Globe Moving And Storage Pvt. Ltd: Boasting a Recognized Specialty of Over Five Decades in Premium Packing and Moving Services


Globe Moving And Storage Pvt. Ltd.

Globe Moving provides an esteemed array of premium packing and moving services, which include international relocation of household goods, office transfers, data center migrations, pet transportation, fine art handling, and asset relocation. In 1971, the journey began in the arms of the bustling city of Bangalore, and since then, the company has climbed the stairs of global expansion.
As a member of the FIDI Global Alliance of International Movers, the International Association of Movers, the International Mobility Alliance, and the Pan American International Movers Association, Global Moving and Storage Private Limited has perpetuated a trustworthy image in the industry by adhering to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. As evidenced by ISO 9001:2015 and FIDI-FAIMPlus certifications, the company serves dignitary Fortune 500 companies, leading global and Indian corporations, embassies and consulates, relocation management companies, celebrities, and HNIs. With a dense network of offices, warehouses, vehicles, and trained crew, the company works on a Pan-India basis as well as in over 180 countries.
Adhering to the tagline “The Answer Is Yes,” their ideology vibrates with the core philosophy of keeping the best foot forward in serving customers’ requirements. Globe Moving targets fulfilling customers’ expectations rather than clinging to the concept of a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Indeed, this approach alleviates service levels and the customer experience. In a market with several local movers and aggregators, Globe Moving brings a breath of fresh air, providing personalized and premium services.
Everything we mentioned above was revealed in the conversation we had with the company’s directors, Mr. Ajit Venkatesh R. and Mrs. Roopa Venkat. The husband-wife duo has been steering the company to new heights of opulence.

Prime Insights: We are elated to have you with us. To begin with, could you share the challenges you encountered in the early stages of establishing your company?

Our narrative of struggle was all about overcoming challenges each day! Daily obstacles were and still are inevitable, but it’s the perspective one adopts that defines the experience. We view these challenges as the essence of what keeps our roles fascinating. They compel us to innovate and devise solutions, turning each day into a learning opportunity.

Prime Insights: How do you manage to strike a balance between your professional and personal fronts?

During the initial years, juggling between the personal and professional fronts was challenging. After years of contributing to the company’s growth, we have earned the agility to take time off as needed. Nonetheless, this also means that even during holidays, we must remain connected to our operations, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Prime Insights: What are your mantras to stay aligned with the tides happening in your industry?

To maintain momentum with evolving market trends, our strategy is multifaceted. We stay informed about industry developments by actively participating in trade conferences and nurturing a strong network of contacts. Regular interactions with customers provide us with direct insights, while surveys involving customers, employees, and suppliers offer a broader perspective on market needs and expectations. We also continuously scan for emerging technologies and innovations that can be integrated into our operations.
Competition across every sector or every domain is relentless. It’s not just about moving services anymore; it’s about how actively an organization adapts to new trends and improvises its services to be the best fit. Customers demand excellence and innovation in all these areas, so there’s no space for an ‘it’s okay’ attitude. We must be proactive and forward-thinking to stay ahead, as the competition is not just equal—it’s about who can best adapt to the rapidly changing landscape.

Prime Insights: How necessary do you feel it is to keep your employees content? How do you ensure it?

Cultivating an open culture within our office has helped us engage with our workforce effectively. Our culture is such that every employee, irrespective of their stature, has the freedom to put forward their suggestions and ideas. Because happy employees are more productive, provide better service, and contribute to a positive workplace culture that reflects on every interaction with our customers.
To ensure our team’s contentment, we prioritize open communication, fostering an environment where feedback is encouraged and acted upon. We provide competitive compensation and benefits and invest in their training and development programs. We also focus on team-building activities and creating a sense of corporate fraternity among our staff because we believe that a team that feels valued and connected is more cohesive and dedicated.

Prime Insights: Being business leaders of today’s era who is your source of entrepreneurial motivation?

My father is my greatest mentor. His sales skills, dedication to customer service, focus on quality, and view of employees as pivotal members of the organization have been the cornerstones of my business philosophy. He instilled in me the belief that a company’s culture is its heartbeat, and this is what I strive to pass on to those who look up to me.
In addition to these foundational lessons, we both believe in leading by example when it comes to technology, innovation, and adaptability. The moving industry is constantly evolving, and we emphasize the importance of staying ahead of the curve through continuous learning and embracing change.
We also ensure that we always maintain a touch of compassion in our leadership standards. Because it’s not just about what we achieve but also how we achieve it. Treating each team member with respect, fostering a supportive environment, and recognizing their efforts make our leadership fruitful and impactful.

Prime Insights: What are the plans that you have envisioned for your company to hold in the future?

The future of our company is drenched in possibilities, as our strategic plan is to expand our footprints to new geographical territories. Our goal is to not just respond to the market but to anticipate and shape it, creating demand for innovative moving services that set new standards in the industry. We are committed to integrating the latest technologies to streamline our operations.
Sustainability is another pillar of our plans. We aim to lead the industry by adopting eco-friendly practices, reducing our carbon footprint, and ensuring that our growth is environmentally sustainable. In addition, we are looking at strategic partnerships that align with our competencies, allowing us to offer a more comprehensive suite of services.

Prime Insights: Lastly, is there a message you would like to give to Prime Insights readers?

To all readers of Prime Insights, we, at Globe Moving, are thrilled to introduce our story before you. With over five decades of experience in the moving and relocation industry, our commitment to quality service, innovation, and sustainability is at the core of everything we do.
As new members of the Prime Insights community, we eagerly anticipate learning from you and sharing our expertise. We encourage you to connect with us, explore our stories, and share your own experiences. Whether you’re moving locally or globally, we pledge to support you every step of the way, delivering a tailored, efficient, and smooth moving experience. Thank you for embracing us into your community.

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