Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Pvt. Ltd: A Pre-eminent Manufacturer in India’s Fenestration Industry

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Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The fenestration industry in India is worth over a billion dollars. Since the 2000s, the industry has attracted great attention from international window and door manufacturers. The immense scope for growth in the industry along with the increasing demand for quality windows & doors in Indian homes are the major reasons behind this international interest. The interest has been especially strong for some European brands, who’ve raised the bar for quality standards with their top-grade fenestration products.
Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies is one such brand that has emerged as an eminent manufacturer of doors and windows in India. Ever since its entry into the Indian market in 2006, the brand has adhered to the highest international quality standards. This dedication to excellence has helped Lingel outmatch some well-established brands in the Indian market.

Lingel’s Inception and Entry in the Indian Market

Karl Lingel Fensterbau GmbH & Co. KG was established in the year 1959 in Ellwangen, Germany. The brand was conceived with the intent to transform architectural opportunities in the fenestration sphere. In 2006, Lingel established a new window business in India. It was driven by the goal of providing safe and sound milieu in the Indian subcontinent. The brand, since then, has consistently grown its business and acquired a stronghold in the Indian fenestration market.
Lingel’s Comprehensive Services
Lingel provides a broad range of fenestration solutions to its clients. Not only do these services meet the highest quality standards but they’re also priced reasonably.

Here are some of Lingel’s services:

  • Free professional consultation followed by a quotation.
  • Free project planning and design consultation.
  • Specialised site inspection and site supervision (also free of charge).
  • In addition to providing the above services, Lingel also ensures that:
  • A dedicated sales team is provided to each customer. The team takes care of the nitty-gritty of the project, from its start till the end.
  • Only premium quality products are produced in its factory. These products are manufactured in Germany with the help of hi-tech machines. Also, its team is trained in Germany in accordance with rigorous training standards.
  • The team is constantly updated of the advancements in the fenestration industry. The acquired information is then used to help customers with their architectural/construction goals.

What Makes Lingel Stand Out From Its Competitors

Lingel Doors and Windows has served the European market for over 60 years and the Indian market for 15 years. It is regarded as one of the most experienced companies in the international fenestration sphere. Owing to this rich experience, it is ranked among the top choices for doing fenestration work in building and architectural projects. Lingel is also one of the leading manufacturers of uPVC and system aluminium products.
The most outstanding feature of the company is its customer-first policy. At Lingel, all fenestration products are manufactured under one roof. This is very convenient for clients, as they can buy complete window solutions from the company. Furthermore, Lingel provides complete warranty and after-sale service for all its products. This strengthens the customers’ trust in the brand’s services.

How Lingel Ensures Utmost Customer Satisfaction

Lingel stands true to its company motto: “The customer is always first”. All of its products are manufactured with a customer-centric approach. Each window or door made by the brand is tailor-made according to the unique demands of each customer. They’re also made in accordance with the highest European manufacturing standards.
Furthermore, Lingel’s technical team offers customers a detailed overview of all their offerings. They guide the customers on selecting a product/service that’s best suited for their fenestration requirements. All of Lingel’s team members are required to undergo special training in Germany and India for this. The training ensures that their knowledge and skills are in adherence to the highest service standards. The customers can also directly contact Mr. Mario Schmidt, the Managing Director of the company. They can email/call him to discuss queries /issues about the products.
Over the years, Lingel has maintained the most rigorous quality standards for all its offerings. In all of its services, Lingel has placed great emphasis on providing maximum value for money. The company’s impressive referral rate is a testament to this fact. A staggering 50% of the company’s total orders are from referral customers. Lingel also ensures that all complaints/feedback from customers are immediately acted upon. This responsiveness has helped it greatly boost its customer retention rate.

Overcoming Market Resistance in India

Back in 2006, when Lingel entered the Indian fenestration sphere, few people knew about the benefits of UPVC products. Lingel was faced with the task of spreading awareness about the products to Indian consumers. It had to ensure that its products were of high-quality, and at the same time, properly priced. As there were no guidelines for their sale, Lingel found it challenging to sell the premium products. Later on, with the introduction of certain guidelines by UWDMA, the situation became more favourable for the company. Fast-forward 15 years, Lingel has grown into a multimillion-dollar giant in the Indian fenestration sphere. It has not only gained the unequivocal trust of Indian customers but also managed to outmatch several eminent brands in the industry.

Mr. Mario’s Enthralling Entrepreneurship Journey

In hindsight, Mr. Mario takes note of all the vicissitudes that accompanied his entrepreneurship journey. His journey so far, according to him, was akin to a ‘rollercoaster ride’ – filled with unexpected highs and lows. Despite this, he says that his entrepreneurial experience was very fulfilling. Each day is a learning experience, replete with opportunities to create strong connections with customers. The constant movement in the process keeps him looking forward toward better and greater things.

Lingel’s Awards and Recognitions

Over the years, Lingel has built a solid reputation owing to its numerous successful projects at the pan-India level. It has also received prestigious industry awards like Zak awards and the Design Wall award. Most of its media publicity is generated organically, thanks to the great influence it has in the fenestration market. It has been featured in all the top business publications of the country.

The Brand’s Plans for The Future

The brand has recently introduced Security Windows, which provide customers the perfect glazing and hardware solution. It will soon be introducing Aluminium slim windows and Titanium windows as well.
In the coming years, the brand is planning to expand its dealer network in India. It will also be opening more showrooms throughout the country. One major goal of the company is to hit the 100-crore revenue mark with all Lingel members.

Mr. Mario’s Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Being an indefatigable proponent of hard work and perseverant effort, Mr. Mario urges all young entrepreneurs to go all in on their dreams. Here’s what he has to say: “Stay focused, gain more knowledge and keep aspiring for your goal. Nothing comes easy and you may have to sacrifice a lot to reach the pinnacle.”

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