Octanom Tech Pvt. Ltd: An Eminent Leader Committed to Reducing India’s Investment Losses with a Sequential Approach


Octanom Tech Pvt. Ltd.

“Trading is the space where it is just you and your intellect charting the paath for excellence”

Having an ardent inclination towards financial markets, Mr. Rahul Ghose, Founder and CEO at Octanom Tech Private Limited, started experimenting with the markets at the mere age of 17. During his academic days, he utilized his free time to learn and practice the exercises of trading. Imbibing passion from his inclination, he knew the financial markets were his favourite playground.

He also understood that trading and investment are quite a misunderstood field where people don’t have the essential knowledge about its potential. While laying the foundation of Octanom Tech, his ultimate vision was to unveil the lucrative potential of trading and bring this field to every retailer in India and across the globe. Octanom Tech is all set on the mission to revolutionize the three biggest problems inherent in the financial markets space, which Mr. Rahul Ghose explained further during the conversation.

Octanom Tech is proud to be the only established platform in India that specializes in the ‘Hedged Style’ of investing and trading. ‘Hedged’ is a risk management strategy employed to offset losses. While conceptualizing our platform, we looked at three major points.

  • Every report in India says that almost 90% of people lose money in the financial markets. Most of these losses come to people with smaller capital sizes. The lack of know-how and the ocean of misinformation in this field did not help.
  • Every investment instrument in India is ‘long-only’ in nature. Be it mutual funds, ETFs, direct stocks, PMSs, etc.
  • There is nobody and no platform that cares about the people who are already losing money in this space. No product caters to this genre. Hence, Octanom takes center stage to reduce these losses. We want to leave a remarkable legacy to be known as the company that made the largest difference to the outcomes of people in the financial markets space, which also resonates with our mission, Reducing India’s Investment Losses, One Hedge at a Time.”

Crossing the Bridges of Challenges to Reach the Opulent End

Even though Octanom Tech achieved the goal of becoming a 50-crore enterprise in just 18 months, there were times when Mr. Rahul Ghose had a negligible bank balance to continue the company’s operations. Tech issues went wrong, and the team had to stay awake for nights to fix them. Taking challenges as the essential part and parcel of a start-up ecosystem, Octanom Tech continued walking on its path along with its vision and values.

Acquiring customers without burning through marketing dollars was one of the company’s most prominent occlusions. However, the company’s unique customer acquisition model and marketing engine brought 3X revenue in comparison to the money that was spent on marketing within the first 10 months of its inception.

Octanom Tech

Hedged: India’s first platform for the Hedged style of Investing and Trading

Octanom Tech’s brainchild, Hedged, offers its users a unique hedged investing experience called “Simply Hedged Funds” – A ‘Simply Hedged’ Fund is a basket of stocks with a built-in derivative hedge. Most people are not able to even get the same returns as the benchmark indices because they don’t stay invested through different market cycles. One of the largest reasons why people don’t even get the same returns that most mutual funds have or give is because they tend to pull their money out when there are market downturns. They get scared and impatient when they see red on the screen. ‘Simply Hedged’ Fund solves this problem, and what’s cool about it is that it takes only 5 minutes a month to manage this fund, just like you would be managing your mutual fund!

The second feature of the portal is the “Low-risk Options Hedges” that the platform’s technology gives out. These are associated with feeble risks to ensure that the retail trader feels safe and protected while entering the field of trading.

The third feature is India’s first market crash system. This is the only predictive tool of its kind and is designed to forecast the onset of a crash or an up-move before it happens. All the products and technology offered on Hedged have one common goal: to make sure that the small traders and investors in India don’t feel scared to enter the markets and can trade and invest without fearing big losses or market downturns.

