Kumar Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd: Pioneering Transformation in the Indian Hospitality Industry


Kumar Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd.

“You rise beyond the challenges by conquering fear and breaking through the barriers of limitation.”

Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited stands as a stalwart player in the realm of the Indian hospitality industry. The company has solidified its position as an acknowledged brand over the course of two decades. The journey commenced with a primary focus on facilitating hospitality and kitchen equipment for restaurants and three-star hotels. Years later, Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited has also ventured into diverse industry standards, and their clientele now includes five-star hotels, corporate entities, educational institutes, premium restaurants, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chains, bulk kitchens, and flight kitchens.

Kumar Equipment India Private Limited under the leadership of its Managing Director- Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Director- Mr. Krishan Kumar, and Business Promoter- Mr. Akash Singh, is on the aisle of revolutionizing every facet of hospitality standards and meeting the evolving needs of this dynamic sector.
Leveraging the opportunity to interact with the company’s core proponents on a professional level, we asked the dignitaries a bunch of questions about their entrepreneurial stints as well as the company’s professional prominence. Their words carried golden nuggets of wisdom that we definitely had to share with our ever-growing readership panel. Hence, we are elated to feature the brand story of Kumar Equipment India Private Limited under the enticing editorial release “ICONIC BRANDS OF THE YEAR 2024”.

What Makes Them Different?

KEIPL has been associated with the kitchen equipment industry for over two decades. It has successfully provided expertise to players in the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, residential schools, learning institutes, hospitals, messes of the armed forces, industrial canteens, clubs, and cafeterias, amongst others, in India as well as in other countries. The company also extends services around the design, layout, and installation of exhaust and fresh air systems, as well as LPG pipelines, ensuring the highest safety protocols are followed. As an ISO 99001:2008-accredited company, KEIPL’s corporate policy is to provide the best quality products, prompt service, and timely execution of projects.

Quality along with timely delivery of the services are watchwords in KEIPL, and no deviation of any kind is tolerated in this regard. The management and workforce of KEIPL are constantly engaged in learning and incorporating technological advancements to go the extra mile for its esteemed clients. Not only are their products magnificent from a technological perspective, but they are also 100% trustworthy. Currently, KEIPL operates two manufacturing units in Delhi. These units are comprehensively equipped with the latest machinery to produce large volumes of kitchen equipment as per the design, specifications, and requirements of the customers.

Kumar Equipment
Mr. Krishan Kumar, Director

The Inception Roots

Kumar Equipment came into existence out of Mr. Rajesh Kumar’s passion for creating a company that filled every minute gap in the Indian hospitality industry and provided astute industry knowledge across global boundaries. In 2011, Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited was converted into a private limited company. Ever since the conversion, Kumar Equipment has reached phenomenal heights of recognition and witnessed rapid growth as a result of its collaboration with business tycoons like Google, Microsoft, Barclays, PepsiCo, Amazon, Taj, Marriot, and many other renowned names.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar dedicated himself to laying every building block of his company with the utmost dedication and business ethics so that, in the long run, the company is strong enough to rub shoulders with the prevailing global competition. It was with the cohesive efforts of the workforce and the leadership standards of Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Mr. Krishan Kumar, and Mr. Akash Singh that Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited confronted the global competition and showcased the prowess of Indian roots.

Indeed, the initial road was filled with pebbles of hardship and obstruction. Whether it was coping with a lack of infrastructure, the right knowledge, or the absence of good-quality internal components, the road wasn’t easy to navigate through. But when you have the responsibility of bringing about a remarkable change, the energy of your affirmation becomes your guiding light.

The vision that had been nurtured since 1996 had to prosper and disperse with full enthusiasm. There was no chance of this vision being deterred by these hurdles. Hence, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Mr. Krishan Kumar, and Mr. Akash Singh were sure of the fact that no matter how much time and effort it requires, they will put in everything to achieve their target. A testament to this is that today, Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited designs international-quality products specifically for Indian customers.

