Oculosense Pvt. Ltd: The AI-Enabled Confidant for Visually Impaired People and Non-Attentive Pedestrians


Oculosense Pvt. Ltd.

As per the given data by the National Programme for Control of Blindness and Visual Impairment (NPCBVI), our country currently has approximately 15,00,31,159 patients with visual impairment. There is an inevitable necessity for our young Indian leaders to take charge of these worrying numbers and come up with tech-driven solutions to the obstacles faced by visually impaired people. The ray of hope has been perpetuated by Drishti, the in-house creation of Oculosense Private Limited. Drishti is a compact and user-friendly creation that resolves all navigation problems using obstacle-tech-driven sensors, which increase accuracy by multiple folds. In a conversation with the founders of Oculosense Private Limited, Mr. Rishabh Dhenkawat and Mr. Uttkarsh Chaurasia, our editorial team explored the length and breadth of the company’s inspiring journey so far.

Question 1: Please tell us about the motivation that led you to start Oculosense.

Oculosense Private Limited was started with the earnest goal of empowering visually impaired individuals to live life independently. Since its inception, the radar’s reach has always been global. We have consistently pushed the boundaries of technological innovation, particularly through the development of smart glasses employing artificial intelligence in practicality. This pioneering approach enables blind individuals to navigate highways seamlessly, mitigating the risk of collisions and opening up new avenues of mobility.

Question 2: What are the values, vision, and mission of a startup?

Oculosense Private Limited launched its product, “Drishti,” which stands as a torchbearer of innovation backed by a set of core values that not only leverage ground-breaking technological advancement but also an unwavering commitment to empathy and inclusivity. The company’s vision extends beyond creating products; it aspires to empower visually impaired individuals. We are using our efforts to imbibe a sense of independence and confidence in these beautiful souls. Drishti’s mission centers around the creation of devices that not only assist but also elevate the overall well-being of their users.

Question 3: Please tell our audience about the eminent features of Drishti Smart Glasses.

So Dhrishti’s product portfolio encompasses a myriad of features integrated into the revolutionary Drishti Smart Glasses. These glasses serve as more than just assistive devices; they act as magical companions for the visually impaired. The features include obstacle avoidance, OCR for text recognition, scene description, navigation assistance, facial recognition, and a host of other functionalities, making daily tasks more accessible and easier.

Question 4: What were the major challenges you faced while starting and building your brainchild?

Venturing into the business realm presented multifaceted challenges. The development of cutting-edge technology, validation of the market need, and the establishment of trust with potential users were among the primary hurdles. Drishti overcame these challenges through a combination of innovative solutions, extensive customer analysis, and actively participating in renowned competitions, effectively showcasing the transformative potential of its products.
The COVID-19 pandemic brought us many topsy-turvy situations, which heavily impacted our operational dynamics. However, Drishti swiftly adapted to these circumstances by implementing remote work protocols and fostering open communication channels. Exploring virtual avenues for customer engagement ensured the seamless provision of services and support despite the global disruptions.

Question 5: What is the current industrial scenario of the industry you are catering to?

The assistive technology industry is currently experiencing a great surge in growth and is garnering a collective focus on creating inclusive solutions for people with disabilities. Drishti finds itself positioned within a landscape where the demand for innovative products catering to the visually impaired is on a steady rise. This is another positive signal for companies committed to transformative solutions like Drishti.

Question 6: Where do you envision your company to be in the long run, and what are your future goals?

Drishti has a long-term vision of becoming a global leader in assistive technology. The company aims to continually innovate, expanding its product offerings, increasing accessibility, and collaborating with organizations to contribute to the cause. Our future goals include solidifying the company’s position as a transformative force in the field. Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Drishti envisions an expansion of its product line, continuous improvement of existing features, and exploration of new markets. Strategic partnerships, heightened marketing efforts, and a sustained focus on user feedback will form the bedrock of the company’s endeavors to scale operations on a global scale.

Question 7: What strategies are used by the company to ensure consumer satisfaction and optimal efficiency?

We have always placed a paramount emphasis on customer satisfaction. It is a mandate for us to regularly incorporate their unfiltered feedback into product updates. Because we are contributing more than just tech-enabled products, the company ensures optimal efficiency through continuous improvement, active user engagement, and a steadfast commitment to providing transparent and reliable customer support. Clients appreciate Drishti’s unwavering commitment to innovation, empathy, and inclusivity. The company’s dedication to creating meaningful solutions, transparent communication, and a user-centric approach builds a foundation of trust and loyalty among its clientele.

Question 8: Since your business venture predominantly uses emerging technologies like AI, what is your take on the future of these technologies?

Drishti fully embraces emerging technologies as catalysts for ongoing improvement. Automation and AI play pivotal roles in refining features, enhancing user experiences, and ensuring that Drishti remains at the forefront of assistive technology advancements. The company actively aligns its operations with these transformative tools to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Question 9: Describe the experiences, achievements, or lessons learned that have shaped the journey of the company.

Key experiences include the validation gained through winning prestigious competitions, securing vital product development funds, and successfully delivering devices to customers. These achievements not only served as milestones but also offered invaluable insights into market dynamics, user preferences, and the profound impact of technology on the lives of the visually impaired community.

Question 10: What are the few important pieces of advice you would like for budding aspirants who are willing to enter the business world?

To all the aspiring entrepreneurs, we would like you all to know that we can create an all-inclusive feature by using innovation fervently. You will be facing challenges along the way, so exhibiting resilience is indispensable. Learn from failures, actively seek mentorship, and foster a collaborative culture within the team. Passion should be the driving force behind the commitment to making a positive impact through business endeavours, marking the journey towards success.

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