ICD-10-AM Coding Training and Consultancy Services For Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Medical Coding Industry

ICD-10-AM Coding Training and Consultancy Services For Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Medical Coding Industry

  • Medesun healthcare solutions, pioneers in Medical Coding, Medical Billing, HL7, HIPAA, Training and Services globally now offering ICD-10-AM, ACHI, ACS 10th Edition Online Training and services by Level-2 and 3 Coders for Saudi Arabia Medical Coding Needs
  • Clinical Coders and Billers play an important role in the financial success of private practices and other health care facilities. The greater the expertise of the Medical Coder in identifying relevant diagnoses for patient encounters, the greater the insurance reimbursement to the physician this field generates medical coders who specialize in coding after a thorough training program and a certification process. HIMAA Australia Offer ICD-10-AM Certification.
  • Medesun provides Comprehensive ICD-10-AM, ACHI, ACS 10th Edition Training with question bank of 2000 questions answers, 300 Medical Records, CHAdx in Detail, ACS Guidelines in detail, assigning principal diagnosis and principal procedure, LOINC codes for labs. DRGs etc. Students get chance to work on Turbocoder.  Medesun aim to help the ICD-10-CM coders to learn ICD-10-AM Coding.
  • The ultimate goal of Medesun is not just more accurate ICD-10-AM, ACHI, ACS coding and better reimbursement, but improved quality and outcomes for both physician and hospital. ICD-10-AM Training offered through robust LMS-Learning Management System. Medesun provides consultancy services for claim processing which includes HL7 FHIR, FDI-Dental Tooth Coding, UCUM, SFDA etc for claims processing which supports the ICD-10-AM.
  • CDI-Clinical Documentation Improvement-Training for physicians about the CDI to achieve complete and accurate documentation in the medical record in a way that can be translated into precise ICD-10-AM coding and more accurate DRG assignment. the importance of clinical documentation extends well beyond the immediate impact of reimbursement. Accurate DRG assignment is crucial for evaluating quality indicators, resource consumption, and outcome measures.
  • Source: https://www.medesunglobal.com

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