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Healthy company starts with healthy leadership in time of covid-19

  • Today work-life balance ranks as one of the most important workplace attributes -and the second thing is only to compensation, and workers who feel they have a better work-life balance lean to work 20 % harder than employees who realize overworked. And contact a healthy work-life balance is a most difficult challenge even in the best of times, but it is all the more daunting and necessary during times of economic stagnation and uncertainty. The situation of Coronavirus is accelerating one of the biggest business transformations in decades. Yes, it’s a pandemic time. but for most of companies, it’s also an incredible opportunity to transform.
  •  It is possible to have a good successful professional career and a fulfilling personal life.Take control and manage of your work balance. And Be proactive with your time. Get a (balanced) life. The rumor rapid global spread of COVID-19 pandemic has quickly eclipsed other recent epidemics in both size and scope.Even this time  In addition to the deadly human toll and the break to millions of people’s lives, the economic damage is already significant and far-reaching.

Manage to a work life balance

  • The Successful people plan their work and then work their plan. And You have one life, so have one date planner.Even  paper or electronic, this is the vehicle by which you turn your priorities and goals into reality. Healthy lifestyle is most important factor with us. Your health should always be your No. 1 priority. And If we are not in perfect shape physically, mentally, and emotionally, both your work life and your personal life will suffer. So Need to manage lifestyle with daily routine and Take care of yourself by eating healthy meals (especially breakfast), exercise at least three times per week and sleep a minimum of seven hours per night. First of all Analyzing your present situation is the beginning step in achieving a balanced life. Its all about like  Keep a time log of everything you do for one week, including work-related and personal activities. Hear is an important thing is Scheduling such activities immediately following your normal work hours also prevents you from spending that extra twenty minutes at the office which then turns into several hours. And Adopting the right combination of time-management practices can cut stress and save you up to an hour a day. It’s a important factor to manage all types of leadership and This can include the use of technology to become more organized, grouping emails and voice messages, avoiding procrastination and learning to say “no.”

How to become a more balance Leader 

  • The most important factor is based on reality of life post-COVID-19 has not fully sunk in yet, and its consequences for our businesses management  organizations, economy, and society will play out over the rest of 2020 and beyond. First of all we have to, educate yourself.  It  means like going beyond just watching the TV news. And  the safety of everyone you’re responsible for. We have to discuss about and  Ensure that you have clear business protocols and expectations in place and fine-tune them as necessary.  And  Work-from-home is only the first step: to manage what else needs to happen in your organization for people to feel safe, engaged, informed, and useful? 
  • Most of all, manage yourself. Because  You’re a human being, and you’re stressed like everyone else—and probably in ways you may not even realize with humanity. so Don’t let yourself get to the end of your rope. Need to  Take the time to make sure you yourself are as prepared and focused as you can be. And   Stay balanced:  get your exercise, eat properly, and make time for the people who are most important to family And Your family and friends need your attention and leadership is like as much as your employees and customers do.

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