Establishing Paradigms of Customer Satisfaction and Optimal Efficacy

At Octanom Tech, a tripod approach is followed for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

  • From a value standpoint, everything on the Hedged platform is low-risk. The team’s priority is to protect the customer in this financial jungle and then look for alpha for him . The platform’s unique machine learning systems prompt low-risk, low-reward strategies free of charge every day. The free element gives the users a chance to try out products at no cost and experience them first. This approach has also acted as a marketing engine for Hedged and has helped to strengthen the element of trust with the customers.
  • Secondly, Hedged’s products have garnered the highest success rates as compared to the other 16 platforms or portals in the country, which directly resonates with the platform’s quality of services, making it easier for customers to choose, experience, and trust.
  • Furthermore, the team at Hedged provides an instant query-response system to its premium users. As trading and investing can be a fast-paced game, Hedged prioritizes the priorities of its customers and equips them with inclusive assistance as per their convenience. This helps ease nerves in the harsh trading field.

Professional Mantras Cementing an Unshakeable Rapport

Octanom Tech wholeheartedly places integrity at its core. The company envisions its success in empowering people to navigate through the risks and delve deeper into the trading world. For the entire team, carefully nurturing the trust of the customers is the only key to long-term growth. For this, Octanom Tech pours all its gratitude to its strong background team and prominent personalities behind the stage, aligning the chords with their expertise.

Further, giving customers a free first-hand experience of its products has significantly worked for Octanom Tech. All the results on the Hedged platform are audited by a third-party company. This keeps the users updated about the results. Having an instant response system for all the premium users has also brought bundles of appreciation for the company.

Octanom Tech

Leveraging the AI Revolution

Octanom Tech is at the forefront of the tech revolution happening in the trading space. Under the capable leadership of its CTO, Mr. Shiv Kumar Puppala, all the products that Octanom Tech has introduced are the first of their kind in India. After having a customer-first approach, the company’s second pillar to scale is with the support of technology. The important part here is that Octanom Tech has worked extensively on technology to curate dignified problem-solving approaches.

Elaborating further, Mr. Shiv Kumar Pupalla says, “A problem, if not solved, has a big enough negative repercussion. In fact, to give you an example, we are the only company currently with the most advanced trend and market crash system in India. Available to premium users, this machine learning system has an accuracy of 78% in predicting trends over the last 22 years.

What Does the Road Ahead Look Like?

Octanom Tech along with its brainchild Hedged manifests to reduce more than a billion dollars in global investment losses over the next decade. The company wants to be remembered as the company that made the largest difference to the outcome of people in the financial market space through unique tech and products. Coming to the product pipeline, Octanom Tech is working dedicatedly to introduce India’s first alternative to ‘trading view’, super soon.

“We want to empower every small trader and investor with the right know-how so that he/she is armed and protected against big losses. Although India remains in the core of what we are doing, we plan to launch in the states, Canada, and the UK over the next years.

We are your ammunition to offset losses! The world can throw whatever it wants at you, recessions, market crashes, volatility – We will always ensure that our technology is ten steps ahead of the curve so that we not only hear it coming, but can say that we saw you from a mile away!” says the Founder and CEO Mr. Rahul Ghose.

A Knowledgable Bouquet of Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

It was a delightful opportunity for Prime Insights to interact with Mr. Rahul Ghose and put forward his inspiring entrepreneurial journey before our global readership panel. The industry in which the leader has been working is mired with skepticism, yet he has managed to establish a place for himself with his knowledge, intuitive leadership, corporate ethics, and optimism. His story is a magnificent example for the youth to explore the lucrative world of trading and financial markets with Hedged as their ultimate partner. To conclude the read, we asked Mr. Rahul Ghose to quote a few words of enlightenment for our readers and motivate them to keep thriving for their ambitions.

“If you have a good idea for a business, it means absolutely nothing if you don’t believe in the power of execution. Execution is everything. Also, I think one of the biggest mistakes leaders and founders make today is trying to do everything themselves. They feel that they would do it the best and hence fail to delegate. Delegation is one of the three most important skills for a good leader. And the third piece of advice I would want to give business aspirants, especially in the startup world, is: don’t let funding dictate the way in which you run or scale your business. You need to have enough runway and frugality to make a mark, as well as not run out of runway. There is a very thin line that separates the two, which only you, as a founder, can draw and separate.”

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