Mr. Amit Sharma: An Ideological Trendsetter Reforming the Plumbing, Firefighting, and Construction Industries

The 10 Most Innovative Leaders Reforming Business in 2023

Mr. Amit Sharma | Sanitech Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

“India stands at the forefront of leaving an indelible mark upon the global business ecosystem, and we are ready to embrace every challenge to fulfill this collective dream!”

Having mentioned these lines as quoted by the stalwart entrepreneur Mr. Amit Sharma, Managing Director of Sanitech Engineers & Consultants Private Limited, Prime Insights, for its enthralling edition, “The 10 Most Innovative Leaders Reforming Business in 2023,” invited him for an informative conversation to delve deeper into his entrepreneurial story. Our editorial team has weaved the entire narrative based on the magnificent conversation and is equally excited to share the same with our readers.
Starting with a brief introduction of his company, Sanitech Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. renders designing, engineering, project execution, and consulting services in the domains of Plumbing Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Drainage Engineering, Fire Fighting Engineering, and Water Treatment Engineering amongst others. With a history of carving excellence under difficult conditions, Sanitech Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is the undoubted choice of esteemed businesses to execute their prestigious and challenging projects. The company deploys adequate manpower and resources that are essential to completing the project on time, followed by cost optimization and acknowledgeable levels of quality workmanship.

The Roots of Genesis

Mr. Amit Sharma, the Managing Director of Sanitech Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd., always had a desire to embrace entrepreneurship and deliver turnkey solutions with his immense dedication and passion. Hence, it was in 1995 that Mr. Amit Sharma started this company as a proprietorship concern called Sanitech Engineers and later renamed it as Sanitech Engineers & Consultants Private Limited. His vision behind this move towards entrepreneurship was to provide quality services in the fields of plumbing and firefighting.
With an absolute sense of commitment to outperform clients’ expectations and secure their trust, Mr. Amit Sharma took the first leap with the prestigious project of Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. He collaborated with many dignitary movie directors and producers to build fully equipped facilities for moviemaking, whether it be indoor or outdoor shootings. For the next two years, the company was engaged at Ramoji Film City, delivering a range of praiseworthy services to its clients.
As Sanitech Engineers & Consultants proved their mettle through consistently successful industry projects; recognition, growth, and applause followed naturally! It is worth mentioning that Sanitech Engineers & Consultants has garnered awards for its exceptional contribution to the completion of high-profile projects like:

  • The New Parliament Building (New Delhi)
  • Balasaheb Thackrey, Rashtriya Smarak (Mumbai)
  • Lucknow Police Bhavan
  • Supreme Court Additional Block (New Delhi)
  • Telangana CM House, Pragati Bhavan (Hyderabad)
  • Andhra Pradesh Interim Secretariat (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Amazon Data Centers (Hyderabad)
  • Microsoft Data Center (Hyderabad)
  • Tata Consultancy Services (Hyderabad)
  • Taj Ginger 5-Star Hotel (Mumbai)

Mr. Amit Sharma’s Mantras for Prioritizing Balance

Despite all his ambitious dreams to achieve and hefty work schedule, Mr. Amit Sharma has mastered the art of maintaining the perfect balance and drawing a fine line between his personal and professional fronts. He shared that the key mantra of leading a balanced life is to inculcate discipline in whatever we do. He advises that one should focus on completing one task at a time with full attention and discipline instead of jumping from one task to another. In addition to that, he also shared with us that his wife, Mrs. Nirja Sharma, who is also one of the Directors of Sanitech Engineers & Consultants, has always supported his decisions and shown faith in his vision, irrespective of what the times have been.

Facing Challenges Are Important to Bloom

“From my perspective, I believe that the only way we can keep getting better at what we do is by facing failures or setbacks. Everybody needs to struggle to strengthen their roots in a particular field, as there are no smooth roads. Being an entrepreneur, I have closely witnessed how competitive the market has become over the decades, yet our passion has kept us walking staunchly on our vision.
So what makes the difference is having an undeterred passion, which will push you harder and harder against the challenging waves. As a service provider, we are particular about incorporating the latest technological trends. Moving along with these tech-driven advancements helps to keep refurbishing our services. Quality, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction have been the cornerstones of our promises.”

Thoughts on Research and Development

When asked about his thoughts on the growing importance of Research and Development, Mr. Amit Sharma asserted that R&D is essential for the growth of any organization. In his ideology, not only is R&D the harbinger of innovation, but it is also an excellent way to keep a vigilant check on the organization’s internal processes. Conducting R&D across all hierarchies of the organization helps to know how efficiently the mechanism is performing and what areas need to be improved for the holistic empowerment of the workforce.
“I believe that maintenance and R&D run parallel to each other. R&D is just another aspect of maintenance, at least in the case of running a company. Because as time passes, you have to make major reforms in your system. Because as time passes and as the company keeps on growing, the requirements grow too, and then the functionality of the company also needs to be reformed. We cannot run the company on the same functionality that we used 10 years ago.”

Imprinting the Values of the Transcendent Leader: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Mr. Amit Sharma shared with us how the ethereal vision and values of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam have inspired him to the core of his heart. Let’s hear what he has to say;
“Speaking of my ideal personality, as time has passed, many people have been my ideals. In my childhood, it was my father, who was a police officer, whom I used to look up to with pride. But since I became an entrepreneur, only one personality has had a long-lasting impression on me, which wouldn’t ever wear off till my last breath, I think, is our former President, Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam. An iron-forged personality who kept himself wrapped up in simplicity will be the source of inspiration for centuries to come. His journey from the village of Rameswaram to establishing a universal flag of excellence has made the whole world look to him for his passion, determination, and hard work.

An Inclusive and Progressive Work Culture

I would like to share a quote that I believe in profoundly:

“The true definition of success or growth revolves around how you empower others to grow along with you.”

For Sanitech Engineers & Consultants, the workforce is our inestimable asset. Our success comes from their contentment and well-being. As I mentioned earlier, we extensively leverage research and development to analyze the functionality and reform it from time to time. We engage with the employees frequently on personal levels to know their concerns. We ensure that the work environment is such that employees have the agility to share their views, ideas, and opinions. Our team is our backbone; they understand our critical position in project execution, and our primary focus has always been to cultivate teamwork through swift collaborations.”

The Future Prospectus

“We are looking forward to making the company public limited for the stability of the company’s employees, associates, and stakeholders. They have served the company with full conviction and worked with us for years together. We must work for their progress because they are the driving force behind our company. We are also looking forward to expanding our CSR initiatives on a broader canvas. Through the CSR wing of Sanitech Engineers & Consultants, we regularly donate a certain amount to orphanages. In addition to that, we have also taken on the educational responsibilities of many girl students.”

Springing Back from the Adversities

To conclude the narrative on an invigorating note, we asked Mr. Amit Sharma to kindly quote a few words for our young leaders of tomorrow so that they can also imbibe positive lessons from his entrepreneurial advice. Here is what he has to say:
“Be it any stereotype coming your way, you have to look at nothing but your ultimate goal. Your hard work will take you to the heights of success. Just keep working hard and never doubt your abilities.”

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