Dr. Sachinn S. Sharma: A Foresightful Numerologist Turned Entrepreneur Catalysing Society at Large


Dr. Sachinn S. Sharma | Agraneeh Man Enterprise (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

“Numerology is the clear understanding of a sheer balance between cosmic forces and human existence. It is not just about predicting the future or decoding constellations.”

Dr. Sachinn S. Sharma, who recently was honored with his doctorate degree from Maa Bhuvaneshwari International University in the realm of numerology, joined us for a detailed conversation about his transition to the rigorous study of occult sciences and implementing them for the empowerment of people. He has devoted himself to understanding and exploring the field of numerology, and he has taken his passion forward by founding Agraneeh Man Enterprise (OPC) Private Limited.
As the Chairman and CEO of Agraneeh Man Enterprise (OPC) Private Limited., Mr. Sachinn S. Sharma has undertaken prominent leadership responsibilities. His expertise extends to fields like business coaching, consulting, mentoring, education, software, and artificial intelligence. His experience of more than 36 years is the force propelling Agraneeh Man Enterprise (OPC) Private Limited toward sustained success.
This narrative will take our readers through his visionary leadership and the entire story of how he transitioned into practicing numerology and occult science.

Prime Insights extends its sincere gratitude for your esteemed presence, sir. Could you please share your insights on the significance of holding a doctorate degree as a prefix to your name?

Being referred to as “Dr. Sachinn S. Sharma” now feels like a new layer of identity, one that adds gravitas and recognition to my name. The moment I stood on that stage, accepting the degree, I couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of gratitude and responsibility. My statements during the ceremony weren’t just words; they were the culmination of years of study, observation, and contemplation. To have them resonate with the audience and see the impact they made was truly humbling. I hope that people who take a moment to listen to my thoughts and experiences can imbibe inspiration to embrace a more expansive worldview.

Prime Insights: How do you perceive struggles?

I do not use the word struggle, as I don’t believe in it. It’s life, and you live it daily and cut it into hours to maximize your day. The only issue we continue to face even today is that it is not easy to convince the world of astrologers that a numerologist should establish himself as a credible face. It is equivalent to establishing yourself in a niche market against a tide of astrology.
I changed my career many times, but the difference lies in my ability to see the future. I understand what it means to be in the right place, at the right time, and doing the right things. So from hotel management, it came down to software, which came down to the BPO industry. From BPO to the hospitality industry, and then finally, I moved to numerology. So it has been a journey of constant evolution.

Prime Insights: In your opinion, what role has Research and Development played in your company’s continual success?

Research and Development are the only ways any organization can maintain its edge. Even while establishing Agraneeh Man, I continuously engaged with my clients and evaluated their feedback over and over again. This rigorous research helped me to aggregate the issues my clients were facing for many years, which further led to the beginning of the “Agraneeh Man Training Program,” “Money Magnet Training Program,” and “The Angels Training Program.” These programs tackled all my concerns so that I could achieve strong growth.

Prime Insights: What message do you want to give to those entrepreneurs who begin to doubt their capabilities because of some stereotypes or setbacks?

Dreams become reality only when you don’t lose focus while walking on the road of hard work. While working toward a goal, there is no room for giving up in any case. In the hurry to create successful businesses, young leaders often lose track of what exactly they want to accomplish. Your mission should be clearly defined, and if it’s not, then you’ll start doubting yourself even though you have all the resources to build things. The word entrepreneur is all about having no laid-down plans, no structure, and no clear-cut road ahead. It is purely about consistency and passion for enriching the lives of others.

Prime insights: What does the company hold for it in the future?

We have only one mission: “One Family, One Numerologist.” Numerology is indeed a science, not a stereotypical superstition. Some numerologists today are unfortunately very fluffy and shallow with their limited knowledge. It is because of their inadequate knowledge that they mislead the masses. So clearly, our vision through Agraneeh Man is to empower people and transform society. We are committed to mixing our knowledge with technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to make our services more credible and accurate in the future.

Prime Insights: What milestones and achievements does the company boast of?

Milestone-wise, we are in 49 countries, and more than 21,000 people have used our services over the last 12 years. Bringing my knowledge into its raw form has brought me the milestone of being awarded a gold medal at the Asian Astrology Conference. There have been certain milestones in the world of numerology, but there are no benchmarks, as you are your benchmark. Each day, I wish that whenever I face the mirror, I should be able to feel the satisfaction of what I have done. This journey will continue forever, as the future for us is promising.

Prime Insights: Lastly, is there a message you would like to give to Prime Insights readers?

I would like to share a personal insight with you: I typically sleep for 3–4 hours each night and rely heavily on power naps to sustain myself. However, when I wake up each morning, my focus shifts entirely to the next hour. The mantra that I have learned is to prioritize achieving smaller goals over grand visions. Every 15–20 days, I occasionally allow myself a couple of days off. Every day, I meticulously bifurcate my time into manageable blocks, constantly optimizing my approach to life. This mindset helps me mitigate feelings of not accomplishing my tasks or being overwhelmed by the work. So I hope that you will also implement this piece of advice in your pursuit of your dreams. Always remember, “one step at a time” is a constant process of refinement.

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