NOVELTECH FEEDS PVT. LTD: Providing High-Quality Animal Feed Without Compromising On Ethics



“To develop a powerful animal nutrition ecosystem which contributes to a protein positive India”.

“We will support our partners with consistent delivery of high-quality products and superior farm services, using the latest technology to grow and prosper together”.

The poultry and cattle feed industry has been growing steadily from the past few years due to the rise in demand for milk and other poultry products. India is now the largest producer of milk and huge exporter of the poultry products; all this has led to the increase in the demand for cattle and poultry feed.
The Indian cattle feed industry is growing more than 6% per year which makes it one of the most lucrative industries which are not much explored. It is also about producing ethical & efficiently sourced with high in quality feed for the better health of the livestock.
We at Prime Insights are delighted to interview Dr. Sandeep Karkhanis, Managing Director of India’s one of the largest commercial poultry feed players (layer & broiler) with 26 manufacturing units across the country – Noveltech Feeds. We are enamoured to present Noveltech Feeds under the edition of “10 Most Innovative Companies Creating Waves in the Business World 2024”. Noveltech was incorporated in 2018 and is known for upholding these standards of ethics in the feed industry.
After having a compulsive conversion with Dr. Sandeep Karkhanis, Managing Director of Noveltech Feeds, we found out so many interesting things about their business, journey and much more.

Prime insights: What ignited the inception of Noveltech?

Noveltech began with a profound realization: the crucial link between the food (animal protein) consumed and the quality of feed that nourishes the animals producing it. In a world where the importance of wholesome nutrition is often overlooked, they felt a deep-seated need to champion a shift towards conscientious food production.
From the outset in 2018, their mission has been clear: to redefine standards in animal feed production, starting from the heart of India’s agricultural landscape. Which began as a humble dream to empower farmers soon flourished into a testament of unwavering dedication, fuelled by our relentless pursuit of excellence.
But their journey wasn’t solitary. Along the way, they were fortunate to be joined by visionary partners who not only shared their passion but also believed in the transformative potential of their mission. Together, they embarked on a path of strategic growth, marked by pivotal acquisitions that broadened the horizons and fortified our capabilities.
The integration of Rohini Minerals, Nutrikraft India, and Neogenetics Feeds was a watershed moment for them, giving rise to a unified force: Noveltech Feeds. This consolidation didn’t just bring together expertise and resources; it fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation that continues to propel us forward.
Their story is one of passion, dedication, and relentless progress.

Prime insights: What were the primary obstacles encountered during the formative stages of Noveltech?

In our early days, like many ventures, Noveltech encountered a host of challenges that tested their resolve and resourcefulness One of the foremost hurdles was establishing credibility in a market, saturated with established players. Convincing customers to trust in their fledgling brand required diligent efforts in demonstrating the superiority of their products through rigorous testing and transparent communication.
From sourcing raw materials to distribution logistics, every step of the process required meticulous attention to detail for maintaining quality and reliability.
Moreover, COVID-19 pandemic posed an unprecedented challenge for our company. Due to the disruptions in the global supply chain, restrictions on movement, and shifts in consumer behaviour all contributed to uncertainty and volatility in the market. However, they swiftly adapted their operations, implementing robust safety measures to protect their workforce and ensuring continuity in production and distribution.
Despite these challenges, their determination to surmount each obstacle and their unwavering belief in the transformative potential of the mission propelled them forward. Each challenge was met with resilience, creativity, and a steadfast Commitment. Laying the foundation for continued growth and success.

Prime insights: What range of products does Noveltech offer in the market currently?

Noveltech, offer high-quality poultry feed, cattle feed, and also operate in the solvent extraction business. Their feed solutions are tailored for optimal animal health and performance. While their solvent extraction facilities provide essential ingredients for feed formulations.

Prime insights: How do you see the evolution of consumers’ trust towards Noveltech’s growth?

They have observed a noticeable evolution in consumer trust towards brands. Brands that prioritize honesty, ethical practices, and genuine customer value are earning greater trust and loyalty from discerning consumers. However, building and maintaining trust remains a dynamic challenge in an era shaped by rapid information dissemination and heightened scrutiny. Noveltech, made their mark by prioritizing excellence, innovation, and customer-centricity. Their premium-quality products and holistic solutions earned them trust and loyalty from customers.

Prime insights: Will Noveltech introduce any ground-breaking new categories or notable changes to its product line-up within the upcoming year?

They have relaunched their cattle feed division this year. The cattle feed business is driven by several key factors. Over the past five years, they have witnessed remarkable success in the poultry feed sector, establishing themselves as a trusted and recognized names. This experience has given them valuable insights into the feed industry. We recognize the vast untapped potential in the cattle feed market.India ranks First in Milk production in the world contributing 24% of global milk production. India is one of the largest, fastest growing cattle feed markets in the world, and still there is a huge gap between requirement and potential, thus creating a huge opportunity for cattle feed formulators and manufacturers.
While their poultry feed business has flourished nationwide, we recognize that there is room for expansion in the cattle feed market. Leveraging their existing infrastructure and customer relationships in these regions provides a competitive advantage They aim to bring fresh perspectives, innovation, ultimately benefiting customers.

Prime insights: How can you describe your entrepreneurial journey?

Dr. Sandeep Karkhanis journey as an entrepreneur has been defined by a passion for innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Over his 36+ years of immersion in the Animal Health & Nutrition industry, holding pivotal roles such as CEO, MD, Country Manager, and Head of Animal Health, each step has been a learning experience, contributing to the growth and success of his company. He has navigated challenges, capitalized on opportunities, and cultivated a deep understanding of the industry landscape. With each role, he has honed his leadership skills and fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation within his organization.

Prime insights: How well are the clients connected with Noveltech?

Clients are deeply connected with the company by fostering a relationship built on
trust, transparency, and mutual benefit. Through various channels such as after sales service, technical programs, personalized support, regular communication, and tailored solutions, ensure that their clients feel heard, valued, and supported at every step of the way. This strong connection enables them to understand the evolving needs and consistently deliver solutions that exceed the expectations.

Prime insights: Before we wrap up, what piece of advice will you provide for the young entrepreneurs?

Cultivate resilience and embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. Stay committed to the vision, but remain adaptable and open to feedback. Surround oneself with a supportive network of mentors and peers who can offer guidance and perspective. And, most importantly never lose sight of the passion and purpose – let it drive an individual forward, even in the face of adversity.

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