Spiritech Company: Reconciling Faith And Technology

Many Indian people are turning to ePuja using their smartphone apps and websites, which is as simple as ordering food and pizza. It is very convenient for Hindus living overseas. Users select a puja and the respective temple, pay the concerning fees, and the firm arranges a priest to do the prayers.

E-Puja : Connect to God in one click.

E-Puja is a pioneering India firm, which is dedicated to providing pujas, rituals across three thousand six hundred temples in India. The founder is Shiv Kumar, who spent around four years, meeting priests themselves and asking them to join with him. E-Puja has organized around 45000 pujas in about seventy countries. The procedure is straightforward. The Puja is done on the particular day, as demanded by the user and the prasdam, which dosen’t perish is sent to the devotee by courier, in the envelope of the temple. The distinguishing features of this service is given as follows.
• Amount of access to worship places and temples.
• Ecommerce facility.
• Authentic and transparent services.
Epuja has a beneficial web portal, which solves this issue by providing an online booking service for VIP Darshan and Pujas. Besides Puja, ePuja also delivers ePuja Shop for Rudraksh, Astrology, Puja Samagri and Yantra. As per the firm, the online astrology market is anticipated to reach 2.5 billion USD. The firm is planning to deliver services like Brahmin Bhoj, home Pandit and also Gaudan. The firm is also providing additional services like :
  • Spirituality Classes: Explaining Hinduism concepts to children.
  • Monthly Puja Boxes: People who do regular home pujas require monthly puja boxes containing all the actual damage.
  • Religious Tourism: If you are living abroad and also if you are engaged in a very top job, then you may not get time to visit temples.
  • Essential puja functions: Conducting and hosting Puja needs a lot of planning.
  • Eco-friendly Ganesh festival: Due to rapidly growing environmental concerns, there is a need to find an eco-friendly Ganesh idol, for reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Donating temple: If you live in a very distant place, it is difficult for you to travel to the temple.
  • Astrology: Consultancy for customized astrology.
  • Building communities: Engaging users to share information and connect with things related to spirituality.
  • Kit for portable final rites.
  • Offline store for ePuja Kiosks.

Workings of The Company

The country has the highest Hindu population globally, and the spiritual market is expected to reach 60 billion USD. Therefore, online puja booking has become a convenient concept, where users can book the Puja in one click. Using ePuja, the spiritual experience becomes effortless and convenient. Non-Resident Indians( NRI ) are the most significant users of the service. The payment gateway is very authentic. Besides performing Pujas, the online portal also gives data about temples, which provide Remedy Pujas for solving issues ( job issues, issues in conceiving, early marriage ), or to give blessings to a devotee. The firm also offers a lot of homams, yagnas and pujas and also famous temples as per ( Lord Vishnu / Lord Ganesha / Lord Shiva ) pujas and even Navagraha temples to the customer. The temple can be selected as per birth star/zodiac sign, for both annual and single pujas. The network of the firm is vast, with eCommerce facility, and it is connected with more than three thousand six hundred temples with priests. The firm has collaborated with temples trusts, for making and packaging the prasad. The prasad is sent to the customer within three months by courier. Till today, ePuja has done 45000 pujas and around half of them have been booked by Non Resident Indians. Prasad has been delivered to customers in more than seventy nations, in that particular temple’s envelope. Presently, the firm is doing thirty pujas daily and will be doing eighty pujas per day within the first year and is expected to reach 1600 pujas daily, within the successive five years. Epuja commenced online astrology services in October 2019, and it has around three astrologers, which is expected to increase up to 25 astrologers. The primary features of the business are given as follows.

  • High quality of services: ePuja is delivering prasad in the particular temple’s envelope, which gives it authenticity.
  • Repeat customers are very crucial: The firm extensively focuses on current customers. Around forty per cent of customers are existing customers.
  • The platform is customer-friendly: The website of the firm is very user friendly with short loading time, easy GUI, particular categories and subcategories.
  • Excellent pricing: The pricing is very affordable and customized to suit different budgets.

Challenges and Risks

Currently, the firm is facing a lot of challenges, as expected in a business model. Since Indians, mostly do not trust online horoscopes and astrology, the challenge is to create a brand, which will be authorized by the customers. But the firm believes that startups in astrology have a bright future—the other main risks, which the firm is facing include.

  • Security of technology: The firm’s own business is dependent on the portal. All the bookings which consist of Homa / Havan, Puja, VIP Darshan and Samagri.
    Very high competition: There is very high competition, from unorganized local trusts for temples.
  • Retention of priests is difficult: Due to very high website traffic, it is challenging to keep pace with the priests.
  • Risk of execution: The firm has a lot of collaborations with many travel firms (Thomas Cook, SOTC, MakeMyTrip ), to acquire customers for VIP Darshan. Coordination is challenging if footfall at VIP Darshan places increases very much.
  • Target audience is tough to reach: Older people after the age of 65 like to visit temples, but lack technological awareness and are therefore rely heavily on their children, to attend any Puja or order Puja Samagri.

The Leadership Team.

The leadership team encompasses of the following talented individuals.
  • Shiv Kumar, Founder and Executive Director : Shiv Kumar has around twenty years experience in the field of Sales and Marketing, and has extensive networking skills. He is involved with temples and cultural bodies. He sits in Bangalore office and heads ePuja.
  • Chetan Merchant, Managing Director and Chairman: Chetan Merchant has more than ten years of experience in the field of Marketing and Sales. He was last posted at Development Bank of Singapore at Mumbai, as a leader of Client Acquisitions. He is a part of the prestigious Bhatia Community of Mumbai and is the youngest trust member of the Global Bhatia Foundation.
  • Rikin Parekh, Director : Rikin Parekh is an MBA from the KJ Somaiaya Institute of Management Studies, and has done past work at Notz Stucki & Cie Switzerland fund and has a present firm known as Maverick Equities (since 2006).

Future Plans

  • Epuja plans to make a spiritual mall, where all the requirements of its customers will be handled.

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