Start small and go big: Low-investment business ideas 2020

Start small and go big

Start small and go big: Low-investment business ideas 2020

  • To come up with any new business plan, one requires a certain amount of time, money and must also be aware of the risks involved in it. Small Indian tows are still struggling for better job opportunities. There is always a high influx of metropolitan cities to secure jobs in MNCs.
  • However, in terms of living standards such as transport, infrastructure and connectivity, many youngsters still consider going back to some good old small town for starting something from scratch.Here we shall discuss some low-investment business ideas that can be proven very well for beginners in business:

Investment firm

  • In the Indian market, the opportunities for investing and trading never fall short. There is one investment firm at every corner and is a better option for a small scale startup business. One can easily invest in anything from the category of essential commodities like gold, oil as well as stocks and bonds. Although it is risky, but for a hands-on experience it can easily work well.

Healthcare consultancy

  • For budding entrepreneurs with low investment ideas, healthcare consultancy is so far the best option to kick-off with. People will be always desiring for a healthcare consultant to help them locate the best solution for any health-related problems. Due to the Affordable Care Act, more young people can now invest low funds and will require only a preliminary knowledge to start with this business idea.

Business consultancy

  • For someone to launch their dream company, they always seek the need for a business consultant for better advice to incorporate their business. One can easily be a business consultant if they fit that bill and have a minimum experience about starting and running a business. The consultancy business other than inventing a big business can also prove more profitable in showing others the right way of doing their business. So, one should always start with their own business consultancy to provide other business per with knowledge and experience.

Cleaning business

  • Although opening a cleaning firm sound weird in our country but it does not cost much. The monthly expenses for such business ideas are surprisingly low. There is always a requirement of cleaning homes and offices in the society. Moreover, due to the pandemic at large, sanitization to eradicate germs is highly on demand.

Travel agency

  • In the business world, the travel industry is itself is a very big prospect and has continued to boom over the years. There are several travelling preferences of people that keep changing according to their desires. Hence, for aspiring entrepreneurs, the tourism industry is like a hot cake. It is like putting the money in the exact required place and is the most cost-effective way to open up even a home-based travel agency.

Employee recruitment service

  • Over the years, India’s HR department industry has been flourishing very well. Since employers realize that in order to hire new talents it costs them a lot of money by having a recruiter appointed, so, one can easily contact the HR services. In this aspect, the HR services for other companies are so far the best small business ideas which every company wants to possess to fit proper talents into their respective organizations.

Tuition centers

  • This is possibly a very good cost-effective business to launch in India. It comes up with a zero investment plan especially when someone is tutoring at their own location. Apart from opening any institute, most of the tuition teachers prefer their own home because it eliminates all expenditures of rent and supplies. The only thing to possess in tutoring is a wide knowledge of the subject they are teaching.

Online fitness instructor

  • During this pandemic and even for highly occupied people, going to a gym regularly is very difficult. Although they require a fitness guide, they do not have that much time to be inclined towards their health. Online fitness instructors can easily cater to this problem by providing short fitness ideas or by demonstrating a few good exercises to be practised regularly. Neither this will take extra time for the pre-occupied person not it will take a lot to invest upon the instructor. Then again, the fitness instructor must be well aware of the fitness ideas he is offering to the world.

Food truck

  • A country like India has always been popular for diversity in its cuisines. Hence, starting a business on the basis of food can turn anyone from rags to riches. One must just have the right cooking skills and the right taste for any food to begin their business. Also, the food quality is an important factor whether they set up in their own homes or open up their own shop. Additionally, the involvement of online food chains like Zomato and Swiggy have taken the food industry to new heights, especially during the pandemic of Covid19. One must possess the right kind of potential and passion for cooking to get into any low cost and high returns food business.

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