HEFT Cranes International Pvt. Ltd: The Inspiring Heavy Lift Start-Up of India


HEFT Cranes International Pvt. Ltd.

To add another charm to its trailblazing edition, “Most Innovative Company of the Year 2024,” the editorial team at Prime Insights came across the story of HEFT Cranes International Private Limited. We were amazed to know that despite being a startup, HEFT has reached the milestone of becoming the only Indian company to own the top two heaviest capacity heavy cranes, the 1700T and 2000T.
But like it is said, “The success of a startup stands on the strength of its leadership team. It’s not just about having the right idea; it’s about having the right people to execute it.”, the leadership panel at HEFT Cranes International Private Limited embodies the true essence of entrepreneurial fire. The industry veterans, Mr. Manoj Chaudhari, Mr. Mitesh Shethia, Mr. Preet Bedii, and Mr. Gurvinder Singh (Board of Directors of HEFT), are the leaders behind HEFT’s opulence in the startup ecosystem of India.
In a conversation with Mr. Manoj Chaudhari (HEFT’s Director), we got a wonderful opportunity to closely witness his value-oriented entrepreneurial story. He walked us through the topsy-turvy paths of his journey and shared a few lessons that all aspiring entrepreneurs must follow in their pursuits.

HEFT Cranes InternationalPrime Insights: We sincerely appreciate the privilege of having you on board with us today. To commence our discussion, we would like to inquire about the inspiration behind the inception of your esteemed company.

In my professional career, I have been deeply involved in the contracting and execution of heavy lift cranes and services. This area has always fascinated me and has been the subject of my core interest. Since ancient times, the heavy lift market in India has been dominated by foreign players. So typically, the heavy lift cranes were imported on a need basis by Indian customers from these foreign entities and re-exported back after the completion of the heavy lifts. We decided to make the heavy-lift cranes available to Indian customers locally.

I joined hands with Shethia Erectors & Material Handlers Ltd., Barkat Cranes & Equipment Pvt Ltd., and Amrik Singh & Sons Crane Services Pvt Ltd., which are three of the top crane rental companies in India, to begin my journey as an entrepreneur through HEFT. I am proud to say that since our inception, we have been consistently delivering heavy lift services to Indian customers at par with international standards but at domestic prices.

HEFT Cranes InternationalPrime Insights: Kindly give us an overview of the services being offered by HEFT.

At HEFT Cranes, we specialize in providing comprehensive services and solutions. Each of our services aligns strictly with safety protocols and industry standards. Here is a brief summary of our services:

  • Heavy Lifting Solutions and Heavy Lift Projects: We have expertise in executing heavy and super-heavy equipment lifts from start to finish, ensuring seamless operations and optimal safety throughout the process.
  • Detailed Engineering Studies: Our team conducts thorough engineering studies during every stage of the project, be it bidding, construction feasibility assessment, or front-end engineering design (FEED). These studies are necessary to guarantee precision and efficiency in project planning.
  • Modular Construction Feasibility Solutions: We also have adept expertise in executing modular construction projects with excellence.
  • Heavy Lifting Tackles, Lift Plans, and Method Statements: We offer meticulously crafted lift plans, method statements, and heavy lifting tackles to facilitate smooth execution.
  • Specialized in-house tackles: With our in-house tackles designed for handling different equipment, we ensure precision and safety in every lift, regardless of complexity.

Prime Insights: Can you precisely walk us through the company’s vision and mission?

HEFT functions with a vision to become a frontrunner in the heavy-lifting industry within India. By expanding our reach globally, we aspire to set new standards of excellence in the heavy-lifting industry. Talking about our mission, we want to stand true to our customers’ trust by upholding utmost efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a paramount focus on safety. By prioritizing the on-time delivery of services, we not only aim to meet but exceed the expectations of our clientele. Through innovation, dedication, and a chase for perfection in our endeavours, we are poised to revolutionize the heavy-lifting landscape, contributing significantly to the progress and safety of industries both domestically and internationally.

Prime Insights: While building your company from scratch, what were the challenges you faced while navigating the industry standards?

Gaining the trust of our customers was a great hurdle we faced because, at that time, the industry was largely dominated by heavyweight international players. Competing with established multinational corporations in this arena was no easy feat. Because in our industry, we need to deliver services with peculiar attention to detail, which also demands intricate engineering and on-site capabilities, people weren’t that proactive about trusting a new entrant like us.

