LEARNINZ Edutech:Mr. Amritendu Banerjee’s Goal to Provide a Holistic Learning Experience to Students

In today’s competitive day and age, parents and students want only the best teachers to guide them. Finding a good trainer/coach, however, is an arduous affair. The sudden transition to online education (thanks to the pandemic) has made it difficult for parents to seek any viable alternatives. Most of the online learning courses available today either charge a hefty amount or ridiculously cheap without any focus on quality teaching & experienced trainers. There has been a long-held inclination towards in-person teaching which is remains unaddressed.
LEARNINZ (https://learninz.in)has become a renowned e-learning company that ensures a holistic learning experience for students within a noticeably short period of time. Contrary to several other Edtech brands, LEARNINZ hires only renowned subject teachers/trainers who’ve years of experience under their belt. It makes use of cutting-edge learning aids that offer a personalized learning experience to students. During this pandemic, LEARNINZ has become a top favourite among kids, graduating students, and experienced professionals owing to its innovative learning modalities. It has also defied the status quo by creating an affinity to E-Learning among Indian parents.

LEARNINZ Edutech: Helping graduating Students & professionals to enter the Professional World with confidence and overcome roadblocks

LEARNINZ is an E-learning company that places great emphasis on value-based learning. It offers top-notch teaching facilities for students prepping to kickstart their professional careers. The brand’s USP is its extremely personalized learning experience, which is carried out under the supervision of the best trainers/experts in the country. It helps the students study in the most effective, holistic manner, thereby giving them an edge over their competition.
The company’s main agenda is to provide effective learning modalities that’ll help students & professionals overcome their career roadblocks. Most of the courses the company offers are through LIVE classes on are Business Communication, English Fluency, French, IELTS, PTE, AI & Machine Learning, Active KIDZ, etc.
Within one year, LEARNINZ has become a pre-eminent EdTech company in India, managing to overthrow some reputed brands in the market. This success can be attributed to its:
  • Experienced and Recognized Leadership Team
  • Experienced Trainers from all across India.
  • Cost-Effective & Value for money fee structure.
Founder & CEO of LEARNINZ Edutech Pvt Ltd, Mr. Amritendu Banerjee says, “We value our customers’ time and money and serve them with quality service and solutions.”

LEARNINZ’s Inception Story

In 1998, Mr. Amritendu Banerjee had just passed his ICSE Board exam and had joined ISC (Science) in one of the renowned schools of Kolkata. While studying there, he realized that there was a scarcity of good teachers in the neighbourhood. The ones who were good, however, were sparse and hard to reach. This was around the time when the IT boom was at an early stage.
After completing ISC, he pursued engineering and joined Cognizant Technology Solutions, India. Within 2years he was transferred to Congizant, United States. He spent quite a few years in the US before finally coming back to India. Throughout his journey, the same thoughts about the lack of good teachers and their inaccessibility lingered at the back of his mind.
In 2018, he started working as a freelancer, training the fresh minds of college students from Cognizant Technology Solutions. He felt deep satisfaction while doing this work. The dream he had since 1998 was finally fructifying through his training.
A year later, in 2019, he met one of his old college friends who also happened to be coming back from the United States. During one of their casual discussions, Mr. Amritendu mentioned his idea of launching a platform that would bridge the teacher-student gap. He explained how it would help thousands of students in reaching the best of teachers from anywhere in the world. The idea intrigued his friend and he decided to become the partner in the initiative.
Consequently, LEARNINZ Edutech Pvt Ltd was formed by two friends who wished to propagate value-based learning. Their major objectives were:
  • To improve the current education system
  • To scale-up to the latest Information Technology
  • To prepare the current generation to face business dynamics post the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Amritendu’s Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journey

In a technical sense, Mr. Amritendu’s entrepreneurial journey began back in 2009 when he first ventured as an Independent Business Owner as Plan B in United States itself.  His real journey, however, started in 2015. “Formally I stepped into it in 2015 on one fine evening towards the end of May 2015, when I was asked to take up the additional responsibility of PAN India Business Development Head for one of the reputed companies in Kolkata, where I was already heading few departments” he stated.
This boosted his self-confidence, and he decided to resign and work on developing his own business. Before this, he had already worked for companies like EXL Services, Cognizant (India and USA), Mastech INC and Web Spiders Pvt Ltd. He completely quit corporate life and went on to start an IT company called BANERJZ (www.banerjz.com). “It is now in its 6th year and it (BANERJZ) has generated over 1cr in total revenue serving few direct & indirect clients like Cognizant Technology solutions, SFJ Business Solutions, Blue Lotus Technologies, Kare4u Healthcare Pvt, Legally.com, AcitvityPro (UK) and many more,” added Mr. Amritendu.
At present beside his IT company he is also working hard to make a good presence in Edtech sector with LEARNINZ EDUTECH.

Overcoming Challenges As An EdTech Startup

During the initial days of LEARNINZ, the company lacked a concrete plan that would ensure business continuity in the long run. Once the plan was finalized, “The next challenge that came in front was this would be a costly endeavor that would bootstrap as I already had one startup running.”  Said Mr. Amritendu.
Technical overwhelm was another challenge that the company had to face. The numerous technicalities of implementing such a big scale project were daunting, to say the least. Despite the difficulties, however, the platform was up and running within just 23 days. All thanks to the technical support from BANERJZ (www.banerjz.com).
At present, LEARNINZ employs 20+ people from across India and aspires to generate employment for another 1000+ people within the next 2 years. Even in the unfavourable business environment during the pandemic, the company has provided employment opportunities to people.

Mr.Amritendu’s Future Plans for LEARNINZ Edutech

In the coming year, Mr.Amritendu plans on taking LEARNINZ Edutech across borders, to a few international markets. There is plan of collaborating with few corporates as well. He is aiming to make LEARNINZ enter the INR 1cr revenue club in 2021 and generate employment for 500-1000 people by delivering quality solutions with experienced trainers.

Mr. Amritendu’s Message to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Having been an entrepreneur for years, Mr. Amritendu has acquired some golden nuggets of wisdom that he’d like to share with the readers of Prime Insights Magazine. Here’s what he has to say: “To be an entrepreneur, one needs to first Believe in himself more than anything else. One needs to have his/her priorities right. Do not be afraid to FAIL, I would advise you to fail more often to succeed faster. Take a risk when your liabilities are less. Entrepreneurship is a journey to be enjoyed. Challenges in the early stages will assure a smoother path ahead.
Opposite of success is not failure. Its quitting. Keep on Keeping on until the goal is reached. Many people are waiting for you to be the Torch Bearer of their life. Don’t dishearten them.

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