as a person is enjoying the work he/she does and has a passion for things that evokes interest naturally, then the balance between the professional and personal fronts is certainly maintained. He also mentioned that his struggle story is not too dramatic and he faced a fair amount of challenges during his entire journey.
“Starting a business or becoming the CEO of an organization comes with heaps of responsibilities and you have to be ready for them. Me, I was eagerly waiting to experience those responsibilities and put in a lot of effort. That urge was my fuel for the first two years before the business started getting bigger. I only chased projects because I knew I can bring more to the table than my competitors. As a CEO or entrepreneur, your expectations for future success must be low but the index of hard work and dedication must be high” says Mr. Manu Khetan. For any company or an entrepreneur, the foremost obligation must be to think from the consumer’s perspective rather than seeing it as a chance to experiment with your idea. This aligns with Mr. Khetan’s ideology as he quotes, “Being obsessed with customer satisfaction will bring your more business as satisfied customers become your natural anchors or ambassadors. While solving a particular problem, think from the customer’s shoes.”

Rising from the Changing Market Trends

Learning more knowledge and upgrading the existing skillset is the powerful concoction that every business leader needs. When it comes to Rolling Arrays Mr. Khetan knows the importance of continuously learning about the latest technological trends. Of his high curiosity index, he ardently reads a lot about what’s happening in the world. He emphasizes developing the knowledge bank deeper and creating relevant out-of-the-box ideas for the business. The entire team of Rolling Arrays is at the forefront of gaining knowledge about the latest technological drifts, and combining them with HR technology and SAP to curate future-ready products for their consumers.

Empowering the Business Model with Research and Development

Rolling Arrays has optimized significantly with R&D. Under the shadow of the company’s resource management group, the company came up with AAA (Align, Automate and Adopt) methodology and ensures that the same is imbibed in every process methodology to escalate the potential of their services. Mr. Khetan particularly highlights that self-awareness amongst the leaders for research and development in both products and services plays an imperative role.

Impressive Work Culture

As one of Rolling Arrays’ main business lines is professional services and provided the whole concept is people-centric, the company abides by every possible action to ensure that the employees have a healthy work culture to work in. The mindset deployed by Mr. Khetan and the higher authorities of Rolling Arrays is that they think for their employees’ benefit before anything else. This “People First” strategy has enhanced the company’s employees’ overall professional skills. Mr. Khetan always listens to his employees’ necessities and changes companies’ policies for their best. He says, “If the employees are passionate enough about their jobs, then only customers can be made happier. Happy employees do better service to the customers. We regularly take their feedback and never miss a chance to show that we consciously care about them.”

Parting Words by the Luminary

Our Prime Insights team felt inspired more than we anticipated, by Mr. Manu Khetan’s passionate and value-driven personality. To spread a heartfelt note of motivation amongst readers, we asked him for some words of wisdom and he quoted,
“If you want to lead a fulfilled life, then you must know the recipe of mixing professional and personal life in correct proportions. Trust your passion and never doubt yourself. Surround yourself with resources and astute mentorship that carve a better version of you in some way or the other. As I discussed, having the right people in both personal and professional lives, being wise about people you follow on digital platforms, exercising your body, right nutrition, good sleep pattern, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the pillars of a happy life in general.”

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