Shine Projects: Mr. Venkata Sri Harsha’s Vision to Transform India’s Ed-Tech Scenario

Online learning in India is a multimillion-dollar industry. Hundreds of thousands of students across the nation attend online classes/tuitions for learning an array of subjects, from English to Aerospace Engineering. While the industry was already booming, the advent of the global lockdown in 2020 further increased its market cap. The closing of educational institutions imposed a need for effective virtual teaching modalities. Given this pressing demand, Shine Projects, a financial coaching startup, decided to go full-fledged with its live online teaching from May 2020. Shine Projects is a brainchild of Mr. Venkata Sri Harsha, a qualified stock market analyst and a specialist in macroeconomics. The brand is driven by the vision of providing financial literacy to its students and making them industry-ready in an affordable manner. During the lockdown period, Mr. Venkata wholeheartedly committed himself to the betterment of his students. His persistent efforts, determination, along with his unique way of teaching helped him expand his outreach on both national and international levels. Consequently, his brand won the “Best Startup 2020” Award from Business Connect Magazine. Shine Projects has been experiencing continual growth ever since its complete transition to online learning. Its revenues are bound to hit the 7-Figures Mark shortly.

Shine Projects: One of the Leading Ed-Tech Brands in India

Shine Projects is among the most well-known Ed-Tech Brands in India. Its buzzing social media engagement serves as a testament to this fact. Currently, the brand has over 2700 Google Reviews with a conclusive rating of 4.7/5, along with a Facebook Page with 24000 + followers and a LinkedIn Page with 5700 + followers. Thousands of students actively follow the content of its pages to seek resourceful educational info. The brand also shares detailed, informative blogs/articles on its website which the students can access for free. This completely student-oriented approach has helped the brand garner great appreciation from teachers and parents as well. Though the company focuses more on the young crowd, Atleast 20% of the seekers in each live batch are in the 25-80 age band. 
Shine Projects currently has more than 600 employees, both part time and full time. It also offers paid virtual work-from-home internships across domains like Marketing, HR, Business Development, IT, and Digital Marketing. These internships enable the students to “learn and earn”- they help them gain good industrial exposure while simultaneously getting remuneration for their work. To fill out the application form for the internships, one has to go to the “Careers” section on their website.
As of the company’s plans for 2021, it is working towards providing placement assistance to trained students into various MNCs. This move will establish a new benchmark for service quality in the country’s Ed-Tech scene.

Shine Projects’ Diverse Range of Services

Shine Projects boasts of a vast range of unique courses that cover topics on Share Markets, Mutual Funds, Insurance & Banking Concepts. The brand’s pre-eminent program is a comprehensive two module workshop titled “Financial Markets Combo Workshop” taught by Mr. Venkata himself. The program is an all-inclusive package that features course completion certificates, lifetime subscription, adjustable time slots, resourceful study materials, Live Q & A sessions, etc. One can opt for a Free One-Day Trial of the course before deciding to buy it. In addition to such financial programs, the brand is developing courses for students in IT and various other sectors. It is inviting renowned experts in these fields for the course development. The courses would be out soon, and just like all of the brand’s previous works, they’d be affordable, digestible, and comprehensive.
Apart from effective tutoring, Shine Projects also takes care of the holistic development of its students. This is why it provides them assistance with their job applications. It guides them through the various nitty-gritty of the process and also suggests some additional certifications which could strengthen their portfolio.

Mr. Venkata Sri Harsha’s Background and Accomplishments

Founder, MD & CEO of Shine Projects, Mr. Venkata Sri Harsha is a qualified stock market analyst as well as a specialist in macroeconomics. He holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing, in addition to a host of certifications from NSE and BSE. He’s also renowned for his financial articles, which are featured in eminent publications like TOI and various other magazines. Over the years, Mr. Venkata Sri Harsha has conducted lectures/workshops in renowned B-Schools in India as well as overseas, such as IIMs (in India) and S.P. Jain (in Dubai). His flair for teaching combined with his dedication towards serving students has helped him garner widespread fame and recognition in the industry. This is pretty evident on his LinkedIn Profile, which has over 1200 recommendations from students and professionals worldwide.
On the altruistic front, Mr. Venkata volunteers to educate underprivileged people by teaching them English. This, according to him, is his way of giving back to society and playing the role of a responsible citizen.

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