Nasdaq hits all-time high as tech giants hit new records

Nasdaq hits all-time high as tech giants hit new records
  • US markets stopped on Tuesday, with new record smash met by Nasdaq-where Nasdaq composite index trading crossed 10000 first time ever. White House trade advisor Peter Navarro’s announcement regarding the end of U.S.-China trade led quick stocks recovery from abrupt losses due to coronavirus-driven slump.
  • This year Nasdaq made the U.S, indexes to recover from coronavirus persuaded market collapse. It was first to recover this year’s losses and also crossed its February’s highest point.
  • The Nasdaq met its eighth-day of continuous profits, breaking all records high on Tuesday for the first time since Juen10. Many big tech stocks heightened the index-including Apple, Amazon, and Netflix creating a list of new all-time highs.
  • Few companies that are going to be benefitted from economic reclamation after coronavirus stagnation, met escalated profits on Tuesday. List of profit-seekers included retailers, banks, cruise operators, etc.
  • Markets kept on moving higher regardless of the risks pertaining to the comeback of surplus coronaviruses cases around the nation. Unlocking in many states like California, Florida, Texas has resulted in a cumulative number of Coronavirus cases.
  • Stock futures were vague at the beginning, suddenly a revolution came when Trade advisor Peter Navarro narrated that China trade deal is over, after the United States came to know about coronavirus outbursts in China. Nasdaq made a new record after optimistic comments regarding its recent observations by hitting an all-time record as Apple.
  • Giant tech stocks have coped with coronavirus pandemic in a better way than others with the help of remote workers. Remote workers have come up as serious company employees for the first time by relying more on the available online services.
  • Credit also goes to a big market capitalization that has helped the stock market to withstand. A dramatic comeback has been seen regardless of giant unemployment prevailing due to prevalent home orders after the lockdown ended.
  • Facebook, Amazon, and Apple stocks met upsurge more than 3% on Tuesday while Microsoft shattered nearby 0.8%. The tech-hefty Nasdaq composite index escalated 0.3%, temporarily beaten 10,000 numbers for the first time.

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