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Celigo India Pvt. Ltd.

Today, businesses are inclined towards strengthening their internal structures with digitization. SaaS integration has now become an imperative technological force leveraged by businesses to substitute formulaic back-end systems. With SaaS Integration, businesses can run various applications together at once and streamline their processes. One major benefit of SaaS integration is that it reduces the effort required to manually enter data and further reduces the risk of any possible errors. In conclusion, SaaS integration is beneficial for empowering employees with automation and helping them focus more on higher-priority tasks.
Keeping this as the pivotal focus for today’s read, Prime Insights presents the inspiring story of a company that is emerging as a trustworthy and reliable SaaS transformation partner for the Indian business ecosystem. Our editorial team arranged a virtual interaction with Celigo’s core leadership panel, Mr. Parveen Mittal- Vice President and General Manager and Ms. Manisha Dash, Head HR-APAC, to feature the company under the exclusive segment “Iconic Brands of the Year 2023”. During the conversation, the dignitaries walked us through the important facets of the company’s journey so far and talked about Celigo’s vision and mission in detail. Let’s delve right into this fascinating read.

A Brief Introduction to the Brand

Celigo is an exceptionally fast-growing company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, with a strong track record of revenue growth and successful funding. The company is at the forefront of cloud-based application integration, leading the way with its in-house Integrator.Io Ipaas Platform and Pre-Built Integration Apps. What started as a small team operating out of the founder’s garage in Northern California has now evolved into a diverse workforce spread across six global offices. The name Celigo combines the words ‘Central’ and ‘Ligo’ (meaning ‘to tie or bind’ in Latin), reflecting the mission to develop a cloud-based platform that centralizes and seamlessly integrates applications.
Celigo recognizes the evolving market dynamics and strongly believes that integration should be accessible to the workforce of every organization. Celigo is strategically designed to empower both line-of-business users and technical teams, thereby fostering automation at all levels. Celigo is built on the following core pillars:

  • Velocity: Accelerate the realization of your future vision, outpacing slower competitors.
  • Agility and Innovation: Quickly identify and adapt to changing business conditions, fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Intelligence: Easily access trusted data across your organization to make informed decisions swiftly.
  • Efficiency: Achieve greater margins and profitability through enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Customer First: At every touchpoint with Celigo, the team is committed to delivering a world-class customer experience.

A Glimpse of the Company’s Guiding Principles

These principles guide Celigo in its pursuit of excellence and shape its mission and culture:

“Excellence comes from each of us.”
“We succeed when our customers succeed.”
“Honesty and integrity are paramount.”
“Continually ask, “How can we make it better?”
“A safe environment to be our authentic selves.”
“We take ownership of our results.”

An Exceptional Vision Behind

Celigo’s core mission is straightforward: enabling independent best-of-breed applications to work harmoniously together. The company firmly believes that every department and end-user should have the freedom to choose the software that best suits their needs, without being hindered by integration challenges.
With the rapid growth of the SaaS industry, there has emerged a critical need to seamlessly integrate SaaS applications for efficient business operations. This is where Celigo’s vision comes into play: to simplify automation and empower every individual within an enterprise to create and deploy integrations.

A Constructive Work Culture

Celigo fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration, attracting talented individuals who are dedicated to working with the highest quality products in the realm of business cloud computing (SaaS). The team is brimming with fresh ideas and like-minded individuals, offering exciting opportunities for highly talented individuals.
The team firmly believes that by automating processes across applications, they can liberate time and enable individuals to accomplish more within their organization. The ultimate goal is to eliminate manual tasks and empower professionals to concentrate on expanding their businesses. Celigo is passionate about resolving integration challenges and carrying forward the belief that integration should be effortless and straightforward for both technical and business users.

Creating a Benchmark for Differentiation

Celigo recognizes that integration and automation extend beyond IT. This extension motivated the team to develop a platform that caters to both IT teams and business technologists for seamless integrations. Another aspect that sets Celigo apart is its process-led approach. Leveraging insights from numerous customers who are propelling innovation within their organizations, Celigo’s automation methodology guarantees customer success. The company’s well-established framework mitigates the risk of failure and offers comprehensive support at every stage of the automation journey.

Cementing a Strong Rapport in the Industry

Celigo’s success in establishing a strong presence in the industry stems from customers embracing digital transformation and adopting an integration and automation mindset. Celigo is reshaping the way companies approach integrating and automating their business processes. As more companies invest in the cloud, the need for a connected enterprise becomes increasingly apparent.
Parveen further elucidates the factors that have contributed to positioning Celigo as an industry leader.
“We have developed expertise in addressing the complex needs of businesses via integration. Leveraging this expertise, we have created industry-specific integration solutions and offer tailored consulting services. Celigo demonstrates an unwavering commitment to continuous innovation. We actively monitor market trends, technological advancements, and customer feedback to enhance our integration platform and introduce new features. By staying ahead of the curve and consistently improving our offerings, Celigo remains relevant and competitive in the industry. This commitment is reflected in our significant investments in products, customer experience, technical support, and our global footprint.”

Connecting the Dots of Customer Trust

Celigo has a strong customer advocacy program where its customers actively support and promote the brand. They share their experiences through customer testimonials, case studies, speaking engagements at its events, participation in customer meetups, and various other activities. With customers being the brand ambassadors of Celigo, these real-time experiences and feedback develop a firmer sense of authenticity.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

Celigo achieved the remarkable milestone of employing its first 100 team members and serving 800 active customers without relying on institutional capital—a noteworthy accomplishment for a company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Today, over 5,000 customers trust Celigo’s iPaaS platform to synchronize their data, automate processes, and streamline operations by integrating their cloud applications. The company’s hero service, Integrator.io iPaaS platform, offers a user-friendly interface, integration templates, and other powerful tools that empower both business users and IT professionals to seamlessly integrate any cloud application.

Parveen Mittal: A Leader Synergizing Business and Technology

With exemplary experience spanning more than two decades working with corporate tycoons like Oracle, SAP, HP, and Autonomy, Parveen Mittal has fostered the growth of enterprise software products to over $100 million. An alumnus of IIT Mumbai and IIM Ahmedabad, the dignitary has successfully executed impactful transformations to alleviate product delivery and align team cultures. The industry maven has proven experience scaling teams of accustomed SaaS and PaaS companies. He also has an unequaled approach to striking a balance between product requirements and business goals. Under his astute industry acumen and stellar leadership, Celigo India is tracing a trajectory of continuous growth and development.

Parting Words

With this enticing interview coming to an end, we asked Parveen Mittal and Manisha Dash to quote some words of wisdom to enlighten our readers, to which the luminaries assert,
“We take great pride in our accomplishments and the growth we have achieved. Nurturing our company values and culture has been a top priority, and we encourage everyone to embrace experimentation, take calculated risks, and push the boundaries. We believe in a culture that is not afraid of failure but embraces it as an opportunity for rapid learning and growth.”

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