ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd: Indian Firm aspiring to replace the Big5 in India – Making Consulting Available and affordable across India.

ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd

When thinking of India’s consulting scenario, we often imagine small companies that offer services to startups and MSMEs. Even the larger consultants, in effect, mostly only cater to big brands within the Indian market. There’s a conspicuous lack of consultants who serve an established MNC clientele in a noteworthy manner.

ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd, a vision of Vijay Sampathkumar, is a Mumbai-based consulting firm that seeks to bridge this gap in the market. It specializes in Management Consulting services that prominently focus on improvising solutions and reducing the costs of business operations.

Established in 2017, ArBhar Consulting has already made its mark in the industry serving a clientele that includes Fortune 500 Cos, Large Indian Conglomerates, Manufacturing, FMCG, Aggregators, Retail Chains & NBFCs. Many large textile companies and colossal business groups in India are part of their clientele.

From an illustrious client base to leading-edge services, there are certain integral elements that’ve constituted success for ArBhar. We’ll be elaborating them in this article for the greater benefit our entrepreneur readers.

The Inception Story of The Brand

Before starting ArBhar, Vijay worked in various large corporations, such as Dell, Symantec, Iron Mountain, and Hitachi for more than 25 years. In working with these companies, he realized there were no Indian consulting companies that were part of the Big5. Consequently, he decided to leave them and start his own consulting firm. Thus was born ArBhar, with a vision to become a world-class entity.

The intriguing bit about ArBhar’s inception is how its brand name was conceived. The first name they asked for from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs was “Writing Pad Consulting”. When abbreviated, this translates to WPC, and PwC is the second largest professional services network. This is why they asked for the name. The name, however, was repudiated, so they submitted more names that were rejected too. The last name that was submitted was “Harbour”, which was scrapped as well. After playing around with the letters, they came up with ArBhar and named the company accordingly.

Vijay started his company as a one-person-show and now, it has grown to 120 employees across 12 cities. He got his first customer within the second week of starting his business, and since then, ArBhar has reached 150+ customers.

A great part of the company’s robust growth trajectory can be attributed to its comprehensive service approach.

ArBhar’s Extensive & Holistic Services

Team ArBhar ensures to keep its offered solutions ‘very simple’, as avoiding complexities helps them to pay heed on the effectiveness of the offerings. The turn-around time of the team also is quite agile. Furthermore, their solutions are ensured to be customized as per the unique requirements of clients. They recognize the challenges being encountered by the enterprises and deliver the solutions after a thorough assessment of their needs.

Given below are the service areas covered by the team:

  • Process Optimization
  • Audits
  • Analytics As a Service
  • Cost Optimization
  • Verification Services
  • IT Security As Service
  • Enterprise Risk Framework

Ensuring its nationwide presence, ArBhar is rendering its end-to-end solutions in different locations of the country, such as Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, and Trivandrum. To further extend their reach, they’re striving to inaugurate workstations in cities like Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Indore, and Cochin.

On the international scale, the company’s services extend to the European markets where the company is headquartered in London. They are also targeting the South Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

ArBhar’s relentless drive for service and expansion was conspicuously evident even during the pandemic, when most of the business world had experienced an abysmal decline.

Overcoming The Covid Crisis

Amidst the reigning chaos caused by COVID-19, the team members’ determined approach allowed them to extend their reach to new cities. Mr. Vijay asserts that the situation ushered by this novel virus is indeed distressing, but at the same time, we cannot sit back and wait for miracles to happen. The endeavours of his company, thus, are inclined towards making the best out of the adverse situation.

During the Nationwide Lockdown, they intently extended their reach to new organisations and expanded the client base effectively. Furthermore, they’ve ensured to intervene in newer markets and expand their territories throughout the pandemic. Even amidst such critical times, the Management at the company increased the manpower to 30-40%.

The digital front of the company has also undergone significant development during the Covid Crisis. To bolster its online presence, ArBhar’s management has utilized the available time to reframe the company’s website. They are heavily investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and advertising campaigns to reach out to a vast customer base.

The utmost development efforts are also noticeable in ArBhar’s R & D front, which has been a major defining feature for its brand.

Unlocking Massive Potential Through R & D

It’s conspicuous that Research & Development spurs innovation in production methods and helps improve proposed solutions. In the context of his organisation, Vijay expounds that his R & D efforts are absolutely aligned towards the optimization of delivery model and also rendering cost-cutting procedures to customers. Their research programs are focused on cost-optimization prospective only. The team performs in close collaboration with clients, ensuring thorough research of their pain points so as to offer them best-in-class solutions.

Owing to ArBhar’s consistent R & D efforts, the firm has been able to garner a clientele of corporate giants in just 3 years. Even the rival enterprises are bestowing its efforts with words of admiration, which in itself is a great achievement. The company has already achieved 3X growth despite the lockdown, and this year, it is striving to achieve 10X growth with its avant-garde initiatives.

Going forward, the management envisions increasing the headcounts in the company to over 1 lakh; to be the source behind 100 thousand happy families. Mr. Vijay envisages witnessing the dream house of each of his employees without them paying any EMIs.

Ultimately, Vijay aspires to make ArBhar the Topmost Consulting Firm in India by 2027, and also create a cosmopolitan presence for the brand.

The CEO shares some thoughtful insights on entrepreneurship as a final note for our readers.

Vijay’s Message For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a journey of constant growth & learning. Mr. Vijay very well understands this fact, hence he advises certain non-essential steps that all new entrepreneurs must take as part of the process. Here’s his message for them:

“For budding entrepreneurs, customer satisfaction should be the key focus rather than the product development. Keep a track of the customer feedback, which is crucial for the success of your business venture.

While hiring an employee, consider the attitude of the candidate and not the skillset. Any skill can be honed with training but the attitude of a person is inherent.

Above all, make sure that your team is well-aware of your exclusive vision. Ensure to make good communication with your team about your future endeavours, so that the team can impeccably resonate with it.”


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