Eturi Corp: Leading The Way In Mobile Management Market With Value-Based Offerings

Managing a fleet of devices across multiple technologies and platforms is not easy. The solution is MDM software. But is it worth the money? What does it bring to your organization, and does it allow you to exercise the level of Management you need?

MDM Mobile Device Management (or MDM) is the most efficient way to administer mobile devices. Since recent times, laptops, smartphones and tablets have increasingly begun to fall under MDM control. However, now with the arrival of Bring Your Own Device, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools have also started to get incorporated into MDM.

While corporate and academic settings are increasingly adopting the mobility culture, it also calls for enhanced data and content security to avoid misuse of business-critical information. This is where Amir Moussavian comes in!

The gentleman is the Founder and CEO of San Diego (USA)-based Eturi Corp. This global software company has become a leader in the MDM market segment within a short time.

Come, let’s have a look at his company, offerings, entrepreneurial outlook, workplace culture and more.

 Overview of his company and offerings

With in-depth experience in remote management software, Eturi Corp develops practical cross-platform mobile device management (MDM) solutions. Smartphones and tablets are undeniably an essential part of modern businesses, classrooms and homes; the company thus believes that a balanced approach to technology in these domains is key to enhancing productivity, creativity, and interpersonal relationships.

Accordingly, Eturi Corp’s offerings include:

  • OurPact

The flagship product of Eturi Corp, OurPact, is a top-rated screen time parental control app in the market. The powerful mobile application is created to protect kids and supervise their online behaviour. Millions of families (of all sizes) use this platform to encourage responsible use of devices from an early age. Since its creation, OurPact has grown to become the number one parental control app, receiving widespread recognition among parents as consumers.

  • Motiv

Motiv is the corner-office view into today’s hybrid work structure. Its target audience is the SMB market, focusing on CEOs & business leaders looking to receive productivity metrics on their remote or distributed workforce. A mobile-first dashboard, Motive provides these individuals with insights, allowing them to ensure their teams work effectively, collaborate on critical projects, remain engaged and do not experience burnout. The app ensures the highest level of employee privacy, with reporting focusing on team collaboration. It requires no plug-ins, and nothing is downloaded on company computers.

Both products are available on iOS and Android. Eturi’s sophisticated platform architecture effectively manages any mobile device across any network. Its software enables device functionality to be blocked, granted, or throttled remotely on 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi.

 Inception to inspiration

The saying ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’ couldn’t hold more true than in the case of Amir Moussavian and his brainchild company.

 With over twenty years of technology management experience under the belt, Amir specializes in nurturing innovative technology companies from start-up to growth and expansion to acquisition.

Eturi Corp began in 2014 with a product idea that was very personal to Amir. As a father of two, he saw the need to manage screen time on his daughters’ devices and launched OurPact in 2015. In fact, it was Amir’s vision and development of OurPact that developed the parental screen time market.

In 2020, COVID-19 dramatically restructured work practices to a decentralized workforce. Amir realized this shift left many employers seeking ways to evaluate their team’s activity. Thus, Motiv was born.

Today, in 2021, that same zeal for innovation has powered Eturi Corp to enter the SMB market.

Eturi Corp’s initial challenges

When entering the MDM market, there are several challenges, two of the biggest being security and user experience. Amir takes great pride in that all apps developed by his company keep user data private and secure. As a techpreneur, he has always ensured the best user experience possible and laid a foundation that allows his team to easily and quickly expand features based on user preferences.

 Defining trust through relentless commitment towards data privacy

Trust is a critical element in Eturi Corp’s DNA. Right since OurPact’s initial development phase, implementing the highest security and data protection was prioritized. The company built it with a trust-centric philosophy, assuring parent customers about their children’s online safety.

The same goes with Motiv; the app offers business leaders insights, not oversight. The goal is to gather high-level data that generates information necessary to maintain a productive and effective team.

A personal approach to building customer trust in a tech-driven age

Mr Moussavian believes technology is the key to tackling problems and inefficiencies, and he consistently challenges his team to think the same way. Identifying problems and defining solutions, team brainstorming sessions, whiteboard, hack offs, competitive analysis, research, and talking to current or potential customers – all this helps Team Eturi refine its solutions. Building a roadmap early in the process is foundational but being flexible to adapt and adjust is just as essential to the company’s long-term success.

Says the businessman,We’ve embraced a personal approach that allows our products to resonate with customers effectively. Their challenges are our challenges, so when we look to solve them, it’s first and foremost from a personal perspective. It also engrains a level of trust that you might not see with other companies and their customers.”

A key factor that honed Eturi’s reputation is avoiding compromising on quality. Eturi Corp eschews rushing a product to the market even if there is a legitimate need or an urgent market gap, as poor quality can directly reflect its effectiveness and stain the brand’s reputation.

Work culture at Eturi Corp.

Mr. Moussavian has always been an entrepreneur with a unique outlook. The entrepreneur believes, having the right team and a clearly defined culture is important and has invested a great deal of time honing both for Eturi.

Every team member is equally invested in the growth of the company & their actions prove the eagerness to make it an industry leader. The team celebrates all achievements, big or small, team wins or individual contributions. Amir has fostered a culture where employees:

  • Trust each other implicitly
  • Challenge every convention; do not settle for the status quo
  • Communicate with clarity and listen with intent
  • Collaborate openly
  • Innovate to deliver leading-edge products
  • Keep upskilling regularly

Staying ahead in a dynamic industry

Technology, especially mobile, is a rapidly evolving sector. This is especially true nowadays where it is providing an opportunity for endless creativity, innovation and an environment that can fuel someone’s entrepreneurial spirit.

 Leading any company requires looking ahead and making quick decisions – often at the expense of progress already made towards an alternate goal. This couldn’t be more true in the mobile application solution space, where both a company and its competitors can take an idea to conception in a relatively short time.

Accordingly, the most critical aspect of Eturi Corp is the innovation it continues to deliver with each product. Amir Moussavian believes a marketing campaign is secondary unless one offers a gold-standard product. A healthy combination of creativity, decisiveness and robust processes are essential to success in this fast-paced field. Such an environment energizes his team to develop the most innovative, easy-to-use and secure products on the market.

The brand’s vision for the future

For now, Mr. Moussavian’s focus remains on OurPact and Motiv. However, his team is keeping an eye on market trends. Eturi Corp’s business plans remain flexible enough to expand its portfolio in case an opportunity crops up.

 Motiv is in its infancy, and Amir has an aggressive roadmap to enhance features both horizontally and vertically. The company is all ears to customer feedback for enhancements that can elevate the customer experience.

While for OurPact, Eturi plans to re-examine and enhance the strong features already on offer. In summer 2021, it started rolling out some of these enhancements, thus continuing its promise of delivering the best user experience possible for parents and families.

For the upcoming year, Amir is quite excited about the growth opportunities as Eturi will keep delivering enhancements frequently, which will offer significant value to customers. He is committed to ensuring continued growth and upskilling the team.

Additionally, the entrepreneur is actively involved in mentorship, hunting opportunities to empower students with business skills. Notwithstanding the pandemic, he plans to give back to the community and industry.

Amir Moussavian’s advice for young entrepreneurs

The businessman emphasizes the importance of patience while building one’s brand and advises aspiring entrepreneurs to steer clear of shortcuts. “Plan for the best and be prepared for the worst. As we went through 2020 and into 2021, we’ve certainly seen this come to life”, he adds.


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