Another obstacle we faced was convincing clients to consider Chinese-made cranes. We wanted them to understand that they needed to shift from conventional European models to Chinese-made cranes in the heavy lift crane sector. Despite the increasing prevalence of cranes up to 800T capacity in India in recent years, investment in Chinese cranes for heavy and super heavy lifting remained unprecedented. Through rigorous research, multiple factory visits, and comprehensive crane evaluations, we decided to invest in brand-new Chinese cranes exceeding 1700T capacity. This strategic move was the result of thorough analysis and testing, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and advancing the industry landscape.

“We are proud of the fact that we not only own the heaviest-capacity cranes in India but also the youngest ones.”

HEFT Cranes InternationalPrime Insights: What are the essential values or qualities that have played a major role in defining the trust factor in the market?

HEFT Cranes International has entered the heavy lift market with strong fundamentals. In the first place, it has the robust expertise of its promoters, who have 50+ years of lifting heritage, respectively. Our operations are professionally managed by an expert team, thereby building trust in the market by prioritizing safety and reliability and exceeding customer expectations. Our uniqueness stems from a combination of factors, which I would like to talk about:

Foremost, we prioritize a rigorous safety culture with comprehensive training programs for our operators. We strictly follow meticulous equipment maintenance procedures, which equips us with the strength to handle even the most critical lifts without mishaps.

We are a startup in its first year of operations. With over 5 decades of proven track record of our promoter companies, we convinced customers about our commitment and have proved it so far. Being run by professionals who have been in the trade with many years of experience in the industry also helped HEFT Cranes overcome initial hiccups.

We go beyond simply meeting our clients’ needs. We take the time to understand their specific requirements and develop customized lifting solutions that exceed expectations. Understanding the client’s requirements correctly is the most important factor in this field. We are improving more with each passing day.

Prime Insights: Have you witnessed a shift in how consumers trust a brand in today’s era?

Yes, definitely. It goes without any doubt that consumers have become more critical than ever. They have access to a wealth of information online and are quick to do lots of research before making decisions. They’re wary of empty promises and inauthentic marketing.

Customers’ trust is no longer just about product quality or brand name; it encompasses the safe and timely delivery of services in our field and the value for money the clients look for. So it is essential, not just for HEFT but for any brand out there, that keeping customers under a shadow is not possible in today’s time. The more transparent and integrity-driven your actions are, the stronger your customer-brand relationships will grow.

Prime Insights: How well are your customers connected with HEFT? How do you evaluate the value of a customer?

As we are in the service industry, we feel that everyone is a customer. Be it our client who sends in his inquiries, or be it our internal team members who keep asking us for new and ingenious solutions that keep us on our toes. It’s a mutual trust that carries the relationship together for years. Clients come to us from the very initial stage of bidding for a project and stay connected until the project is executed and delivered. This also justifies the fact that our repeat business numbers come mainly from direct contact with customers and our past relations with them.

HEFT Cranes InternationalPrime Insights: What’s the first thing that enters a consumer’s mind when they see your brand?

  • Strength and Reliability: The name “HEFT” itself implies power and lifting capacity. This could be the first impression, associating HEFT with being a dependable company for heavy lifting tasks.
  • Safety: Especially in the heavy lifting industry, safety is paramount. Ideally, HEFT Cranes International has established a reputation for prioritizing safety and giving customers peace of mind.
  • Large-Scale Projects: The focus on “International” in the name suggests HEFT is fully equipped to handle complex and large-scale projects, requiring significant expertise and resources in countries outside India as well.

Prime Insights: In the years to come, what are the plans that the team is extensively working on?

To become synonymous with quality and trust in the heavy-lift industry in India, we are on track to become a leading domestic heavy-lift company with an international presence. We have already ordered multiple cranes in the capacity range of 1250T to 4000T. We are all set to introduce two models of 3200T and 4000T capacity and a host of other initiatives that will change the landscape of the heavy lifting industry. Something that was never thought of earlier is going to be a reality soon.

Prime Insights: Before wrapping up our conversation, we would like you to address our global readership panel with enlightening words that will push their minds to keep working hard for their dreams.

For all talented entrepreneurs and youth reading this draft, here’s my advice:

Don’t be scared of failure when you’re trying new paths. Undoubtedly, starting a business or any new dream is like a wild adventure, full of ups and downs. You’re bound to hit roadblocks, mess up, and feel unsure at times. But what only matters at the end are your dreams. Every setback teaches you something valuable, so don’t sweat it. Instead, use it to get smarter, tougher, and better at what you do. Most importantly, never stop believing in yourself, and dream big. Trust your gut, stick to your values, make clear work strategies, and always seek guidance from mentors and experienced individuals.

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