Microsoft to Allow 150,000 Employees to Work From Home

Microsoft to Allow 150,000 Employees to Work From Home


  • Work from Home is there to stay. The world’s most admired company, Microsoft, has made a big announcement, that it will allow all it’s one hundred fifty thousand employees to work from Home permanently. Microsoft is the most valuable firm, which commenced its incredible journey in 1975. The company has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and it is the largest software maker in the globe. Microsoft was founded by two legends, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. They created this firm to sell BASIC interpreters for the system Altair 8800. Microsoft gained a lot of market share since they launched MS-DOS in the 1980s. The firm made its first Initial Public Offering ( IPO ) in the year 1986.
  • In this year Fortune 500-year rankings, Microsoft has secured a position of twenty-one. Since the 1990s, the firm has made significant acquisitions like Skype Technologies, in the year 2011 and Linkedin in 2016 for 26.2 billion USD. The Skype Technologies acquisition was done for a staggering amount of 8.5 billion USD. The firm is making a lot of world-class enterprise and computer software for PC’s, laptops, smartphones like digital services market ( MSN ), cloud computing ( Azure ), Mixed Reality ( HoloLens ) and Software Development ( Visual Studio ). The company’s fortunes have shot up since Satya Nadella took over as the reigns of the CEO of the firm, in 2014. Microsoft is now being considered one of the top five technology firms like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. There are three billionaires and twelve thousand millionaires in the firm’s headcount. Now, let us give the actual perspective of this recent announcement.


  • The firm has made a big announcement recently, that they will allow employees to work from Home, indefinitely, even after the coronavirus ends. Inside sources state that nearly all the employees will be permitted to work from Home, for lower than 50 per cent of their working days. The exciting thing is that, with the approval of their manager, employees can work from their Home permanently. This policy will prove to be a big bonanza, especially for their female staff. However, the company has both hardware and software divisions, and it will be quite difficult for those employees who require to be physically present, to avail of the work from home option permanently.
  • To give you an example, the staff who are involved in hardware development and research, or those who are present in training cannot work from Home, all the time. So, many exciting things have been announced, like for those employees, especially the female staff, who wish to work only remotely, they can relocate overseas, if approved by their managers. It is announced that the majority of Microsoft’s employees will be able to avail of one of these remote work from home policies. One very significant example is that a very crucial product like latest Xbox launch game “Halo Infinite”, has been delayed due to remote work, resulting from the COVID virus.
  • The company will now launch this product in 2021, which is much later after the arrival of Series X and Xbox Series X, in November. As per the latest news, emerging from the company quarters, the firm’s offices won’t open in the United States, before January 2021. The firm sent its staff to work from Home from March 2020. The exciting thing is that the shares of MS have skyrocketed by over 52 per cent, since the pandemic has commenced in March, with the firm giving quarterly revenue, which surpassed expectations of all kinds of analysts by USD 1 billion. Most of the new firms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, also providing a similar type of work from home policies, for their employees. 

Advantages of work from home policy.

  • All the leading tech companies of the world are adopting one by one work from home policies, to the benefit of their staff. You must be wondering as to why work from home policy is so beneficial. The benefits of this policy are stated below. 

1) Very high work-life balance.

This is one of the prime advantages, which employees often ascribe to work from home option. Most of these firms come with flexible schedules, which implies that employees can begin and end their working day, as they select, till their work is complete and the outcome is decisive.

2) Very low stress of commuting.

  • As per estimates, the average commuting time for a vehicle is 100 hours and forty-one hours wasted being stuck in traffic jams. Due to such a high commuting level, it leads to high increased stress, which leads to a large number of health hazards like high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and a very high level of depression. Besides, such a low level of stress, there is very high savings of time. 

3) Very high sense of inclusion.

  • Working remotely, also leads to a very high sense of inclusion and a lot of diversity, since firms can hire from various backgrounds, which are geographic, cultural and socioeconomic. This is a noteworthy advantage, especially if you are willing to hire from certain nationalities, bound by geographical constraints. Remote work is very advantageous, especially for people who are retired, disabled and grown old. They can work as well as go to appointments with the doctor.


  • In this blog, readers will come to know in details about the policy of Microsoft of allowing their entire staff of one hundred fifty thousand employees to work from Home.

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