Top 10 Healthcare Magazines for Medical Professionals

Top 10 Healthcare Magazines for Medical Professionals

Healthcare magazines are the ones that focus on human health. These magazines usually publish articles on developments in medical research technology, improvements in medical medicine, and the healthcare achievements of professional medical personnel.

There are many health care magazines available for medical professionals. We have created a list of 10 healthcare magazines that will be most suitable for medical professionals.

Top 10 healthcare magazines

Healthcare MagazinesCancer cell journal

Cancer Cell Journal is a monthly healthcare magazine that was first published on February 1, 2002. It is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that promotes articles based on cancer research. It is a manuscript aimed at answering various questions related to naturally occurring cancers. This magazine is one of the top 10 healthcare magazines worldwide.

Once an article is submitted to the cancer cell journals, the advisory board members, who are professional experts in this field, evaluate the accuracy of the content within the first 5 to 7 days. After that, the article is again reviewed by 3–4 experts for their input, and once the manuscript is approved, it is then published in the cancer cell journal.

Healthcare MagazinesHealthcare Global Magazine

Next on our list of the top 10 health care magazines is Healthcare Global Magazine. It stands out because it is specifically designed to keep professionals informed with the latest news. It offers meaningful insights via news updates, articles, and other knowledgeable content. It is a quick way for those seeking to stay updated about developments related to the healthcare sector. It is a health-care-centric magazine that is highly popular among its users. Its feature articles are based on health, wellness, lifestyle, physiotherapy, biomedical equipment, global health, and modern breakthroughs. Its comprehensive research makes it reliable and efficient.

The Lancet Journal

The Lancet journal has been publishing top-of-the-line scientific medical research for the last almost 200 years. The Lancet magazine is published by Elsevier. When articles on clinical trials and research papers related to the medical world are submitted, there is an extensive review process that those articles go through to ensure originality. Articles submitted must be written in English and strictly follow the content formatting guidelines. The Lancet Journal has rightfully taken its place in the third position in the top 10 health care magazines.

Journal of Clinical Oncology

The next magazine to be on our list is the Journal of Clinical Oncology. It is a leading magazine that publishes three times per month and has over 75,000 institutional subscribers. It is a peer-reviewed medical magazine that publishes research on all aspects of clinical oncology.


Then in our top 10 healthcare magazines list is PubMed, which is associated with the US National Library of Medicine. Articles published in PubMed are peer-reviewed, well-researched, and authenticated. They specifically format their articles to provide their readers with high-quality, insightful data. They are mostly read by doctors, as they provide them with medical insight about new procedures and other medical topics that help them expand their knowledge.

The American Scholar

The magazine to be placed sixth on our list is The American Scholar. It is a quarterly magazine published by the Phi Beta Kappa Society, which was established in 1932. It publishes articles related to science and development, public affairs, culture, technological advancement, research on disease, etc. The American Scholar magazine has won 14 National Magazine Awards for its general excellence in the articles published. It was first known as an orientation delivered, and eventually the name was changed to American Scholar to make it more recognizable.

The British Medical Journal

The British Medical Journal is a weekly journal that was first published on October 3, 1840. It is published by BMG Publishing Group Limited. The British Medical Journal is on our list of the top 10 healthcare magazines, as they promote only evidence-based research and clinical reviews. This magazine is widely popular in Britain and worldwide.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today was first published in 1967 by Nicolas Charney. The magazine’s goal is to provide content that is dedicated to the psychology of human behavior and was created by experts in the field of psychology. It is currently being published by Sussex Publishers. It mostly promotes articles on recent developments, enhancement of mental health, and interaction of mind and body.


Medscape was first published in 1995. Medscape is a high-grade medical world knowledge platform. This magazine has received acknowledgement from many physicians and is well liked by its readers. Medscape is known for its peer-reviewed medical information, which is of high quality. It is rightly placed in our list of the top 10 healthcare magazines for its authentic articles that are peer reviewed.

Healthcare MagazinesJournal of the American Medical Association.

The final magazine to be on our list is the Journal of the American Medical Association, commonly known as JAMA. It is published 48 times a  year by the American Medical Association. It was founded by Nathan Smith Davis in 1883. Articles submitted to JAMA should contain 3,000 words with a minimum of five tables or figures, as well as follow the formatting guidelines of JAMA, for them to be published.


The above top 10 healthcare magazines are not only for medical professionals but also for anyone who wants to be updated regarding the medical world. These magazines give a comprehensive outline of the healthcare industry in the medical world, from pharmaceutical advancement to research and development, from diseases to their treatment to global health and biomedical equipment, etc.

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