Finecrete Eco-Blocks Pvt. Ltd: Introducing Innovative Greener Solutions for the Construction Industry


Finecrete Eco-Blocks Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in the year 2015-16, Finecrete Eco-Blocks Private Limited was incepted with the idea of becoming India’s most reliable source for “ECO-FRIENDLY” solutions for the construction industry. The company, under the leadership of it’s Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Samir Biyani has come this far in its journey with the support of an adept team with immense capability. One of their iconic products is the AAC blocks, which are made with sustainable green building materials, along with other products like Feather Earthe (Granite), Feathermort (Block Jointing Adhesive), Feather Gyplast (Gypsum Plaster), and Feather Fix (Tile Adhesive). With eco-friendly practices and long-term infrastructural solutions, the company’s vision is to offer the world a fresh perspective on the future. Today, the company caters to eminent tycoons like CMG, Godrej, GD, Leighton, Shapoor Ji, Tata Housing, Mahindra and L&T, among others.
Mr. Samir Biyani, a CA-turned-entrepreneur, is the Founder and Chairman cum Managing Director of Finecrete. He has a prolific background in various industries, such as timber, marble, granite, textiles, real estate, and finance. His entrepreneurial acumen and foresight have made Finecrete a preferred brand in the real estate sector.
To bring before our readership panel important lessons from his vision, leadership, and guidance, we invited the dignitary for a freewheeling conversation.

Question 1: How has your entrepreneurial journey been? What were the difficulties you faced during the initial years?

I believe each leader has his own struggle story, and mine might be similar to anyone’s, but it’s unique and a journey worth looking at from behind. Born into a middle-class Marwari family, the usual expectation was to join the family business, but I took a different route of studying in hiding while handling all the regular work. In such circumstances, I completed my CA at a very young age and then joined our business full-fledgedly.
Hitting new landmarks one after the other, our family businesses flourished to new heights until the Lehman Crisis hit, wherein the whole group was badly hit and we almost collapsed financially. But with ardent positivity and resilience, under the guidance of my father, our group came out of the crisis in no time. In this pursuit, and gaining inspiration from what one has to go through at the time of financial stress, we even started a new division in the group wherein we pull out stressed people from serious financial crisis, rendering a single-window solution for all their problems, bestowing us with immense popularity owing to continual successful deliveries.

Question 2: Whom do you idolize for keeping the entrepreneurial spirit high?

I look up to my dad. Seeing him, I have realized that anything taken into my hands has to be diligently fulfilled before easing off. I have inculcated the same habit in me by just watching him over the years, and I wish I could pass this on to future generations alongside all the members of my team. I further advocate a never-say-no attitude and attention to minuscule detail, which has been my mantra for success.

Question 3: How has your company leveraged research and development to bring innovation across your offerings?

I believe that without research and development, a company can never make its product better than it was yesterday. Our best-in-class products save around 30% of construction time, reduce the dead load of the building by one-third, and save 15-20% on construction costs. We have been able to achieve this feat only because of the rigorous investment of time and finances in research and development. Available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes, our products are manufactured following strict IS codes for quality norms, and this wouldn’t have been possible without our R&D team putting their heart and soul into product development. I proudly would like to highlight childish like attitude and passion of my team to bring out something new and better with each passing day.

Question 4: How has the company invested in the comprehensive well-being of the employees?

For me in a business, the most important building block is to take care of my employees, who put their heart and soul at work every single day, because of whom Finecrete is what it is. During the pandemic, our markets had shut down; no one was buying, but we made sure that not even a single person from the Finecrete family had to suffer due to the pandemic. I couldn’t have borne the pain, even if a single family under my supervision was struggling to put food on the table due to the financial crisis during the pandemic. During those painful two years, the Finecrete team stood together and made us all the more formidable and lethal when it came to work. As is famously said in Finecrete: “It is difficult to get into the company but impossible to get out of the company, owing to the love, warmth, and teamwork that we witness in the company.”

Question 5: What are the company’s plans for the future?

Our process is highly focused on manufacturing environmentally safe, aerated autoclaved concrete blocks and panels that recycle fly ash, a waste generated in Thermal Power plants. The company is poised for the next leap and looking for strategic acquisitions across geographies to be able to become a pan-India player with a wide array of quality products. The company has recently launched Feather Earthe, its premium Granite range and is getting an overwhelming response from the NCR market.

Finecrete Eco-Blocks Pvt. Ltd.

Question 6: Can you please highlight the significant milestones and recognitions awarded to the company?

Our company, despite being a new entrant in the segment and industry, boasts proudly that we create standards of quality and sustainability in the industry. Our quality, commitment, service, and after-sales support are unmatched, making us the most preferred player amongst our peers. We have been recently awarded by the government quality department BIS for being the “Best Quality Product Amongst All AAC Block Manufacturers in the NCR.” To boast further, each of our customers’ testimonials states that they have the best partner in us for buying AAC blocks owing to our quality, commitment, and service.

Question 7: In your opinion, what are the qualities a leader in today’s competitive business ecosystem should always remember?

A strong leader is crucial for a company’s success, as they can mobilize resources effectively, motivate their team, instil ethics and discipline, and inspire passion among team members. They should stand beside their team members during times of need, ensuring their best is delivered. I strongly believe and follow that all a leader needs to do is to take care of the team and the team will take care of the company. Working hard with a strong work ethic and no shortcuts is the road that leads to success. It may take time, but it will come your way.

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