Best Business Magazine in India for Entrepreneurs

Best Business Magazine

 Best Business Magazine in India for Entrepreneurs

The Indian edition of Forbes; Forbes India is not only the most famous business magazine in India for entrepreneurs but is also a Reliance Industries-owned media conglomerate, Network 18. Its editor is Brian Carvalho. The newspaper is published completely in English.
Since 2008, Forbes India has been recorded as the top priority business magazine and has circulated above 50,000 copies, achieving around 50 crores is topline. It is a fortnight published magazine. A booming merger took place between the Network 18 owned First Post with Forbes India in May 2013. Along with the editor-in-chief, Indrajit Gupta, the four top editorial heads are the leading pillars of Forbes India.
The new editor who has taken over Forbes India recently is R. Jagannathan. After joining this magazine, he has clearly mentioned that Forbes is not meant to be an NGO or any anti-capitalism. This change has made the shifting of the journal towards right-wing politics and in turn, it has also secured a huge sum from Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Industries Limited in the Network 18 conglomerate.
The 3 chief sister publications of Forbes India are:
  • Better Interiors (the interior design publication) 
  • Overdrive (the Indian monthly automotive magazine)
  • Better Photography (the Indian magazine for photo enthusiasts)
Each year, a list of India’s richest people called the “India Rich List” is issued by Forbes India. From 2008, the richest Indian has been Mukesh Ambani, with his booming wealth coming from the petrochemicals, oil and gas sector.
According to Forbes India, the richest person in the world till date- Jeff Bezos earns around $13 billion every single day. The Forbes India has a separate column for celebrity ranks based on their aggregated estimated earnings and their calculated fame quotient through the print social media platform. Celebrities with very high fame are generally ranked higher than the ones with higher revenues.
The important sections of Forbes India include Magazine, Upfront, Features, Life, Forbes Life India, Thought Leadership, Multimedia and Lists. Recently, some remarkable business news have been on lease from Forbes India. For instance, Chairman Pankaj Patel has announced about the potentiality of Zydus Cadila to manufacture as high as 3-4 lakh. HDFC bank has recently sacked 6 officials following internal probation and some internal investigations have discovered certain irregularities in the financial division of the vehicle. Such news in the Forbes magazine have proved to be utterly imperative for entrepreneurs to acquaint with.
Forbes has also published the news about Infosys growth guidance through automation, cloud computing and vendor consolidation. Another top business news is a write-up by Tech Transparency Project that Eric Schmidt, the former Google CEO has hosted annual secret summits and use them to influence people to purchase Google products under federal regulations. Adding up to these, there are more important hot business topics published by this magazine, such as:
  • Sequoia raises its annual revenue by $1.35 billion, becoming the India’s largest company by AUM.
  • Mind Space Business Parks aims to raise its earnings to around Rs 4500 crore through REIT.
  • Daughter of Shiv Nadar, Roshni has been made the new chairperson of HCL Tech.
Recently, the magazine is focusing more on Covid19 frontline warriors and on how work from home is demolishing the traditional myths of gender biasness. The One CEO Club, presented by Google Cloud under Forbes India is a technology that has shaped our nation’s present and future through this, the business leaders of the world fully derive latest technologies into their core strategies and companies revolutionize on business. The future is set upon a vision in which India must be steady to ascent to become one of the largest economies in the world.
The One CEO Club is an exclusive section, with an invite-only club that celebrates the success of the eminent business leaders and enables them to create a blueprint of transforming the India of tomorrow. Currently, the Facebook-BCG report indicates that there has been a digital influence on apparel consumers’ rights to around 60% and it has also listed a story on the journey of Value Marketing founded by Reza Shojaei, from zero to multi-million. The preview of Forbes India magazine for 31st July 2020 has already been launched on 4 priority topics, they are:
  • Long road home for global migrants
  • Beyond H-1B and the American Dream
  • Meeting the New Covid19 Frontline Warriors
  • Snapshot of Students in a Pandemic
The official online site for Forbes India magazine is

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