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Mr. Jay Doshi | Finexic Consultancy Services and Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

Investment banking is a highly dynamic industry that is evolving at an exponential rate. In recent years, businesses have diverted from conventional banking services such as mergers and acquisitions to much more evolved banking products such as digital investments, luxury asset management, and even impact investing.
Investment banking has also shaken hands with technologies like artificial intelligence, and companies are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance their capabilities. A very good example is banks experimenting with new technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency to provide an improved product offering, unshakeable security standards, and to remain competitive within the industry. Additionally, banks are now pursuing more green initiatives, such as ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing, to appeal to a new generation of socially conscious consumers. As the investment banking industry continues to change and adapt, investors can benefit from increased competition and improved services.
One such eminent torchbearer in the industry is Finexic Consultancy Services and Advisory Private Limited. Finexic is a diversified business group with interests in investment banking, real estate, and startup funding. For the last eight years, FINEXIC has been working in the corporate-finance sector. The company is a trusted financial advisor, assisting corporations to raise resources through debt, equity, or other equity-related instruments.
Prime Insights invited the core proponent of the company, Mr. Jay Doshi, to indulge in a freewheeling conversation. He shared many insights from his entrepreneurial journey, the industries he has worked in, and talked about the company’s journey so far. We are elated to feature his story in one of our most anticipated editions, “Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.”

The Dignitary Behind the Excellence

Mr. Jay Doshi is an industry maven with indomitable expertise in the investment banking industry, venture capital, real estate, and corporate finance. He is adeptly skilled in financial modeling, VC introductions, strategy and business planning, and cash flow analysis. His core competencies include raising acquisition finance, raising debt, structured finance, venture capital, investment advisory, wealth management, capital markets, project management, portfolio management, program planning, team handling, task allocation, business analysis, and client interaction.

A Glimpse of the Services

The team at Finexic has collaborated with various companies in their fund raising transactions. They also provide assistance in financial advisory, legal advisory, corporate planning, and expertise in construction-finance. Finexic has established its position in the industry with its value-driven and strategic advisory services, assisting corporations to navigate through complex transactions. Because of this commitment, Finexic continues to build and retain long-lasting alliances with its clients, financial institutions, public and private sector banks, foreign banks, brokers, investors, HNIs, foreign funds, mutual funds, private equity, and venture capital funds.
Mr. Jay Doshi asserts, “Our journey started with the profound challenges that any startup has to face during the initial years. I take pride in saying that because of the consistent and determined efforts of our team, Finexic is catering to the markets of both Western and Southern India today. We are one of the leading investment banking firm, having associates in more than 18 cities in India. We have tied up with more than 25 NBFCs, 15 PSU banks and local banks. Also tied up with over 10 fund houses based in Dubai, Singapore, and Bahrain.”
The team has been involved in over 40 transactions in various sectors, including tech, infrastructure, FMCG, BFSI, healthcare, media, education, technology, and other services. With such a dense network of associates across India (Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Calcutta, and Pune) Finexic’s team is maven at searching, sourcing, and effectively conducting transactions, including private equity, SME IPO’s, debt restructuring, and business development.”

Giving Back to the Society

“With the firmest belief in uplifting society to newer heights of prosperity, Finexic organizes midday meals in schools, orphanages, and old-age homes. The company also gives donations to schools and colleges for the education of economically stricken students who are in need. We believe a person can give something; it should be education, as that helps other people grow in life with the inestimable asset that is knowledge.”

The Milestones

Finexic Consultancy Services and Advisory Private Limited has recently secured funding of INR 200 crores for construction finance in the last quarter of FY 2023. The company has also raised debt in the form of structured debt for more than INR 90 crore in the last quarter of FY 2023. The company has raised retail debt in the form of LAP,HL and unsecured finance for more than INR 30 crores in the last quarter of FY 2023 The company has a pipeline of projects summing up to a total worth of INR 630 crores, against which funds need to be raised and we have an exclusive mandate on all the projects for fund raise.

Enlightening Words for the Prime Insights Readers

To conclude the article on an enticing note, we thanked Mr. Jay Doshi for joining us and sharing his insights from his entrepreneurial journey. We also asked him to share a few words for our readers. Here is what he says:

“For all the readers who are working relentlessly for their dreams, I hope that you absorb the best knowledge and creativity; your progress never stops, and these valuable insights show you the correct path. Your growth is much more comprehensive when you understand different points of view and address obstacles with resilience. Remember that every setback is an opportunity to learn, and every triumph demonstrates your commitment. Success and failure are integral parts of the human experience. They are not just components of life; they are also valuable teachers that contribute to personal growth and development.”

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