Learner Circle: Carving Leaders of Tomorrow by Propagating the Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities and Enhancing Skillsets from Early Ages


Learner Circle

“Creating an environment where children grow beyond their academic numbers, where they learn to lead a fulfilled life while pursuing their extracurricular interests.”

Parents and guardians today recognize the importance of providing their children with a holistic learning environment. The term “holistic” is crucial here because we want the leaders of tomorrow to perceive the world through a diverse lens, empowering them to be proactive in pursuing their interests without hesitation. In an era marked by intense competition, and with the upcoming years showing no sign of easing up, the development of skill sets has gained significant attention. This emphasis is echoed not only by educators but also by our honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.
By now, our readers likely grasp that today’s discussion revolves around empowering these young minds through the dual forces of extracurricular activities and skills development.

Prime Insights is thrilled to showcase the inspiring story of Learner Circle, an innovative EdTech platform specializing in extracurricular and skill development classes for children. All their classes are conducted online and LIVE by expert tutors from diverse backgrounds. Learner Circle is on a mission to prepare children for a successful and fulfilling future by instilling essential future skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, and creativity. The organization is dedicated to crafting immersive courses that enable children to explore diverse possibilities, pursue their passions, and ultimately unlock their full potential.

Through the platform’s live online classes, Learner Circle endeavours to establish an engaging and interactive learning environment, fostering the development of crucial skills. This ensures that each child is well-equipped to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

In a recent interactive conversation, we had the privilege of speaking with the Co-Founding Trio of Learner Circle: G Shankar, Anuradha V, and Arun K. This dialogue delved into the inception of the company and what fueled their passionate commitment to nurturing the future of children. Every insightful detail gathered from this conversation has been carefully woven into the narrative we present to our readers.

The Driving Force Behind the Company’s Inception

Prior to establishing Learner Circle, the co-founders—Mr. Shankar, Ms. Anuradha V, and Mr. Arun K—had previously collaborated at Mr. Shankar’s previous startup, Spinircle India Pvt. Ltd., a digital marketing and growth hacking company. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Mr. Shankar, Ms. Anuradha V, and Mr. Arun K drew inspiration from the commendable efforts of the COVID Warriors. Motivated by this inspiration, they conceived the idea of initiating a mission that would profoundly empower society.

Channelling their efforts towards children confined at home, they launched an almost free program through Learner Circle, providing parents with a valuable alternative to TV, online videos, and OTT entertainment. This initiative aimed to deliver an enjoyable learning experience, offering parents respite while engaging children in active learning.

In 2021, as the trio contemplated returning to their regular work schedules, the parents associated with Learner Circle passionately urged them to continue their services, with many expressing a willingness to pay upfront for these offerings.

Remarkably, a significant number of these parents were Indians residing abroad. This pivotal moment prompted Learner Circle to undergo a transformative phase, refining its focus on top courses and crafting a curated curriculum centered on milestone-based learning.

Today, Learner Circle proudly serves a global community of eager learners who have identified their passions and are pursuing them with unwavering dedication. The founders firmly believe in recognizing and nurturing each child’s unique talents and aspirations with a sense of gravity. Acknowledging the proverbial wisdom that “it takes a village to raise a child,” the founders also deeply understand the crucial roles parents and schools play in imparting essential life skills and education. Nonetheless, Learner Circle acknowledges that certain areas benefit significantly from the expert guidance of industry professionals, helping children identify and pursue their passion areas.

learner circleSecuring the Trust and Interests of Learners

Tailored Learning, Unleashing Unique Potential: Learner Circle is dedicated to recommending skill sets that align seamlessly with a student’s age, understanding, and interests. Their team passionately provides guidance to parents, ensuring each child explores fields that not only match their passion but also unlock their full potential.

Empowering Tutors, Working together: They believe in unshakeable connections with tutors, treating them with the respect they deserve. In this supportive environment, tutors thrive, delivering an unmatched educational experience that propels learners towards success.

Comprehensive Support for Parents: Learner Circle goes beyond conventional education services. Their offerings include in-depth subject exploration, daily class updates, regular progress reports, and frequent Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs). They keep parents informed and engaged at every step of the educational journey.

Transparency: For Learner Circle, transparency is the cornerstone of their dealings. The entire team upholds a commitment to the company’s corporate values.

For all the courses, specific outcomes have been defined. For instance, chess students are poised to participate in FIDE games, working towards achieving their FIDE ratings. Meanwhile, performing arts students have not only successfully cleared the Trinity London exams but have also done so with distinction. Similarly, Bharatanatyam students are celebrating their Salangai Poojai and gracing the stage with their performances.

“These achievements, among others, fill our hearts with pride and contentment as learners excel on international platforms, showcasing the immense potential rooted in Indian traditions.”

The Experiential Courses

Learner Circle offers a diverse range of courses, spanning Communication, Analytical Skills, and the Arts. Within the Communication category, learners can select from a variety of Foreign and Indian regional language courses, including French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and more.

Additionally, Learner Circle provides meticulously curated and essential courses such as Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Fiction Writing, and Cultural Immersion through language.
Regular events hosted by Learner Circle, such as the Quiz Premier League, Chess Premier League, and Sound of Music, serve as platforms for students to showcase their talents. Through these courses and events, children gain multi- dimensional and practical learning experiences, shaping their personalities in the right direction.

Leading the Path with Ardent Commitment

For over three years, Learner Circle has been a guiding force in the development of students. The remarkable tutors, student- centric curriculum, and a consistent customer care process have become invaluable assets for the country. The focus has been on guiding students along a path they genuinely enjoy.

Over time, Learner Circle has earned a reputation as an organization that parents look up to as a well-wisher, consistently doing what is right for the bright future of their children. The core values of Learner Circle, centered on the belief that there is something unique in each child, underscore the team’s fundamental responsibility to motivate children to pursue their aspirations.

Learner CircleConcluding Words from the Founders’ Desks

Prime Insights applauds the vision and mission of Learner Circle and wishes that the organization continues to nurture an increasing number of children with its noble agenda. Witnessing leaders such as Mr. G Shankar, Ms. Anuradha V, and Mr. Arun K step forward to create a generation of empowered individuals is truly an overwhelming experience. To wrap up this narrative, we invited the dignitaries to share a few words of wisdom for our readers, inspiring them on the path of hard work. Here is what they expressed:

“We firmly believe in uncovering and refining the unique talents inherent in every child. Through our unwavering dedication, we are forging a platform where these budding minds not only have the opportunity to explore a diverse array of skills but also to nurture hobbies that align with their dreams. In a world where children are increasingly drawn to gadgets and online entertainment platforms at an early age, our courses play a pivotal role in fostering curiosity and creativity. We recognize the importance of preparing children for the future, transforming them into the creators of tomorrow.
Our commitment extends far beyond conventional education, and Learner Circle is steadfast on the chosen path of instilling enduring values in the lives of children. We envision a future where every child emerges not just educated but equipped with the skills and mindset necessary to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

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