Squid Technologies: Sparking B2BInnovations via Creative & Leading-edge Solutions

The Indian tech space has been amid a phase of profound metamorphosis in the past few years. A plethora of reformative developments has been witnessed in the market across a multitude of tech domains.
In the B2B space especially, this change has been remarkably conspicuous given its unprecedented innovations. A few companies have been largely responsible for this owing to their indefatigable efforts in ideating novel concepts.
Squid Technologies, a B2B-focused tech brand, is one such company that has been widely renowned for its breakthrough innovations. Established in 2015, the company has already achieved numerous milestones in its industry, as well as recognition from the global market.
The epitomic innovative success of Squid Technologies can be attributed to certain key attributes, which we’ll be elucidating so as to spur the intellectual growth of our readers.

An Incisive Service Approach

As a brand that’s inclined towards avant-gardism, Squid Technologies is remarkably meticulous about researching market trends and consumer behaviour. It digs deep and studies how organizations in various markets go about engaging their customers.

The following are the three core areas it emphasizes through its approach:

  • Identifying Gaps
  • Fostering Innovation & Creativity
  • Building Bridges Through Its Solutions

The company finds gaps where clients are over-spending their resources to carry out specific tasks. Accordingly, it devises solutions to help accomplish the same in a fraction of the time and/or cost. It leverages a multitude of technologies combined with creativity to achieve the aforesaid results.
In essence, the company’s foremost objective is to optimize businesses by maximizing their operational efficiency and thereby reducing costs, effort, and time to run them.
Squid Technologies is further characterized by its ardent vision & values, which are conspicuously evident throughout its operations.

The Company’s Staunch Vision & Values

Like any esteemed organization, Squid Technologies functions on a set of unswerving guiding ideals Given below are its core vision and values:



“To create technology-powered solutions that stand the test of time. “


  • An Unwavering Commitment to Innovation & Excellence in every aspect.
  • Striving to be a better employer by making the work environment challenging, fun, and inspiring.
  • Making all customers in its value chain as partners.
  • Not shying away from the obligation to be environment-friendly.
  • Ensuring sustainable growth and maximizing returns to shareholders.

The company’s aforesaid values are highlighted especially in the brand’s portfolio, which consists of a few flagship products.


An Ingenious Product Portfolio

Squid Technologies’ most illustrious products consist of the “Allbox range” which has a host of sophisticated &incisive features. Given below is an overview of them:

Allbox: Among the most popular products of the company, this is an environment-friendly, enterprise-grade digital platform that brings an organization and user base together into one app.
For service providers, Allbox enables them to connect & interact with users with their very own controlled box on its app. This allows them to Communicate, facilitate, resolve & meet customer needs instantly.

Given below are the multifarious benefits it has for service providers:

  • Sending bills, reminders, alerts, notices, newsletters &more directly to customers.
  • Feedback facility to get user viewpoints
  • Online bill payment
  • Unified calendar for all planned events.
  • Targeted communication
  • Customized MIS
  • Unlimited data storage on secure servers

Allbox Corporate: This is the second app in the Allbox family specially designed for Corporates that are looking to bring themselves on the mobile platform. It enables them quick & easy automation, communication & reporting for their employees.


Given below are some of the noteworthy benefits of Allbox Corporate:

  • Introduces an official platform for communication & ESS to the organization.
  • Attendance tracker – provides multiple ways to capture employee attendance, such as Location-Based Check-In & Check-Out, Biometric Integration & Proximity Reading Via Phone NFC device.
  • Expense Management– Helps employees apply for a reimbursement of expenses incurred for business purposes via the app. Seniors can approve or reject these applications anywhere, anytime.

Leave Management– Employees can also apply for leaves that follow the authorization matrix setup and will be moved to the respective senior for approval or rejection.

  • CRM –Allows capture of customer data, which is transferred in real-time to seniors for viewing on the go.
  • Customized MIS and Reports for data analysis and mining.


Envisioning a Progressive Future

In the coming years, Squid Technologies will continue to expand its portfolio to encompass an array of more products & features that fill the ongoing deficiencies of the industry.
Speaking of the ultimate vision of the brand, it plans to usher a palpable horizon-shift in the B2B space at not just the national but also international level. It will be fructifying this ideal through a relentless innovative approach in its offerings.
Squid Technologies’ robust growth trajectory is serving as inspiration for umpteen tech entrepreneurs across the country, inspiring them to uphold new standards of creativity & intuitiveness whilst ideating solutions for clients.







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