Future scenarios for Logistics in post-covid world

Future scenarios for Logistics

Future scenarios for Logistics in post-covid world

  • The current pandemic has made all of us exhausted in some way. However, we still have a long way to go before we can say we are safe from it. The multiplying cases of coronavirus in India since the past few days have blurred our vision for the coming future. Nevertheless, these past few months were `grueling, and the pandemic has changed many lives forever.
  • Several industries facing huge losses are struggling just to stay at their businesses. But, the scene may be little different for the logistics sector in the post-COVID world. The COVID-19 pandemic has directly affected the logistics companies directly involving in the activities like movement, flow of goods and storage as well.
  • As soon as the lockdown was announced, the logistics movement across the country came to a near standstill with the exception being the essential goods.  Logistics firms are an integral part of value chains, both within and across international borders and facilitate trade and commerce and help businesses to deliver their goods to customers. Supply chain disruptions in the sector due to the pandemic could, therefore, impact competitiveness, economic growth, and job creation.       
  • There has been a slow, however steady recovery of goods movement through June and July. It was mainly due to lockdown relaxations in the non-hotspot regions of the country. The government has been very proactive in trying to control the outbreak of COVID-19 until now. The diminishing growth rate of COVID-19 and the relaxations in the restrictions over time in a phased manner have significantly contributed to the economic recovery process including the logistics sector.
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  • In the end, spend your time on research that will help you keep your business running. Stay safe and good luck!!!

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