MAGMA India: An Innovative Solutions Provider that has transformed the Foundry Industry


A year from now, organizations across the world had to make uncomfortable and uncalled-for decisions, thanks to the pandemic. The implications of COVID-19 completely changed the way businesses function and thrive in the market. Only a select few companies since then have managed to pick up the pace and reinvent themselves as per the dynamic market demands.
The most noteworthy feat, on an evolutionary front, is in the fact these companies have not only shown resilience to volatility but also managed to improve the overall service standards in the market. Their unparalleled innovation and arduous market endeavors make for a truly inspiring success story.
One of such inspirational companies is MAGMA, a worldwide leading developer and supplier of software for simulation and optimization of casting designs and processes. Despite the adversities put forth by 2020, the brand has managed to excel and grow in every facet of its operations.
From brand versatility to ingenious tech, there are numerous elements behind the stellar success of MAGMA. This article will elucidate these elements to provide some rich insights to our readers.

MAGMA’s Inception Idea

The seed for any successful company lies in a powerful idea. Although intangible, this is a mighty force that can change industries once fructified.
MAGMA was founded back in 1988 in Germany. The idea driving its inception was to curb component defects, design flaws, and traditional error-prevention methods used in the foundry industry. With this vision, the company started offering MSMEs and SMEs the best standard technology through its product MAGMASOFT®.
Over the years, MAGMA has relented incessantly in perfecting and recalibrating its software as per the changing needs of the market. In the process, it has conceived a multitude of avant-garde concepts that have redefined the prevailing paradigms of technology.
Today, with over 30 years of market experience, the brand has established a solid recon in helping customers optimize their business and compete with the leading industry players. It is also regarded as an industry pioneer in the world of simulation software and steel casting.
A great part of the brand’s success can also be attributed to its ultramodern and comprehensive services.

The Brand’s Ingenious Services

As a sought-after company MAGMA offers robust, innovative solutions as well as strong partnerships with the Steel Casting industry. It boasts of a diverse service portfolio that includes one major product, namely MAGMASOFT® Autonomous Engineering. Through this product, the customer gets access to
cost-effective solutions in tooling layout, production, and component design. MAGMASOFT® is currently

used throughout the metal casting industry, especially for the robust design and optimization of cast components in automotive and heavy industry applications.
Another noteworthy front of the brand is the MAGMAacademy, which offers a wide array of opportunities for further education through training courses, workshops, and seminars. The MAGMAacademy offers various opportunities both for personal and for professional continuing education to MAGMASOFT® users as well as avid learners of casting simulation.
MAGMA’s comprehensive approach towards customer support, educational offerings (via MAGMAacademy), and competent engineering services offer a systematic methodology for optimization in metal-casting processes.
All its customers are thus able to tactfully integrate and use MAGMA’s tools, helping them achieve remarkable technical benefits and cost-savings for their company.

The Brand’s Approach towards Customer Satisfaction

MAGMA’s business model thrives on customer service. To ensure optimum customer satisfaction, the brand stays updated on the technical advances of the industry.
The team of experts at MAGMA also undergo technical training courses from the company’s headquarters in Germany that prepare them for any situation. Moreover, the company likes to use a systematic methodology to accomplish the customer’s desired goals. This is achieved by performing simulations as virtual experiments and setting them in action thereafter. With the help of such a methodology, complex technical challenges are simplified and the appropriate engineering Tools are chosen from MAGMASOFT®.
General Manager of MAGMA India, Mr. Srikanth N S Addala elucidates this saying, “We not only use this approach in optimizing the casting and Tooling designs but also in every aspect of the customer engagement to keep the whole process efficient.”
The utmost efficiency and precision of these processes have set an example for other companies in the industry.

Making a Global Impact

MAGMA’s brand value is further bolstered by its remarkable global presence. Worldwide, MAGMA employs more than 220 people in development, support, sales, and training, of which 105 are located in Aachen, Germany. The company furthermore boasts of 50 software developers and more foundry
engineers than in most foundries. They’ve been instrumental in building one of the industry’s most powerful “casting competence centers”.
The company’s global presence and customer appreciation are palpable in 60 countries, established by offices and subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, Brazil, Korea, Turkey, India, China, and the Czech Republic. In addition to this, more than 30 qualified partners represent MAGMA around the world.

Plans for the Future

An organization’s success and growth depend on how it plans for the future. Going forward, MAGMA has numerous ambitious plans to expand its reach further through its 3 main initiatives:

  1. MAGMAinteract®: A software for the visualization of MAGMASOFT® results. It is a free 3D-viewer that enables the intuitive display of information exported from MAGMASOFT®. It promotes communication between all parties interested in MAGMASOFT® results within an organization, as well as with suppliers and customers. It also allows quick and easy presentation of information whilst creating the basis for sound decisions.
  2. MAGMAacademy: An educational platform that offers a wide range of qualification opportunities for the optimization of castings and casting processes. It focuses on all foundry, tooling, and purchasing professionals and is available at nine of the MAGMAacademy sites worldwide. As a MAGMASOFT® user, one gets the opportunity to continuously evolve from a professional user to an expert via the MAGMA ACADEMY STEPS.
  3. MAGMA CC: This is a fully integrated and practically relevant turn-key solution that offers meaningful information for the simulation-based optimization of vertical and horizontal continuous casting processes. MAGMA CC involves the calculation of flow, solidification, and stresses, taking into account primary and secondary cooling.
    MAGMA’s evolutionary products are but the natural consequence of an entrepreneurial streak; to attain a similar trajectory, one has to imbibe certain non-negotiable strategies.

A Token of Advice for Entrepreneurs

“Today’s competitive market is characterized by accelerated change, innovation, and massive amounts of new information in almost all product and service categories. Changing customer needs fuel a large part of this rapid market development. One way to ensure your company’s success is to make quality and customer satisfaction a top priority for all the employees in your company. Make sure your company offers ‘customer management, not just “product management or service management” says Mr. Srikanth N S Addala, General Manager – MAGMA India.


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