100krafts: Reflecting People’s Happiness Through Marvellous Interior Designing Services


A perfect ensemble of hard work, management, and entrepreneurial professionalism, the narrative we are featuring today is nothing short of inspiring. For its enthralling edition, “The Leader Behind an Admirable Company 2023–24,” we had the privilege to invite Ms. Rimjhiim Charaan and Mr. Ravi Roshan to indulge in a freewheeling conversation and talk about their brand, 100krafts in detail.

What is 100krafts All About?

100krafts is an eminent face in the interior design industry, acknowledged for its adept and customizable array of solutions. 100krafts has completed over 3000 projects in cities like Bangalore, Pune, Cochin, Mumbai, and Calcutta.
They offer end-to-end theme solutions, focusing on understanding client needs, profiles, budgets, lifestyles, and social statuses. Their model is based on design rather than supply chain capabilities, making them a 100% customizable interior solution platform. They offer services like annual maintenance contracts and remarkable technologies for various finishes, including sheet-based and coating-based finishes.
From basic consulting to final furnishings and artefact selections, 100krafts does it all to fulfill the customer’s core requirements. The brand has been in the industry for the past decade and has immensely worked on organizing the interior design sector in a corporate style of functioning. With astute discipline in its operations, 100krafts has always followed its corporate values and didn’t leave any stone unturned in delivering esteemed services to its clientele.
100krafts maintains quality in all aspects of their work, ensuring that clients are satisfied with their final product. 100krafts adheres to quality standards, using only renowned brands and products with specific certifications. They have a well-trained and experienced team, having undergone industry-specific training sessions.
Combining professionalism, good finishing, and customer alignment to provide highly customized interiors is their USP. They ensure the theme and style of the house are well-maintained, making it a fruitful investment for the customer. The team also refreshes all of its projects using smart solution concepts and furnishing consulting. As a socially responsible interior company, 100krafts is set to become a leader in the market.

Mr. Ravi Roshan: The Man Behind the Company’s Inception

Mr. Ravi Roshan has over a decade of experience in business development and marketing. He has worked with dignitary IT companies, including IBM, and has set up business development models for various companies in the UK, Nordic, and South Asia, gaining valuable insights for startups. He founded 100krafts in 2012 and later in the same year, embraced the position of the company’s CEO.

Ms. Rimjhiim Charaan: The Lady at the Helm

Ms. Rimjhiim Charaan is the Chief Operating Officer of 100krafts and has built a name for herself through industry knowledge and indomitable expertise, focusing on well-structured design and creative execution. Her entrepreneurial spirit to empower people and create opportunities for them is truly commendable. With an ever-growing passion for the interior design industry, she manages both the business and creative sides of her business, delivering clients’ dream spaces.
Ms. Rimjhiim Charaan met Mr. Ravi in 2012 and joined him for his start-up, 100krafts.com. It came as an ebullient opportunity for her, as she always had a dream of revolutionizing the unstructured interior industry. The journey wasn’t an easy call for her, as she had to face industry-level challenges being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry. However, with the right will and round-the-clock support of Mr. Ravi Roshan, she was able to build relationships at various levels, including carpenters, contractors, designers, architects, suppliers, and vendors.
Fading away all the societal predispositions, she now manages hundreds of people in Pune and Bangalore, working with people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures.

“As a woman entrepreneur, when your vision is crystal clear, the “being woman” part is often put aside, and people value your potential. We have to work in cohesion to encourage women’s entrepreneurship.”

Creating a Lucrative Work Environment

When asked about the corporate culture at 100krafts, Mr. Ravi Roshan shared his words:

“Our working model is purely vocal about giving employees the opportunities to grow. We always present ourselves most transparently. We show our employees that this is how we are working; this is how we make ourselves look like the cream of the industry. This makes them optimistic about embracing new opportunities.
With this, they feel that they’re going to work in a place where creativity is appreciated to the core. The company culture is very healthy, without any traces of politics or disparities. I can say that a big factor that keeps them assured is that they have the agility to come up to me or Ms. Rimjhiim to discuss their problem statements. We conduct regular meetings to discuss their ideas as well as their concerns. They are free to learn industry trends under our supervision and implement the same for the company’s growth. Everybody’s role is clear; they know whom they’re talking to and who they’re reporting to. They know what their work is, they’re very clear on their vision, and most importantly, it feels like a family altogether.”

The Closing Words from the Dignitaries

As our editorial team approached the culmination of the interview, we requested that the notable leaders share a bouquet of inspiring advice with our readers and aspiring entrepreneurs. Here is what they said:
“When you’re starting to build something new, you have to be extremely patient and perseverant. Both of us have been through the same phase and would be elated to build new entrepreneurs across the country.
Seeking the right guidance from mentors or industry veterans is very important during the early stages. My suggestion for anyone who wants to get into entrepreneurship is to understand the industry domain very nicely first. Then you have to start building the systems, processes, business models, financial planning, marketing strategies, sales funnel, et cetera. These are important things to do while pursuing entrepreneurship. So a good amount of time should be given into this, and anyone who is interested and is willing to do so, we can align with them and help them around in terms of becoming successful.”

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