82 Year Old Parle-G books ‘Best Sales’ in Covid Times

Top and Best Sales’ 82 Year Old top Parle-G books in Covid Times
  • We all have finished packets upon packets of Parle-G at some point in our lives. The biscuit brand has become a household name over the past few decades, not only for its scrumptious taste but also because of its affordable price.  Although Parle-G has already been one of the most popular biscuit names in India, its popularity has reached a new milestone in the past three months. The makers of the brand claim that their sales have sky-rocketed to new heights in the past three months, making some of the best months (in terms of sales) the company has ever seen in the last eight decades of its existence.
  • Statistics show that the company’s market share has grown by nearly 5%, about 90% of it being contributed by Parle-G sales alone. It is believed that many Indian biscuits brands, including Parle-G had made arrangements to run their operations efficiently, within a short period post the lockdown commenced on 24th March. Brands like Britannia’s Good Day, Milk Bikis, Bourbon, Tiger, and Marie have also reportedly seen a significant increase in sales since the lockdown.
  • Apart from Parle-G, Parle also saw a boost in sales of its other biscuit variants including Parle’s Monacco, KrackJack, and Hide & Seek, however, the company choose to focus more on its low cost-highly demanded Parle-G. The company had also reportedly reset its distribution channel a week prior the lockdown, to ensure product availability at retail outlets. During the span of these three months, several NGO’s have also supposedly bought bulks of Parle-G biscuits, further adding to the sales of the company.
  • Parle Products have about 130 factories across the country, out of which, 120 are contract manufacturing units and 10 are the company’s owned premises. On an average, Parle Products make nearly 400 million Parle-G biscuits a day. Parle-G biscuits retail for Rs.77 per kg, which is cheaper than what a kilo of rusk costs. Moreover, the brand itself falls under the ‘below Rs. 100 per kg’, affordable category. The cost of the biscuits may not be enough for it to make any significant sales normally. However, in the last three months the brand has gained greater recognition and acceptance from consumers all across the country.
  • In the past few years, the demand for low-priced biscuits has seen a significant downfall in urban as well as rural areas, with the ‘premium segment’ growing at fast pace. Consumers are more interested in purchasing premium quality food items. However, even with this change in consumer preference, Parle-G has beaten most of its premium segment competitors, in the last three months.   
  •   http://www.parleproducts.com/brands/parle-g

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