GIOSTAR: Healing Human Beings for a Better Life

GIOSTAR– Inception of a Noble Initiative

Dr Anand Srivastava is the father of stem cell science who started his ground-breaking research on in the field of stem cell science and regenerative medicines. Thus, he co-founded GIOSTAR with Mr Deven Patel who is also the President of the same.  Together they embarked on the toughest journey to eradicate human sufferings of all people from devastating diseases. Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy (GIOSTAR) is a hardcore researched based institute with a vision to provide stem cell-based therapies at an affordable rates around the globe to people who are suffering from degenerative or genetic diseases and are unable to afford today’s high costs of treatment. It had been established in 2008 but they are involved in stem cell research since 2000.

It Has Not Been an Easy Road to Success for GIOSTAR

Headquartered in San Diego, California, USA, GIOSTAR faced many difficulties to discover the possibilities to cure of several deadly diseases. Execution of the idea to treat the large, poor population in India suffering from incurable diseases was a tough challenge. It is in the process of opening Institutes of Regenerative Medicine and Dedicated Stem Cell Treatment centers in Africa, Middle-East, North and South America, Europe etc.

What Sets GIOSTAR Apart from the Rest?

The uniqueness of GIOSTAR is due to the hardcore research capabilities and scientific publications in scientific journals. Also, GIOSTAR team of doctors make sincere efforts to communicate with their patients with the utmost compassion. They not only empathize the pain but provide solutions for its clinical diagnosis. GIOSTAR is also the largest stem cell therapy-based hospital funded by the government of Gujarat, India.

GIOSTAR – Its Services and Offerings

GIOSTAR can treat degenerative, immunological and blood-related diseases such as neuropathy, diabetes, liver disease , COPD, arthritis lymphoma, thalassemia, cancer, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and many more. It uses adult stem cell therapy to treat patients with the best medical standards. The therapies are well-developed and involve the utilization of the stem cell clinical protocols much like stem cell transplants. These therapy treats degenerative diseases related to tissues and organs damages without any surgeries or side-effects.

Serving Customers with Diligence and Care

For GIOSTAR, every person is a God’s gift or a way to heal the world with their innovations. Continue its  scientific findings, building heart-to-heart connections with patients, healing people through non-invasive methods and addressing the root cause of every disease, GIOSTAR is continuing its healing journey throughout the world. GIOSTAR focuses on discovering the ultimate way to maintain leadership in the field of stem cell science and to administer the safest and effective therapies with the highest quality care.

Building Trust among Customers

GIOSTAR concentrate its energies not for its promotion but for curing people and alleviating years of suffering. Much like Apple is for iPhones, GIOSTAR has become the synonym for Cures. GIOSTAR collaboration with the Government of Gujarat is taking the shape in Surat Civil Hospital campus. The Gujarat government and GIOSTAR are preparing to treat large, poor and tribal population from the devastation of Sickle Cell Anemia. The Gujarat Ministry of Health has supported this futuristic stem cell treatment and the Surat Civil hospital campus has already been almost completed.  It aims to provide world-class medical expertise and train team of local doctors to cure any deadly disease. As a result, people who lose hope of getting cured with better healthcare services may get cured at GIOSTAR, and get rid of years of pain and sufferings.

New Scientific Findings and Approaches

GIOSTAR is tome of he first institute to receive an approval from USA-FDA in April 2020 for the treatment of COVID-19 patients with stem cells in the USA. It has opened new hospitals in Mexico USA, China, India and several other counties. GIOSTAR facilities and labs are equipped with international support from the public and private sector grants and investments. This helps to provide far efficient stem-cell-based therapies for degenerative diseases. Clinicians are licensed to treat patients with either their own or from other’s stem cells for certain diseases. It follows a state of art excellence in stem cell extraction from a human body for therapy.

Research Department of GIOSTAR: A Team of Efficient Clinicians

GIOSTAR is the perfect blend of esteemed and illustrious scientific minds in the medical field of genetics and cancer research. The research team is operational for over the past 20 years, working for the development of stem-cell-based therapy. The team includes international leaders in the field of Adult Stem (AS) cells, Embryonic Stem (ES) cells and Induced Pluripotent Stem (IPS) cells research and technologies.

Designing a Better Future

GIOSTAR aspires to make significant changes in the development of healthcare services around the globe. It rewards all the contribution of its teamwork that drives more success. Its pioneering research capabilities help it to administer the safest and most effective stem cell therapy to deliver better care with each passing day. It has planned further strategic locations of research clinics and hospitals. GIOSTAR is also gearing up to start its clinical trial for patients with after effects of COVID-19 on lungs and other organs.

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