Examining the Core Strengths of KEIPL

  • Robust Infrastructure: Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited boasts sound infrastructure and a dedicated workforce.
  • Active R&D Division: Being a progressive organization run by a team of highly experienced and well-trained technocrats, the company looks forward to innovative ideas. The R&D department is equipped with the latest computer-aided design (CAD) section and material testing labs.
  • Better After-Sales Services: The company realizes that effective after-sales service is essential for the round-the-clock contentment of its customers. Therefore, elaborate after-sales services are provided to customers through dedicated customer care development.
Kumar Equipment
(L – R) Kavita Pant – Project Manager-Admin, Reena Shah – GM (Projects), Anu Rana – GM (Admin), Minakshi Bhakuni ( Key Account Manager)
“Kumar Equipment (India) Pvt. ltd. is a one big family with the people who are working hard for making this a prominent name in the industry.”

Client Trust: The Watchword of Sustainable Business Growth

In the dynamic industry of hospitality, customers’ trust can’t be overstated. Since its inception, Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited has been peculiar about the value it is delivering to its customers. The team has staunchly fulfilled the timely delivery of the deliverables, establishing a dedicated entity that clients can rely on. Fostering alliances is purely built on trust, integrity, and authenticity. What sets the company’s business model apart is its innate people-centric approach. The team thinks and evaluates from the customer’s perspective and focuses on what improvements can be incorporated to further empower them.

“At the core of our operations are project managers and department heads of diverse backgrounds. These seasoned professionals are empowered to make decisions that prioritize client satisfaction above anything else. When an organization prioritizes the contentment of its clients, profits and impressive business numbers become a natural by-product. Our commitment extends to staying at the forefront of developing innovative products and enhancing the efficiency of commercial kitchens.

Offering a comprehensive range of services, we specialize in designing bulk commercial kitchens across various hospitality sectors. Our USP lies in the procurement of products from both overseas and across India, providing clients with unmatchable solutions. We also ensure that our product quality is top-notch and that our customers don’t feel the need to engage with multiple vendors. This is why we call us not just a service provider but a trusted partner in our clients’ success”, says Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Managing Director at Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited.

Mr. Krishan Kumar, Director at Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited, continues further: “Our repeated customer rate supports what Mr. Rajesh Kumar just mentioned. I would like to address the fact that 70% of Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited’s turnover comes from repeat customers. This clearly resonates with the trust we have built over these years in the market, and we are grateful to have the undivided support of our customer base. Every customer is profoundly important to us, irrespective of the value of the project.”

Kumar Equipment
Mr. Akash Singh, Business Promoter

A Glimpse of the Upcoming Targets

Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited is excited to make a significant impact in the coming years with the introduction of new products, aiming to provide Indians with products that have quality standards synonymous with German products. Among these innovative offerings are hot and cold holding cabinets, boilers, brat pans, and commercial induction ranges.

With a remunerative legacy spanning more than two decades in the manufacturing and supply of commercial kitchen equipment, Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited has made its way to a thriving medium-scale industry. The company has established a robust presence in diverse sectors, serving a broad clientele that includes hotels, hospitals, bulk kitchens, corporations, and multinational corporations (MNCs).

“Whenever a customer searches for the best suppliers of kitchen equipment, Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited becomes their undeniable choice. They are guaranteed to feel a strong sense of relief and satisfaction from finding a reputed manufacturer that will stand by them through their entire journey. By consistently meeting and exceeding expectations, the company has built a solid reputation for providing services that not only meet but also surpass the satisfaction of its clients”, says Mr. Akash Singh, Business Promoter at Kumar Equipment (India) Private Limited.

Parting Words

It was a blissful opportunity for Prime Insights to interact with the notable leaders. With that being said, we are also excited to see KEIPL turn its goals into a commendable reality and outshine the potential of Indian roots on the global platform. To conclude the read on an enticing note, we asked them to share a few words of enlightenment for our readers. Here is what they said:

“Embracing opportunities is a pivotal aspect of success. When a chance presents itself in front of you, you should be eager enough to seize it the way it is and exhibit determination to harness its full potential. To achieve results, it is crucial to establish a clear work-plan and channel your efforts towards it. By doing this, you chart a path for not just success but a journey marked by fulfillment. Every opportunity is a stepping stone towards realizing your aspirations; hence, treat each one as a gateway to progress. Keep your sights set on your objectives, and the path to success will unfold with each purposeful step you take.”

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