The Builder behind the Global Footwear Fashion Company, Nike; Mark Parker

Nike; Mark Parker
The Builder behind the Global Footwear Fashion Company, Nike; Mark Parker
  • Mark Parker is the Chairman, President and CEO of one of the largest footwear industries in the world, Nike. His innovative attempts and the imaginative industrial concept has not only made him a true leader but has also pushed Nike to unimaginable steps of success.
  • Mark became the Chairman of Nike in 2016, succeeding Phil Knight. Since then, the dynamics of this company has secured growing prospects than any other retail partners. He was born in 1955, 21st October in New York. Earning a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Penn State University in 1977, Mark joined Nike 2 years later in 1979.
  • Before joining Nike, while working at Exeter, Parker was not only interested in drawing shoe designs but also was in constant touch with various manufacturing partners, thus, experimenting with them with new rubber and synthetic leather that were athlete testing products.
  • Nike is a footwear designer company with its R&D facility at Exeter, New Hampshire. He was made the Division Vice-President of Nike in 1987, Corporate Vice-President in 1989, General Manager in 1993 and Vice-President of Global Footwear in 1998. His job at Nike was to synthesize all his inner inputs and maintain the company’s cost pressures, public relation issues, the desires of super-star athletes, the exigencies of the quarterly financial report and the urge of gaining short-term results over a span of long-term hard work and perseverance.
  • Before taking up the responsibility as a Vice-President in Nike, Mark was its co-President in 2001. After 10 years of work, Parker and his team launched the first “Green Shoe” that pertains to the principles of sustainability. Two other brands namely Converse Inc. and Hurly International are his creations. Since his joining in Nike, the profits have increased to 57% and presently, the sales have been over $32 billion.
  • Parker was always bent on creating innovative designs for his company. He went into collaboration with Tinker Hatfield and Hiroshi Fujiwara who along with Mark formed the Nike’s HTM team, creating modern footwear editions. Since they collaborated in 2002, the company has launched over 30 limited edition shoes.
  • Mark Parker’s latest strategy focuses on a new future in the retail world. He not only provides emphasis on his Nike stores but also drives sales for Nike’s brand partners. Recently, Mark has partnered with innovators who have been helping him to speed up the systematic change of his brand value and quality.
  • Mark has also got in touch with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to explore advanced business models and manufacture products through re-use and regeneration. In 2015, he was named Fortune’s Business Person of the Year.
  • Parker has been constantly involved in designing almost every Nike’s sneaker. Special athletic shoe products such as Nike Zoom and Vapor X shows Mark’s commitment to product creativity and sustaining customer’s demand. Today, Nike’s growth and success lie not only on just quality shoes but also Parker’s rigorous attempts to build Nike as the greatest marketplace and seller of all variety of shoes.

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