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Most Innovative Products of the Year 2024

Madbee Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Customer feedback is highly influential on a company’s ability to be constantly innovative. It helps to enrich the value of the service or product. Furthermore, it creates opportunities for these companies to make informed decisions for the betterment of their businesses. Today we have Mr. Gopal M. Seetharaman Founder of Mpulse, a company that captures instant customer feedback and transforms it into meaningful insights. We are pleased to place Madbee Mobility Solutions in our edition of “Most Innovative Products of the Year 2024.”

Prime insights: What sparked the idea for your product? Tell us the story of how it came to be and what keeps your team motivated.

Every brand and every enterprise needs feedback from their consumers. But we noticed the reluctance of people to fill out surveys. People hate surveys. So we wondered if we could develop a product that could help brands collect feedback without too much effort from their customers.
That’s how we started the development of the smiley-based customer feedback product under the brand name MPulse. Globally, all the brands were moving towards digital solutions. Digital transformation seemed to be the buzzword. Even our team had apprehensions about how such a hardware-based solution would be accepted by the market. However, the initial response and the continuous support given by large customers and brands in India gave us confidence, and that is what still drives us.

Madbee Mobility Solutions

Prime insights: Detail the hurdles you encountered during the product’s launch and how your team triumphed over them, forging a formidable foothold in the market.

The biggest challenge for us was creating a proper design for our product. Across India, industries focus more on functionality and the cost aspect than product design. So the challenge we faced was to identify designers who could help us with the product design.
Second biggest challenge was signing up our first paying customers. The first few brands which signed up had a very strong need. It is their need for such a product that helped us. This reinforced our confidence in the product.

Prime insights: Please illustrate how your product sets the standard for “quality” in the market and how its distinctive features foster trust and satisfaction among customers, distinguishing it from competitors.

When we started with our product, we were not a very popular name in the market. So, in order to establish trust and give our customers confidence that our product is of the highest quality, we started two important initiatives.

  • The first is the 3-day refund policy. Anyone who purchases our product can return it to us within three days, and we will give a 100% refund. No questions were asked.
  • Second, when the customer purchases from us, we give them a lifetime replacement warranty. These measures infused confidence in our product and helped it scale up.

Prime insights: Provide a comprehensive overview of your product’s features and benefits, highlighting their alignment with customer needs and their efficacy in overcoming targeted challenges.

  • Our product, Mpulse, has been designed in such a way that a simple click of the smiley helps the brand capture instant feedback from their walk-in customers.
  • The product is a plug-and-play model with very minimal installation procedures.
  • The data gets registered on a secure cloud server, which can be accessed by the brand owner to see real-time feedback data.
  • Apart from this, an instant thank-you message to the customer helps in giving an acknowledgement to the customer.
  • The brand owner receives a real-time alert on their WhatsApp number about customer feedback. This enables the brand owner to call the customer and inquire about the reason for the poor feedback.
  • The most important application areas for this product are customer feedback measurement, employee feedback at corporate offices, patient feedback at hospitals, visitor feedback at events, and guest feedback at hotels and restaurants.

Prime insights: How does your company maintain strong relationships with customers throughout the product lifecycle, from development to post-sale support?

We have some very well-defined pre-sales and on-boarding processes that have been refined over a period of time. After the customer signs up, our customer success team reaches out to them regularly to understand if they face any usage issues and rectify them. This helps the customers get maximum value for their investment, which helps us retain them over a long period of time.

Prime insights:Can you describe your CSR activities?

We actively engage with social initiatives that can utilize our product. Our partnership with Zomato is one such endeavor. Under the moniker “Feeding India,” Zomato manages an NGO that provides free lunches to rural schools all around India. They wanted to seek the opinions of the students regarding the quality of the food served. They reached out to us, and we made our product available to them at a heavily discounted price. This is helping them get realtime feedback and improving the food quality on a daily basis.

Madbee Mobility SolutionsPrime insights: Can you share with us regarding the recent developments or updates with your product this year?

One important update is the instant thank you message. This is helping brands greatly enhance their Google reviews. When a customer gives feedback, and if the feedback is good, an instant thank you message is sent to customers. This message is sent on WhatsApp with the brand logo and the google review link. Since this is sent only the customer who have given good feedback, it helps to filter out only good reviews to the brand’s google business page. Since this message is automated, it helps increase the ratings on the Google review page for the brand.

Prime insights: Can you enlighten us with your key milestones?

The first important milestone is the addition of a big brand like TVS Motors to our client list. This ensured our brand visibility across India and proved the robustness of our solution.
The second important milestone is the creation of Mpulse Pro as a product variant, which remains a top-selling model in our product portfolio.
The third biggest milestone worth mentioning is that we have been chosen as the service provider for Hyderabad International Airport despite heavy competition from many global brands.

Prime insights: What would be your advice and insights for emerging product creators based on your journey in the industry?

Our major learning was that if we have a conviction in the product and see its market potential, we have to be persistent. Persistence is the value that will differentiate the leaders.



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