KANEXT Equipments: The Hotspot of High-Quality Material Handling Solutions

The 10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs of the Year 2024

KANEXT Equipments

“We lift businesses to new heights of success by optimizing your lifting operations.”

Today’s brand in the spotlight is KANEXT Equipments, which proudly stands as a prominent supplier of lifting services across diverse industries. With its comprehensive range of material-handling equipment, KANEXT Equipments aspires to carve a niche as a global leader in the lifting business.
To meet the ever-growing needs of India’s lifting industry, KANEXT offers services like wire rope electric hoists, chain hoists, and chain pulley blocks. Additionally, they provide single-girder EOT, double-girder EOT cranes, jib cranes, and non-sparking cranes, catering to specialized requirements.
The brand also specializes in container handling RMG cranes, further solidifying their position as a comprehensive solution provider in the lifting equipment industry. Keeping quality as the cornerstone of its services, KANEXT Equipments ensures excellence at every stage of the manufacturing process.
We will talk about the brand more in this narrative, which we weaved out of the conversation we had with Mr. Kanesh Sharma, Founder and Director of KANEXT Equipments. Our team also gathered numerous valuable insights about the current specifications of the heavy-lifting industry in India.
It is an honor for Prime Insights to feature Mr. Kanesh Sharma’s story in the edition of “The 10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs of the Year 2024”.

Prime Insights: Having you on our platform is an enlightening opportunity for us. To begin with, can you walk us through the inception story of your company?

The story started in 2018, when I, driven by the dream of making positive impacts, wanted to venture into the entrepreneurial ecosystem. By 2019, we were able to expand both the team and services, followed by the launch of our first flagship product in 2020.

We are happy to say that since then, the trajectory of growth and recognition has been growing exponentially for KANEXT Equipments. Our beginnings were humble, and today KANEXT Equipments proudly holds the position of a leading quality provider of material handling equipment and industrial cranes.

Prime Insights: Can you tell us what your clientele consists of?

Our target audience predominantly comprises tycoons from the manufacturing industry, process industry, shipyards, ports, terminals, construction, as well as the oil and gas industries. Whether it’s heavy-duty lifting requirements in manufacturing plants or precise handling needs in shipyards, our material-handling solutions handle every task with utmost perfection.

Prime Insights: What sets your company apart from the other competitors in the market?

What truly sets us apart from the competition is our undivided focus on delivering solutions that add value to our clients’ businesses. When considering a partner for material handling solutions, KANEXT Equipments stands out by offering a unique blend of global experience and knowledge coupled with local expertise. This distinctive combination enables us to understand the nuances of various industries while tailoring solutions to meet specific local requirements.

Prime Insights: Being an entrepreneur, what are the mantras that you leverage to keep a balance between your personal and professional fronts?

Every entrepreneur has to face the same struggles, whether you talk about finances, orders, good teams, knowledge encounters, or sometimes clients’ non-technical requirements. Each of these struggles is meant to test the intensity of your passion while trying to bring about remarkable changes in a particular industry. However, I have incorporated some strategies that help me stay composed through these challenges.

Time Management: Utilize time management techniques like time blocking to allocate specific periods for focused work on important tasks. This helps me to be more productive during work hours and leave time for personal pursuits.

Take Care of Yourself: Prioritize healthy habits like getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, and exercising regularly. A healthy body and mind will enhance productivity and overall well-being.

Prioritize and plan: Identify what’s truly important in both your professional and personal lives. Schedule dedicated time for work tasks, hobbies, spending time with loved ones, and self-care.

Prime Insights: How do you keep up the pace with the changing market trends?

For this, you have to analyze knowledge channels, both offline and online. This will help you find the best sources available for relevant and up-to-date information. You can also closely stay connected with your customers to know how much they’re enjoying your services and what improvements need to be made.

Prime Insights: From your perspective, how much do you believe research and development are essential for the growth of the company?

Research and development are the supreme catalysts for growth and innovation. An organization that dedicates the right amount of R&D to its operations gets to taste the breakthroughs. In our engineering sector, R&D has played an imperative role in helping us maintain that competitive edge.

Prime Insights: How necessary do you feel it is to keep your employees content? How do you ensure it?

Trust is a vital part of the relationship between employees and a company. Your people need to feel that you trust them if you expect them to trust you in return. When you achieve that, they will start taking their tasks personally, thus increasing productivity. By giving them the freedom to do their job, they feel that their efforts are being respected and not taken for granted. So as a leader, my responsibility is to give them an environment where they are given the freedom to experiment.

Direct communication and clear goal-setting will keep your employees more focused and engaged. Remember, your employees are the assets that will help any company reach its full potential. Therefore, maintaining their holistic well-being is inevitable!

Prime Insights: Who’s your source of inspiration in life?

It all started with a dream and being passionate about it. My parents have played the biggest role in my life. I have learned all the essential values from them, and these values continue to guide me every single day as an entrepreneur.

Prime Insights: What are the main benefits and challenges associated with entrepreneurship, and how does it contribute to economic growth and innovation?

Entrepreneurship involves the creation of a firm by an individual to actualize their innovative ideas. Although entrepreneurship is inherently risky, it also presents significant potential rewards. By fostering economic wealth, growth, and innovation, entrepreneurship plays a pivotal role in driving progress and prosperity.

Prime Insights: For the coming years, what are the plans that the team is currently working on?

We are continually seeking new decision-making tactics to make the organization stronger. Our team is working to understand the impacts new technologies will have on KANEXT’s business. Hence, there are various tests and trials in the pipeline to develop innovative solutions, as we don’t want to follow the pack.


KANEXT Equipments

Prime Insights: With that, we have come to the end of today’s discussion. Kindly accept our sincere gratitude for sharing the platform with us. Before wrapping up, we would like you to share some valuable pieces of advice for our readership panel.

KANEXT Equipments is a company with a strong foundation and envisions a bright future ahead. Our success holds no meaning without our esteemed customers, partners, and employees. Without their unwavering support, we wouldn’t have achieved what we have achieved to date. As we look ahead, we are filled with excitement and anticipation for the opportunities that will knock on our doors sooner. We promise to remain dedicated to our purpose and become a proud contributor to the country’s socio-economic development.

For Prime Insights readers and all the young minds reading my story, I would like to say, “If you can see your dreams and believe in your ability with honesty, dedication, and focus, then trust me, the time will surely come when you see your dreams becoming a reality.”

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