Tutorac: Revolutionizing Global IT Education, A Journey of Innovation with Mr. Vinay Ratnapu

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A shepherd in Mongolia looks after his flock by day, but by night, he’s learning to code online. Across the globe, a retired grandmother in Argentina uses online courses to learn French—a dream she never thought possible in her youth. These are just two glimpses into the transformative power of online education, which has shattered geographical barriers and made learning more accessible than ever before.
In 2000, a mere 1.6 million students were enrolled in online courses. Fast forward to today, and that number has skyrocketed to over 200 million, a staggering 12,500% increase! This explosive growth speaks volumes about the transformative power of online education.
Amidst this digital revolution stands Tutorac, a global marketplace reshaping online education. Led by visionary Mr. Vinay Ratnapu, Tutorac bridges barriers, connecting learners with expert IT tutors.
Tutorac connects students with live IT trainers worldwide, offering a diverse range of IT courses. Students browse a diverse pool of tutors, ensuring they find the ideal fit for their specific learning needs and goals. Once connected, students and tutors can discuss requirements and embark on a personalized IT training journey.
Tutorac’s story is one of pioneering spirit. In our upcoming feature, The 20 Most Trustworthy Companies to Watch in 2024,” we’ll delve into the journey of Tutorac and its founder, Mr. Vinay Ratnapu, uncovering tales of resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of knowledge. This isn’t just an interview; it’s an opportunity to glean valuable lessons and insights from a true education innovator, a man who’s helping bridge the global learning gap. Stay tuned for an epic adventure in education and entrepreneurship!

Prime Insights- What inspired you to create Tutorac, and how does it differ from other learning platforms?

The inspiration came from the lack of platforms connecting IT tutors directly with students. As a software developer, while working in the USA, I noticed a gap in IT training platforms. We wanted to upskill our IT staff but couldn’t find a platform, and the existing options lacked customization. Thus, I founded Tutorac to provide a global marketplace connecting IT tutors with learners, providing personalized learning experiences for individual needs.

Prime Insights: Who is Tutorac’s ideal learner?

Our ideal learners are anyone interested in learning IT courses, whether they’re graduates, professionals, or career changers. Our platform connects them with IT tutors to kickstart their journey and advance their skills.

Prime Insights: Can you outline the range of services provided to both tutors and students on Tutorac?

Tutorac goes beyond just connecting learners and tutors. We have a wide range of IT courses to meet various skill levels and interests. Students can enroll in courses, attend live lectures within our platform (no need for Zoom!), and access recordings for review. Tutors have robust infrastructure and powerful tools to track student progress, see attendance reports, and gain valuable insights.

Prime Insights: What sets Tutorac apart from other platforms?

We’ve built a complete learning management system (LMS) right into our platform. This means students can learn everything within Tutorac, from attending live lectures to accessing recordings. Plus, we offer robust security features. Student payments are held in escrow until the tutor completes the course curriculum, ensuring payment security by releasing funds only upon completion of the confirmed curriculum.

Prime Insights: What is Tutorac’s vision for the future of online education?

Our vision is to make IT learning accessible to all, regardless of their location or background. We aim to reach students from even a remote village to simplify the learning process and make it enjoyable.

Prime Insights- What were the challenges you faced during the inception of Tutorac?

One initial challenge for Tutorac was getting the best tutors. We tackled this through targeted marketing campaigns. Tax compliance across multiple countries was another hurdle, but we’ve resolved it. Now, Tutorac seamlessly connects tutors and learners globally, accepting payments in both rupees (India) and USD (globally).

Prime Insights: How do tutors join Tutorac and set their rates?

Tutors undergo rigorous screening and must meet the minimum experience criteria to join. They can set their rates based on their expertise and experience. We are not trying to come up with a larger number of trainers, but with the best ones in the IT field.

Prime Insights: How does Tutorac handle feedback and reviews from students and tutors?

Tutorac has a feedback mechanism where students and tutors can rate each other, helping to build credibility and improve services. And it would be very helpful for the upcoming set of students who are trying to reach out to the tutors. And that’s how the creditability and profile of each and every tutor will be built accordingly.

Prime Insights- Are there any upcoming expansions or new features planned for Tutorac?

Currently, we’re laser-focused on bringing top-notch individual tutors onto Tutorac. But that’s just the first step! In six months, we’ll be welcoming training agencies and expanding globally to offer our services to learners in more countries.
By creating accounts on Tutorac, they can showcase their talented tutors to a global audience. Think of us as a platform to expand their reach and connect with new students worldwide.

Prime Insights: What is the learner’s appreciation ratio for tutorack as a platform?

We’ve successfully conducted and completed approximately 250 training sessions within just one month. This demonstrates our learners’ high appreciation ratio. Learners have been happy with the platform’s ease of use and the quality of tutors, appreciating the comprehensive learning experience.

Prime Insights: How does Tutorac establish trust among its users?

Building trust is paramount at Tutorac. Our platform allows students to pay progressively based on course completion, unlike other competitors. For example, if a student completes 30% of the course and is not satisfied with it, the student will be entitled to receive 70% of the funds back.
Our secure payment mechanism and refund policy based on course completion ensure that both students and tutors feel secure throughout the learning journey.

Prime Insights: Can you share your journey as an entrepreneur and your role in the future of online education?

I completed my Masters in Computer Science from the University of North Virginia and Business from Sullivan University, USA. As an entrepreneur, I’ve combined my IT background with my passion for education to create Tutorac, aiming to revolutionize online learning in the IT sector.

Prime Insights: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs entering the online education sector?

Identify the pain points of students and tutors and focus on filling those gaps to succeed in the competitive online education market. Stick to your goals and try to improve the product on a day-to-day basis.

Prime Insights: What is the role of R&D in a Tutorac’s journey?

For the past four years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to research and development. We listen to what learners and tutors need in IT training and work hard to solve their problems. This ensures everyone has a great learning experience with us.

TutoracPrime Insights: What are Tutorac’s goals for the upcoming years?

Our goals include onboarding more top IT tutors, attracting a larger student base to our platform, and expanding our global reach and course offerings. From 2020–25, we want to onboard a minimum of 5000 top IT tutors; that is the first milestone in the target that we have kept, and we also want to make sure that around 50K of the students utilize our platform. And we want to expand our wings globally to IT-based countries like Singapore, Australia, etc.

Prime Insights: Share about Tutorac’s mission to revolutionize online education in the coming years.

Tutorac aims to provide not just a platform for finding tutors but a comprehensive learning experience where students can explore and experience top-quality IT courses with live training programs to bridge the skill gap.

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